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Knitting Bookshelf
More Bookshelf Photos

Jenna and Suzanne on the bus
On the bus towards Georgetown with Jenna and Suzanne

Beginnings of my Wine Cork collection
Beginning a collection – project plans!

My new brown dress
New brown cotton dress

Bella Begging
Bella begging to go outside

Wren Begins
Wren cardigan cast on with Berroco Zodiac

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32 Responses

  1. Melissa

    Cute dress!

  2. meg

    lovely pics – especially that dress shot! you look so pretty.

  3. LaurieM

    That dress is just your color. It makes your blue eyes shine.

    Would it be wrong for me to say you look hot in it? I hope not. :-)

  4. Hillary

    Those are such great pictures. The dress looks great on you.

  5. nova

    And what do you plan to do with that new collection of corks?

  6. Keanalee

    Lookin good girl!

  7. Heather

    So jealous, I WANT those Japanese crafting books!!

  8. natalie

    After saving up millions of corks from my former wino ways, I made a cork board like the one you show and I LOVE it! It’s a great project. Make sure you have a good, sharp X-acto knife!

  9. Maritza

    You look FANTASTIC in your new dress!

  10. Nora

    I think I commented on your dress at Flickr – but I’ll add to the YOU LOOK HOT chorus! Love the puppy.

    PS: How many bottles do you have to drink b4 you have enough corks?!?!

  11. Erin

    I’m actually behind a little and wanted to tell you how great I think the Glee tee turned out (after the neckband fix of course!)

  12. Jenna Pink Monkey

    You look glam in your dress, very pretty! Bella’s eyes look especially intense and goaty in that picture, hehe. Go wren, so pretty!

    Words can be tiring, sometimes it’s nice to just see pictures.

  13. elizabooth

    Sexy dress, lady! I’ve been trying to find nice new spring clothes, but you’ve clearly had better luck than I have.

  14. Ginnie

    I love checking out people’s knitting/craft books and seeing what made that cut. It looks like you have some good ones! We are also saving corks for a board… with a long way to go:)

  15. pamela wynne

    Woo, I always thought Zodiac looked crappy on the skein, but it’s knitting up gorgeous. You must have a better eye than me!

    And, I echo the Nice Dress comments ;)

  16. Julia

    That dress does look great on you! That color of zen will be great on you too!

  17. knittingnurse

    OK, I have to say this. Although I LOVE the way you look in blue. . . .you look AMAZING in that chocolate brown color. Did you see how blue your eyes look and how golden your hair looks? You DEFINITELY need to add brown to your color palette. VaVaVA VOOM!!!!

    I started a cork collection too but I am going to half full a HUGE funky vase with them and then put some curly decorative sticks (you know willowy branches) in them and ta da! Interior decoration baby! (Saw it at a model home while house hunting – go figure!)

  18. Sarah

    Cute dress! And I love the corkboard idea — one of my favorite restaurants in Santa Barbara has a big one on the ceiling of their private dining room. Makes my mouth water every time I see it…

  19. Sue

    Brown dress looks great on you, it must be one of your colors. I love the new knit too, the colors look really nice and bright.

  20. Tracey

    I have a collection like that one. Mine are all NY finger lakes wines. I, being from upstate NY, am rather biased on my taste in wine.

  21. Tracey

    Oh yes, and I love the brown dress…smashing dahling!

  22. eyeleen

    Love the brown dress, great photo. Bella is such a cutie.

  23. Coleen

    great pics!!!

  24. alison

    Part of my fantasizing about spring has been a small obsession with wrap dresses!

  25. stacey

    I love that new dress! The color and style are wonderful! The new sweater is really pretty – a nice blend of colors. You are a sweater machine lately!

  26. Amber

    My friend made a cork board like that. It was a lot of fun!

  27. heather

    pretty pretty!

    I’ve been saving my corks for just the same thing. ALthough I’m ashamed to see how much wine I’ve drunk over a year. ahem. Hic*

    :) love wren…that berroco is fabulous!

  28. Jody

    The corkboard project is so much fun to put together! I made one last year from all the wine we tasted in Napa/Sonoma. I always asked for a cork from each place we went. They were all more than willing to provide one or MANY! Sometimes they would give me a who bag full. I used a shadow box frame from Michaels and a hot glue gun. It actually turned into more of an art piece than a bulletin board though – I ended up putting on champagne corks and stuff – thus making it too bumpy to actually tack anything to – but it looks cute!
    You can see mine here – hiding behind a birdhouse… http://www.flickr.com/photos/javajem/388803900/in/photostream/

  29. Lacey

    Man, you look wonderful in that brown dress. I was just scrolling through and you stopped me in my scroll with that one! You go girl!

    And I wonder what crafting shall happen with the corks. I recently saw a whiplash (I think) tutorial about making earrings from wedges of corks. :D

  30. Kristi

    Want some corks? Let me know; I have a lot.

  31. sUsAn

    Hey, love the cork idea! I recently saw an Ikea table covered with corks (maybe Readymade?). Cute brown dress!

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