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Thoughts on PS 2.0
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Thoughts on PS 2.0

The first chapter of Project Spectrum 2.0 is drawing to a close. Only three more days until the color change! There have been a number of beautiful creations over the last two months by the 1000+ participants.

You all give me so much inspiration!

Project Spectrum Crafts by You!


Click on the mosaic for information about each individual photograph.


More PS Flickr Fun

  • Do you like the current Project Spectrum format: two months with a variety of colors?
  • Did you prefer the model of one color family/one month like last year’s?

I would love to hear your thoughts! and feel free to share some of your work on the Project Spectrum Flickr Pool!

I spent an inordinate time on knitting in this past two-month span. I was planning an embroidery project, but never felt motivated enough to start.

My PS Blue/White/Gray Contribtions

I am hoping that I can branch out into some other crafts/arts with the next colors. My “pet” projects are definitely knitting and photography. Next month’s colors should also be quite conducive to Project Spectrum cooking and baking! I am quite excited for the green, pink, and yellow


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37 Responses

  1. shadkitty

    I think I like the 3 color/2 month thing. A color a month seems less exciting, and those doing larger projects have less time to finish them. Also, this is an experiment on putting colors together. Which is an expansion from last year. It encourages people to use color combinations they wouldn’t normally. :)

  2. yuvee

    Oohh….lovely pictures!! I really should join the Flickr group.
    Hmm….I prefer the current format, gives me much more flexibility.

  3. Mia

    I like the color choices spread out over 2 months. It gives you a bit more flexibility and some time to complete your projects. There is no way that I could knit a sweater in a month. A pair of socks, yes. I already have a head start on the next colors since I have to knit the mate to a pink and black sock which is an orphan and I have a pink and gray sock that is also an orphan. But at least that one is already started and the toe done.

  4. Margot

    Another vote for the 3 color/2 month model. As mentioned, 1 month isn’t enough time for many of us to complete a larger project like a sweater. And it’s nice to spend a longer time with each group. One color a month went to fast for me. Plus there’s more time to plan. It gives us a lot more flexibility for life to get in the way a little bit as it’s wont to do.

    But the main reason I like it is that there’s choices for each segment. I pretty much skipped the pink month last year because I don’t like that color. At all. I know, it would have been lovely to expand my horizons and figure out a way to use pink, but I reserve the right to just say no to pink. But with PS 2.0, I can still participate in the pink month; I can knit green! Or yellow! Yay!

    Thanks for dreaming this up. I’m off to a slow start as usual, but I love this event.

  5. ck

    Gorgeous projects! It’s great to see so many variations of a color.

  6. Emily

    I definitely preferred the three colors for two months model. I’m a relatively fast knitter when I get going but I definitely have streaks when I hardly knit at all, so having two months to work with gave me a better shot at accomplishing something in the allotted time. Plus, as others have pointed out, you can knit something larger in two months (in theory – my large project still isn’t done, but there is a chance, with three days to go!). At least I finished my blue/grey/white socks last night!
    Project Spectrum has been so inspirational – I really should join the Flickr group so I can share some of my photos!

  7. Carie

    I’m with everyone else on this one – I’ve really enjoyed having the two month segment for a variety of colours, it gives a bit of flexibility if you don’t really work with any one particular colour and the two months gives plenty of time to accomplish something without merely adding to the UFO list and I speak from experience having finished this Feb the scarf I started for blue May last year!
    The flickr photos are fantastic and I love the way your Glee top turned out after its surgery!
    Roll on pink. green and yellow!

  8. frecklegirl jess

    I definitely like the choice of more than one color… you picked good groupings too!

    Some great pics in there- going to be busy checking them out!

  9. Jennifer

    I like the color groupings and having more than one month to work on it. It feels more relaxed and like a color family can really be explored.

  10. Jenna Pink Monkey

    I too like the multiple color groupings – it gives us an additional challenge and perspective to use color combinations and groupings. So far, the colors have been very evocative to the time of year, which gives it an additional dimension. I’m looking forward to green, pink and yellow because I know I’ll soon see those colors around me in spring flowers and new leaves.

  11. Nora

    Lolly, the current format is perfect. Your colour choices are beautiful and it allows us to work on larger projects (otherwise all you’d see from me would be socks).

  12. cristina

    i dont mind the multi-color theme…it gives me more to think about. like pairing up different color combinations. i also like the one color theme…because you can think about that color only and notice it in nature and how it might look in your art.
    both good…for different reasons.

  13. Dorothy B

    I like the diversity of the three colour schemes. I think the challenge of trying to get all three in one photo or project makes it even more interesting than it already is.

  14. Carla

    Love all the blue and then I noticed someone else has MY china!

  15. leslie

    This is my first year of project spectrum, but I love the flexibility of this! It is great fun!

  16. Zoe

    I love the current format – I also really like the allocation of colours. Blue / Grey / White – kind of cold and frosty like Feb and March, Pink / Yellow / Green – fresh and springy like Apr / May, Red / Black / Metallic – hot intense colours like Jun / Jul and Brown / Orange / Purple – rusty plummy colours end of summer colours like Aug / Sept. All in all very pleasing!

