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Juta’s Progress

Juta’s Stockings (which I actually changed to more of an anklet…) are coming along quite nicely. Sock one was on the needles for many moons, gestating in my knitting bag for about three months. Once complete, I cast on for [...]


Pine Trees, California Cypress Swamp, North Carolina Cherry Trees, Washington, DC Banyan Tree, Hoomaluhia, Hawaii Coastal Redwoods, California Decidious Trees, Maryland Trees in Maryland Trees completely enchant me.  They catch my eye, and my spirit.  The most tranquil place I [...]

Come Undone

I have been quite busy with work this week: I attended an archival preservation workshop conference in DC (shout out to my fellow librarian/archivist readers!) and it has eaten up all of my time. Very little time to knit… In [...]


So it sounds a little trite, but I try to make every day Earth Day.  Thankfully, I have a partner who feels the same way that I do about sustainability, environmentalism, and ethics.  Last year, we made several choices that impact our [...]

NYC Yarns

I came back with a full bag of souvenirs from New York. The city is truly a yarn destination: the Fashion District, boutique spinneries, little shops in the Village. So much to see! So much to fit in the suitcase [...]