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Helping Hand
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Helping Hand

I got a little frustrated. I read the directions thoroughly, and I just could not figure out why it was not working.

My first toe-up socks. The pattern called for a provisional cast-on, and while I had the idea down in my head, I just couldn’t get it to work on the needles.

Over-the-Knee Stockings Planned
Over-the-Knee Stockings, Vogue Knitting, Fall 2006

I wanted a special project for the start of the Summer of Socks. I cast on for my tweedy Whitby socks the other night, but I was hoping to cast on for these too, as I have admired the pattern since I got the magazine. Seeing Robin’s gorgeous stockings last month solidified the deal. Siri cast on for her own version of the pattern, and she is already finished with sock one (she sure moves on socks!), I hope my progress is as fast!

So… the cast on… It helps when you have a friend who knows (nearly) everything about knitting…

E @ the Bookstore

Eunny set me up with the cast on, and agreed that it was wonky (it made me feel better to have that validation!) It all made sense to me. Now to recreate the work! I am pretty confident that I will get it right this time, and these beautiful stockings will be mine!

…and once all that knitting is done, I can figure out how in the world to do all of the embroidery! …


Stocking Embroidery

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  1. Kathy

    Wow. Those are spectacular. That is truly a special pattern to pick for SOS! I’ve been trying to organize in my head what I want to accomplish. I’m not in this for speed, but always like to try something new. I’ll be watching your progress, I’m sure they’ll be beautiful!

  2. Heather

    Wow what a cool pattern to have chosen. One thing I enjoy about your blog is the fact that you are always challenging yourself and looking for new frontiers!

  3. Kirsten

    Oh they are going to be very much worth the effort!!! GORGEOUS pattern!

  4. AmyDe

    It’s good to have friends in high places! Have a lovely weekend!

  5. Terby

    Toe-up socks haven’t come easily to me either. I’m trying a pair for SOS as well (you chose a gorgeous project). I tried a pair last year, and it didn’t take. This time through, it’s working much better. I kept looking for different explanations, and finally found one that made more sense to me. Having a resource like Eunny is probably even better. :)

  6. Miss Scarlett

    Oh, oh, oh. I love those stockings! I cannot wait to see how they turn out. I think they are incredibly gorgeous.
    How fun to have such a talented friend to learn from. :-D

  7. Arianne

    Wow! That pattern is so beautiful!
    And yay for Eunny!

  8. Zarah

    I’ve been wondering how in the heck you were going to knit those flowers into those socks! (Intarsia? In the round? Is the possible?) Embroidery seems positively simple compared the that!

  9. eyeleen

    I just LOVE those socks! Lucky you, to have such a knowledgeable friend close by.

  10. Gena

    Those socks are so pretty. I can’t wait to see how yours turn out!

  11. nova

    I have been having my own provisional cast on woes. I am glad you got some help with yours, now cast on!

  12. Rebecca

    Those socks will be awesome-cool-neato-spectacular! And, don’t forget….you could always join the My First Toe-Ups group…..we have kept going strong since Socktoberfest!

  13. Cheryl

    Sometimes seeing a technique done in person gets it to click baout 100 times faster than reading about it. I’m glad you have a knitting community. Those socks look amazing!

  14. Jessica

    Oh my those are fancy! Good luck with them! Glad you had a friend nearby to help. :)

  15. Jody

    I always loved those stockings! Can’t wait to see how yours come out!

  16. Debi

    Two words Turkish Cast-On (two? three?) You’ll love it for toe ups Lolly!!
    Those stockings will be stunning!

  17. margene

    You are very brave! I am a very accomplished embroiderer and still not sure I’d tackle stockings! They’ll be wonderful!!

  18. Leslie

    How cool to have such an expert for a friend! :) I have often used provisional cast-ons even when the patterns don’t call for them — you can use them (combined with ktog or 3-needle bind-offs) to easily knit sweater hems, cotton linings on wool hats and garment seams. Can’t wait to see your finished socks. :)

  19. Tracey

    Wow, that is quite a project.