  17. Arianne

    I like the current format, but I never tried the previous one.

    I only wish I could knit faster cos I have so many blue projects planned.

  18. Mintyfresh

    I’m going to be contrary and say that I think I preferred the one color, one month theme. It was more focused–the fact that white, gray, and blue are ending seems totally weird to me, because it went on for so long it started to feel like I was in a white, blue, and gray group. But I don’t plan projects around the colors, I mostly take photos with the theme in mind, so “extra” time isn’t really something I need. I know that the point of Project Spectrum is merely to explore colors, so being limited to one color at a time could be just that, limiting, but in a way that’s what I responded to so well. Finding examples of a single color for a certain time is more compelling to me than finding examples of one of three colors, or a combo therof, within a longer, seemingly arbitrary length of time.

  19. stacey

    I like the 2 color also – gives you more time to finish something before the color changes!

  20. Jenny

    Emily said everything I was going to say! I love the new format. I totally stunk at finishing anything last year, but this year I’m rockin the PS! I just MIGHT finish my big project too (Knitty’s Isabella-I just have the top right front to be knit).

  21. carrie m

    i like the new format and think it’s good to mix things up, but it was easier to focus on one color. (like i just now realized my gray sweater fits project spectrum because i’d forgotten gray was one of the colors.) but that might just be me — i’ve had trouble focusing lately! seriously, i think it’s good to change it a touch every year.

  22. maryse

    i swear i’m not trying to be difficult, but you know how 1 month was too short? 2 months is too long. or felt like it anyway.

    like minty though, i do prefer a 1 color focus. i took plenty of blue grey white photos (which was easy to do at this time of year), but my projects totally didn’t fit in. the closest i got was a blue kimono and a blue white orange scarf (oh and the blue/grey scarf). last year, if the theme was blue, i didn’t stick to ONLY blue, but i explored all sorts of blue and X combinations.

    but with all of that being said, the point of this project is to have fun and to challenge ourselves. and i knew that when i didn’t follow the rules exactly, you weren’t going to throw me out or anything (you didn’t throw me out, did you?)

  23. Heather

    These colors have been so fun I almost don’t want to switch. Almost. :)

  24. isel

    I like this format better. Although, I guess the more time I have, the more I postpone things. Or is it school that gets in the way? :D

  25. Zarah

    Beautiful projects! I agree with many others – I like having a little more time to finish up a project.

  26. Ragged Around The Edges

    Lolly, first and foremost, another round of kudos for leading Project Spectrum. I have liked both versions, but it’s so nice to have extra time to explore and complete projects. Unfortunately I am still trying to wrap mine up, but the extra time was much appreciated. And having multiple colors to choose from gave me some flexibility in my decision making. Thanks!

  27. Mary de B

    What Maryse said! I liked the intensity of the one colour/ one month system. I think since I was surrounded by grey slush and white snow and a wee bit of blue sky once in a while, I didn’t go out scouting for other examples of the colours like I did last year. I’m looking forward to seeing some natural green around here any day now….

  28. Dusa

    I like the 2 month period to finish projects. It’s a little more doable for my schedule.

  29. Chelsey

    You’ve got some lovely knits up here!

  30. Kirsten

    Okay, I’ve been resisting, but I don’t think I can do it any longer. It’s time for me to sign up for PS. Those photos are all so beautiful and inspiring – and now your moving into my favorite, green!

  31. Jeanann

    The current format is wonderful and makes it easy to mix and match projects instead of being stuck with having just one color for a shorter time. The first 2 months of project spectrum were a blast and they pushed me towards using colors that I dont normally use. Thanks again for such a wonderful idea!

  32. amisha

    what a beautiful selection from project spectrum! very inspiring indeed. i am so happy with the 2-month scheme for the 3 colors. it gives one time to really explore a color in different forms, and if you have a big project (centralparkhoodie *cough* :) ) there is time to finish it! a single month feels so short, often… two is just about right for me.
    and i’m excited for the next set! pink is going to be a challenge. but yellow and green… all over that :)

  33. hpny knits

    i am so glad PS2 was open to photography. its a medium I love. I like the 2 months/3 colors.

  34. erica

    At first I missed the one color at a time. Since the next two months will fit perfectly into what I’m working on knitting-wise and even sewing-wise, I’m much more excited about them.

  35. paideia

    personally I like the multiple color format although I don’t know if I personally focused on it that well for the first batch of months… but I really enjoyed how the photogroup looked :-) and the two month timeframe meant that I actually finished a project!

    for yellow and green I already have some combos in mind [and just finished something, coincidentally, in those colors :-) ]

  36. Edna Hart

    Lolly–I am so sorry, but I signed up for PS 3 times–Don’t ask. So please remove 2 of the sigh ups…and leave #289 Edna

  37. jollin

    I prefer the current way. It gives me the flexibility of play around with the colors.

    I had been doing stuffs but i had not been posting pictures in the flickr group. Think i need to be more hardworking.

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