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How is it that I can complete FOUR sweaters (and another pair of socks) all while this sock remains on the needles?

Yarn Pirate sock knitting

Socks take me forever – plain and simple. Of course, other projects may have lured me away, but that is not because I don’t love this sock. The yarn is knitting up beautifully and fits in well with this month’s Project Spectrum color themes – both blue and white are represented, as well as brown and green. I started the socks last September, and nicknamed them the “Hokusai Ribs”, because the colors reminded me of Hokusai’s woodcut prints. The yarn is Georgia Yarn Pirate‘s beautiful Cannon Beach colorway. I am following Nancy Bush’s Madder Ribbed Socks, outlined in Knitting Vintage Socks. Just preparing to turn the heel…

I have other sock plans for this part of Project Spectrum (as well as many other socks planned for future color triads), and after a little dig in the sock yarn stash, I found a few other blues. Considering that blue is one of my favorite colors, it is poorly underrepresented in my sock yarns – I have a few variegated yarns with blue hues.

Blue Yarns

Blue gray Lana Grossa Meilenweit, and some self-striping Regia

Blue Yarns

Tess Designer Yarns in Navy

I am leaning towards one of the solid colorways – the Tess or the Lana Grossa – I have several cable / lace patterns that I want to try (all for my Nancy Bush Compendium project).

Which would you choose?

Of course, I have some Yarn Pirate socks to finish first…



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29 Responses

  1. Claudia

    Ohhh I love those blues!! Hmmm, you now made me miss knitting socks!!! :-)

  2. elise

    I think the lighter, solid colors (i.e. the Lana Grossa, here) show patterns better. If the yarn is too dark or patterned, the detail gets lost. I haven’t done any cables yet, but thinking of doing the celtic braid pattern shown here (not mine) in the future: http://www.flickr.com/photos/gftc_knits/99813081/

    My toe-up short-row sock is also taking quite a bit of time to finish. I’m about to start the heel, but who knows how long that might take me. Not really an issue of difficulty, just slow-going.

  3. Kathy

    I have very little blue yarn in my stash, period. I like blue well enough, it’s just not a color I find myself gravitating to. That said, I do have some blue Tess, and that’s my choice for your next socks. :)

  4. Tracey

    Lighter colors would show off the cables and lace much better.

  5. Jenn

    Ooh, I love the Tess yarn. Simple, but beautiful. I have some light blue and white sock yarn in my stash that I should really dig out. It’s the oldest sock yarn in my stash and deserves to see the light of day.

    I cast on for a pair of Pomatomus a few weekends ago and I think they’re going to take me forever to finish, so I can totally relate.

  6. Jenna

    I think it depends on your mood. If you want to make a simple sock, for the self-striping. If you feel like pattterning, definitely go for the TESS. I just finished working with it, and it is spectacular (except that the color bled all over my hands).

  7. Christine

    Nancy Bush is my new hero after meeting her two weeks ago – she is AMAZING. I’m now planning on knitting my way through her books – I just can’t decide which one I should start with first. I *heart* Nancy Bush!

  8. Lexy

    Hey I have that yarn! I was thinking of casting on socks in it for my project spectrum, but I’ve decided to make my first sweater instead :) I doo plan on making some lovely socks from it though, I like how it’s striping in yours.

  9. Kat Robertson

    I love all the colors you’ve shown, but if it we mine I think I’d use the lighter blue for your cables. Do a few repeats of cables and lace and then make yourself do some of your yarn pirate socks and then go back and forth like that till they are done. That’s kindof what I do, work a pair of simple socks and a pair of more complicated socks so I don’t get bored with one or the other……
    Thanks for this project spectrum… it has inspired me to get an old project out and finish it… before my son grows right past it! LOL…

  10. Dorothy B

    Blue-grey. The cables aren’t showing up as well as I had hoped they would in my Fetching so I know they wouldn’t show up as well in the Navy.

  11. MezzoDiva

    Hey, Lolly –
    I have a cute new lace sock pattern you might want to try. Look here:

  12. Sarah

    Ooh, the Tess is lovely — but for cables go for the lighter blue. The Tess would be great in something with eyelets, though!

  13. Madge

    Isn’t it funny how some projects just fly and others take longer? I’ll add my vote for the blue grey Lana Grossa. Good luck on finishing your Hokusais!

  14. Elinor

    I’m loving this Project Spectrum blue theme. Blue is my kinda color too. =D That sock is so pretty! And I like the Navy the best, but light colors are better for cables and texture and things.

  15. Laura

    Since you asked, I’d go with the navy!

  16. heather

    look at all the blues…having just made my fave pair of socks ever (nancy bush of course…) I’d recommend the navy!!

    of course i also love the light blue too.

    but mmmm tess!

  17. Elemmaciltur

    Which colourway is that Regia? Canadian colour Komet (#4749)???

  18. Nora

    My aim is to knit at least ONE pair of socks per quarter for Project Spectrum – wanna join me?

  19. Karin

    I tend to the Tess and the Dalarna Socks from KOTR.

  20. Kirsten

    I love the Tess!
    Those Hokusai socks will get fininshed eventually.
    My problem isn’t finishing socks, it’s finishing sweaters. . . so I’m impressed with your productivity!

  21. Sarah

    I just bought that same Regia colorway! Personally, I tend to go for more solid colors when knitting interesting patterns, but I find that the Regia striping works really well for others (like, for instance, the Jaywalkers). If you’re thinking cables and/or lace, I’d go with one of the solids.

  22. Brooke

    I can’t help but have 2 socks going at once; one with a pattern and one mindless stockinette sock for watching movies. But I’d go with the navy if I had to choose.

  23. Stephanie

    I recently finished a pair of socks using Yarnpirate’s Canon Beach yarn. It’s a basic ribbed sock. You can borrow one whenever you need to ;) I think these will be one of my favorite pairs!

  24. KnitPastis

    Ohhh, I really like the Yarn Pirate sock! I am knitting a blue sock too for PS:)

  25. Liz K.

    Hey, Lolly, are you aware that Bloglines (at least for me) is not picking up your feed?

  26. frecklegirl jess

    Oh boy, I myself am feeling overwhelmed by all the projects I have on the needles right now… so I say finish up those socks in progress! They are pretty too!

  27. Bee

    Lovely blues! The lighter colored blue of the Lana Grossa might show the cable patterns better, I think…just to show it off. Socks take me ages too…even when I am enjoying it. But I still love knitting socks!

  28. shadkitty

    The Meilenweit looks similar to the blue I’m using for my Endpaper Mitts. To be honest though…I tend to lean more towards the variegated yarns every time. Knitting has definitely brought out my colorful side. I can’t decide though…I love all sock yarns, I would buy them all up if I could. lol

  29. The Purloined Letter

    I think I vote for the blue gray. It will be beautiful with your coloring.

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