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~Color Inspiration~
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~Color Inspiration~

Project Spectrum 2.0 starts today!

How are you marking the day?


Some of your fellow participants are marking the day with some amazing photography…

365 15 - the obligatory eye shot

From Harakiri


From Villanuttu


From Amanda Visual Zen

…and pulling out their craft supplies:

Noro Kochoran #21

From Crochet_Chick

Icy Stream - Lampwork Bead Set

From AnneDundas

Grey floral lattice plus empress whoo

From qusic

…and there are even a few finished crafty items!

Ornament or Suncatcher Turquoise and Silver

From SassyGlass


From Stephania


From Marska

project spectrum fo 1

From Zoe T


Many more inspirational photos, ideas, and discussion at the Project Spectrum Flickr Group!


YEA! Project Spectrum is officially here! :)

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22 Responses

  1. scout

    I added a few too. I forgot the Snowbunny yarn is a great PS addition. Plus the mountains this morning were amazing. I also added the button to the pool too in case anyone wanted that.

    PS is HERE yo! :)

  2. Mary de B

    Is there a list somewhere of all the participants? It was fun last time to just click around and see what people were doing on their blogs.

  3. Christy / Not Hip

    Yay for Project Spectrum! I am excited to get started and push myself to really explore new colors in my knitting and painting. I have three main project slated for the next two months (2 knitting and 1 painting).

  4. Joanne

    In a word…. WOW!!

  5. Jody

    Woohoo! yeah Project Spectrum!
    The sweater I’m working on is blue and white – so now maybe this will inspire me to finish it in February!

  6. Gina

    Can’t wait! Can’t wait! So excited PS is here!

    And I LOVE the two-month span that we get for each color grouping. Allows so much more time for color exploration to the fullest! I’m working on a Clapotis in some yummy Brooks Farms blue/green yarn for my first project.

  7. Dorothy B

    Wow, those are some amazing photos! I especially love the eye and the mountains. That moon is way better than the sad one I managed last night for sure. I see that I am going to have to keep playing with my colours and my camera.

  8. Jenna

    Hooray for PS day! Let’s all go eat blue cupcakes!
    Did you see that I celebrated by wearing an appropriate sweater? I’m starting a white project today, too…

  9. mull-berry

    Very much looking forward to PS2.0 … even dedicated a blog to it!!!!!

  10. Norma

    The photographs are amazing!
    I spent part of yesterday deciding what to make. I started a blue and gray project today. Pictures will be posted when it is a bit further along.

  11. Judy P

    I have 4 goals for PS:
    1. Cavendish throw in Noro Silk Garden (grays and browns). One repeat complete.
    2. Reactivate my FLAK (follow the leader aran knitalong) in Iris Black Water Abbey. It has been on a long break over the summer and fall. I have the sleeves done and body (top down) about 2″ under the arms.
    3. Reawaken my Log Cabin in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK. There are 2 colors of blue in the “logs”.
    4. Quilt my “5280″ quilt of the Denver skyline (blue sky!).

    I am glad to have a plan!

  12. Sarah

    Yaaaay! I’m no longer a Project Spectrum virgin. This is awesome!

  13. Sarah

    Oh wow, I’m (harakiri) honored to up there with some awesome photos! Thank you :D

  14. Tracey

    *WoW* Love the ornament.

  15. Specs

    Gah! And I’m still waiting on my package from WEBS! *stalks the front door*

  16. Opening Project Spectrum 2.0 « Mariyarn

    [...] myself playing with the blu and grey bits and pieces left, so here she is , for the celebration of Project Spectrum [...]

  17. mariyarn

    Hi I too felt the need to celebrate : http://mariyarn.wordpress.com/2007/02/03/opening-project-spectrum-20/
    One question though, how to add photos to the flickr group, I do believe I am a member.

  18. Dana

    I am so thrilled to be a part of Spectrum 2.0 this year!

  19. Kelly

    Great blue pics!

  20. Anjo

    I am completely missing out this time around (I had no idea…been away from blogland, etc), but tremendous photo-log (thanks for the inspiration, as always)….I guess I will miss creating “lolly-pacakges” this time out (I am really, truly out of it!). I can’t wait to see all of P.S. numero 2. :~)

  21. Chrissy

    Those are amazing! I need to get my camera dusted off and start carrying it with me. I’m seeing tons of inspiring things but never have my camera with me to record them! I do appreciate that PS gets me thinking about and paying attention to the colors of the month, even if I never manage to take it any further than seeing!

  22. frecklegirl jess

    Wow- that first one in particular blew me away! spooky!

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