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Socktoberfest Flashback!
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Socktoberfest Flashback!

We may be in the middle of Project Spectrum, but you may very well know that LollyKnitting Around is also the home of another large-scale craft project called Socktoberfest, a celebration of sock and foot-coverings every October…

Well, as it happens, Socktoberfest got some press! Gaby, assistant editor of Quick and Crafty, a UK-based craft magazine, contacted me a few months ago for some information on the social aspects of knitting / blogging, and on Socktoberfest for their April 2007 issue. Her magazine is not available in the US, so she was kind enough to send me a copy! I received it this week.

The article focuses on London-based groups, but Socktoberfest got a special mention in the end, and there are also some fun pictures from Socktoberfest participants (like Leah’s Pomatomus socks - which were, designed by another Socktoberfest participant and interviewee, Cookie A!)

Check it! Click on the pictures below to view a larger (readable) copy of the article.

Quick and Crafty Cover Quick and Crafty's Knit Supplement

(View PAGE 1 bigger)

(View PAGE 2 bigger)

This reminds me of all of the socks that I want to knit for Project Spectrum!

If you need some sock-y inspiration, the Socktoberfest Flickr Pool is still going strong!  Beautiful new additions every day!



Thanks to everyone who participates in these projects with me! It is so exciting to see how far-reaching a little project can be :)

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36 Responses

  1. carrie m

    how neat-o! you’re famous!

  2. frecklegirl jess

    Super cool! :)

  3. Kate

    How exciting! That’s so cool to see!

  4. Kirsten

    Very Cool! You rock Lolly!!

  5. Zarah

    Awesome – you’re famous!

  6. Mintyfresh

    congratulations, sweetie! that’s excellent. thanks for all your hard work organizing Soctoberfest and Project Spectrum.

  7. Leah

    Yay!!! I still can’t believe they used my picture! I haven’t received my copy yet. I hope I do soon! I want to see it in person!!!

  8. Ashley

    How exciting, Lolly! Nice to see all your hard work being recognized!!

  9. Leslie

    I *told* you you were famous!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Leslie

  10. Barb

    How totally cool!

  11. pen & purl

    Congratulations! I will have to check out Socktoberfest (and learn to knit socks!) sometime soon…

  12. Jessica

    Wow! Congrats on the international press. :) I’m trying to decide if I should do another Summer of Socks right now. At least I know there will be another Socktoberfest. :)

  13. jody

    very cool, Lolly. congrats!

  14. maryse


  15. P-la

    Congrats!!! How very exciting!

  16. Coleen

    Hooray for you! That is so cool!

  17. yuvee

    Ooh!! I gotta check out that mag, how cool!

  18. ck

    Very cool!

  19. Jen

    Woohoo! That’s so neat!

  20. Jody

    Awesome!! You’re famous across the pond!!

  21. stacey

    very exciting! you’re famous! :)

  22. Melodie

    That’s awsome! Congrats!

  23. Robin

    Congrats! What a great publication – like the pictures.

  24. Leah

    Yay, Lolly! Look at you going all international and all! I’m so glad “I knew you when”!

  25. scout

    Very cool!

  26. deb

    How exciting, Lolly!! We all know that you are destined for greatness! And in honor of Socktoberfest, I finally finished my socks and posted them to the Flickr group a couple of weeks ago! (hey, being late is a skill, too!) I posted on my blog that I was keeping the Socktoberfest spirit alive! You go girl! :)

  27. Moni

    wow! Congratulations, Lolly! They have your cute picture and everything! I’m so excited for you! :)

  28. Mia

    Wow!!! You are now internationally famous!!!

  29. Janet

    I happen to think it’s a winning formula:


    Congratulations, Lolly, at getting the word out yet again!

  30. hpny knits

    3 cheers to our international star!!! I love what she said about your events- “it brings people together in a way that was not possible before!!!”

  31. georgia

    neat-o! congrats :)

  32. Christy / Not Hip

    Congrats on your press. You’re an amazing organizer.

  33. Maritza

    Oh Lolly, how wonderful! That is so cool! Congrats!

  34. Dorothy B

    Once you go International, you have it made! Congratulations on the advert for the group!

  35. sUsAn

    Wowza, Lauren!!! That’s so very cool!!! I love Socktoberfest and look forward to the next one!

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    [...] I wanted something simple and interesting to show off the colors. I flipped through some magazines and books and found this zigzag scarf in the UK magazine “Knit”, a supplement from Quick and Crafty (remember the ones that ran the Socktoberfest story last month?) [...]

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