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You Gotta Know …
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You Gotta Know …

You gotta know when to hold ‘em…

You gotta know when to fold ‘em…

You gotta know when to rip the neckband and do it over again…

Glee Finished (For Now)

The hook-and-eye closures stretched out the neckline and made it look like romaine lettuce. 

…So, a completely finished Glee to come very soon…

Just need to do some tweaking.

(and I will share details in that post!)

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50 Responses

  1. Christine

    Beautiful! Glee is on my list of to-do’s. Looks like a wonderful spring top.

  2. AmyDe

    It’s just yarn right? And – you get the joy of knitting it again – that’s pretty cool. I always say “as long as I learned something…” Can’t wait to see the redo!

  3. margene

    You’ll figure it out. Love the color!!

  4. Claudia

    Oh but I like it already!! :-)

  5. Erin

    It even looks great open like that. I am loving the color–can’t wait to see how you finish it.

  6. Carole

    It’s always best to listen to the voice in your head when you’re knitting something and it doesn’t look right to you. I know you’ll make it fabulous in the end!

  7. Tara

    Love the color! can we extend blue month…indefinitely?

  8. stacey

    I was going to say Bibb lettuce, but whatever… :) (it is beautiful – you look great in those form fitting knits!)

  9. Michelle

    OHH love that color! It will be great once you adjust the neck line…

  10. claudia

    Good choice. Way worse than ripping is a finished sweater you don’t think is quite right.

  11. Risa

    It looks fabulous already!

  12. Jennifer

    Gorgeous color! I’m sure you’ll work out the neckline.

  13. Bee

    I love the colour and it looks great on you. How did you like knitting with that yarn? Silky wool right? I have a bunch of it sitting around, waiting to be knit up…not sure wot just yet. I do like the pattern by the Zephyr gals though.

  14. Terri

    In all my life, I never imagined Kenny Rogers knitting until this moment!

    But seriously, the top looks very nice as is, with the tank-top layered action going on…..

  15. Sasha

    Whee! How exciting, you’re so close!! Good idea to do the extra little bit of work so you can be thrilled to bits rather than lukewarm about the finished delight!

  16. Sarah

    Excellent choice. Soon it will be better, you will love it more, and wear it all the time.

  17. shadkitty

    It looks great on you other than the neckband. :) The color is really beautiful.

  18. Jenn

    It may be a pain, but think how much happier you’ll be when it’s not ruffly anymore!

  19. Sarah

    Good luck on your fixing..it looks really cute otherwise!

  20. Jen

    The color is SO PRETTY on you, can’t wait to see it de-lettuced!

  21. Kirsten

    Oh, now I’m going to have that song in my head all night!
    The color is gorgeous on you. It’s is going to be wonderful after your tweeking.

  22. Nora

    Think of it as a softly contoured outline… y’know, a curved silhouette.

  23. Debby

    I agree…that is definitely your color…so pretty on you! Hang in there and I hope you can figure out the neckline soon!

  24. Ruth

    Gorgeous colour! Doesn’t look like it will be too onerous to fix!

  25. Petunia

    I have Glee on needles now. Am going to alter design and close the front HIGHER. I don’t want to mess with hook/eye closures and in summer heat, don’t want a top that locks me into wearing an “under-top.” Your blue is great on you!

  26. Mom

    It’s your blue, my dear! Lovely on a lovely lady! XXOO

  27. melissa

    that blue is so pretty on you. i hate ripping and re-knitting, but sometimes it has to be done. i think it looks pretty open like that. i would wear it without the hook and eyes!

  28. amisha

    looking forward to seeing how you fix it… i am sure it will look fantastic!
    and let me echo the other comments and say that this blue is so, so pretty on you.

  29. Ann

    Wow – that blue looks smashing on you! Totally worth whatever futzing you have to do with the neckline.

  30. Avice

    I wish I didn’t agree with you, but I do………

  31. Sara

    You’ve just convinced me to put this pattern on my must-knit list… even with the neckband snafu it looks fabulous!

  32. Beatriz

    Ditto…blue is definitely a flattering color for you, especially this beautiful shade of blue that you used for Glee. Now I want to knit one up. Congratulations!

  33. yuvee

    I actually think it’d be cute with ruffly neckband ;)
    And I agree with everyone, the colour looks fabulous on you!

  34. Jodie

    Ooooo… Can’t wait to see the finished product. Lurve the color!

  35. cristina

    it & you look great!!

  36. Dorothy B

    Too bad. It’s such a pretty knit and I’m very sure you will get it just right for you.

  37. Jenna

    You’ll figure it out. Otheriwse, it fits wonderfully and the color is great!

  38. valeria

    But it’s such a pretty sweater otherwise and suits you well:) Necklines can be quite annoying at times, or at least to me they are – such a small thing but makes all the difference…

  39. Leah

    That color is so fantastic on you!!! It sucks that the neckline didn’t work out. Though you aren’t the first person I’ve heard comment that about this pattern.

  40. alison

    That is *such* a good colour on you!

  41. Brenda

    It will be so pretty! You’ll get it to work. Otherwise, the fit is great! The blue is such a nice color.

  42. knittingnurse

    Ooooh, ooh, look at the pretty!!! yeah for you. Can’t wait to see the tweaked version!

    BTW, you are look FAB my friend, just FAB!

  43. eyeleen

    that is such a wonderful color for you! It looks pretty great so far.

  44. keri

    I can’t wait to hear all about it – the color looks fab on you!

  45. Amber

    Maybe you could sew some reinforcement on the back of the edging and then attach the hooks to it. I think that it would help the top hold it’s shape. The color and fit are both beautiful. I think that you are looking wonderful!

  46. Kimberly

    Oh that really is a pretty color on you. One thing I learned while making button bands for my kids’ sweaters: When you pick up the stitches to knit, pick up 3 and then skip one. Do this the whole way up and the band will be flat. I’m sure you know this by now but I thought I would throw my 2cents in. :)

  47. kimberli

    Yes…although painful it’s what’s right (althought it does look a bit flirty as is!!)

    Cheers from China!

  48. Elinor

    (Minus the romaine lettuce neckline) it looks great on you! And such a pretty color!

  49. margaux

    beautiful! those are great mods…and it looks great on you! i am jealous of all the knitty fun you got down there in DC! ;-)

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