  20. Nonnahs

    You re not alone. You should have seen how many tries it took me to get my first toe-up CO to look “normal.” Best of luck with it when you try it again- the effort will be worth it- those stocking are gorgeous!

  21. kelly

    Oh man, keep posting on your progress! Those socks are making me drool just thinking about them- but the embroidery scares me to death. But if Lolly can do it, I can too!

  22. Marisol

    oooohhh Lolly these stalkings are indeed beautiful! I can hardly wait to see your progress on them…

  23. Madame Purl

    Totally gorgeous. I can’t wait to see them knit up. I love embroidery on knits and I can’t wait to see how you do it. Take lots of pics please.

  24. Carol

    I covet those too. but I have never embroidered and so I crosssed them off. I will be interested to see how you figure it out.

  25. Sneaksleep

    I remember being fascinated by those too! I don’t know if I’m feeling quite that ambitious this summer, but I cant’ wait to see how yours turn out. And yay for help from Eunny! Too bad you and I don’t usually go to the same SnB’s–it would be neat to see you (and your cool socks) in person!

  26. Meg

    Oh I love that pattern! It’s been on my long list of things to knit someday. I started a toe up sock last night too, but it wasn’t a provisional cast on like I expected (I can do those). Turkish or Eastern cast on? Ok, I was game to learn that. And of course I totally messed up the first try. Oh well – try again tonight!

  27. pamela wynne

    Those socks are going to be awesome! Glad you’re back up and running on them again — thanks Eunny. :) And embroidery? Not nearly as tough as it looks.

  28. knittingiris

    You’ve got Eunny on your side? Wow! I’m jealous. From that picture of her, it looks like you are in cahoots….or maybe more like it looks like you could get your selves into some kind o’ trouble!
    Sorry I couldn’t have forwarned you about the cast on or anything. I skipped that part of the pattern as well as the heel, just using my usual Wendy’s Toe Up pattern’s heels and toes.
    Hope it’s coming along for you now.

  29. Debby

    What a fun project! Glad you mastered the cast on. It’s frustrating when you’re anxious to start a new pattern and you’re stopped at the very beginning by an unusual direction like that. I’m looking forward to seeing your embroidery — good luck!! :)

  30. Tamar

    I can’t wait to see how the embroidery comes out – I’ve always wanted to embroider on knitted fabric but I’m a little hesitant to try. But, I know yours will come out lovely and then I will be inspired!

  31. AuntieAnn

    Well, when you decide to go toe-up, you decide to do it in a big way, huh? I actually learned toe-up first, but have learned to do socks both ways!

  32. kaet

    these socks leave me speechless, so i am really looking forward to seeing the progress with them!

  33. moirae

    It’s always good to have friends. Friends who knit are even better. And then there are friends who knit and design. And then there are friends who knit, design, and edit Interweave Knits. And you photographed the elusive Ms. Jang!

  34. Moni

    Ahh, you are lucky, indeed to have such a knowledable friend :) . I hope you get it all worked out..I love that pattern and have been eying it myself. I am looking forward to seeing your progress!

  35. loriz

    Talented friends are the best! Everyone should be lucky enough to have a few in their lives.

    Those are some beautiful socks that you’re working on.

  36. Jessica

    Ooh, I can’t wait to see these socks! I have long been an admirer of them, too.

  37. Erin

    Those socks are divine. I can’t wait to see you work on them!

  38. stacey

    Eunny to the rescue!

  39. Robin

    Just catching up with blog posts – thanks for the compliment on my embroidered stockings! With all of your knitting mojo you will certainly turn out a beautiful pair of socks. Just keep trying them on as you go and remember that Fixation is stretchy. I think I started my first sock about 8 times before I figured it out! And the embroidery…just do what tickles your fancy!

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