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Seaside Sock Knitting
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Seaside Sock Knitting

Three particular knit projects kept me busy at the beach: I made some progress during the drive, sitting by the docks as Kris and the family fished and crabbed, and a little early morning knitting while watching the sunrise. One knit in particular is a secret knit for my sister’s birthday in two weeks… the other projects were socks – the ultimate portable knit.

Whitby Progress

Whitby in Regia Tweed

My sister-in-law asked if I ever knit anything else, saying that she has only seen me knitting various socks over the last few years… this was all before she asked me to show her how to knit on her own!

…I was already looking for an excuse to go to the Delaware yarn shops, and her interest in learning was the catalyst. She walked away with some size 8 needles and some Encore to practice garter stitches. I walked away with these…

Silky Tweed

Austermann Step

Elsebeth Lavold Silky Tweed and Austermann Step

Both of these yarns are from Sea Needles in Bethany Beach, DE. The shop has some great things, and I always enjoy stopping by when I am over at the shore. The Silky Tweed was an impulse buy, I must admit. I spotted it from across the room when I walked in the door. I worked with its equally lovely sister yarn, Silky Wool, for my Glee tee, and I was hoping to find some more of this yarn for a cardigan. The Step was purchased solely for the fun factor of the flashy colors in the stripey pattern. I have heard some good reviews of the yarn, so I will give it a whirl. Regular yarn diet resumes from now till my next vacation in August.

I was really hoping that the shop would have the new Norah Gaughan collection, as they carry a full Berroco line… alas, it is not in stock yet. I can wait a few more weeks :)

However, the little shop on Fenwick Island, DE provided some great pattern inspiration in the form of Patons booklets. The Spinning Wheel is a small shop in a roadside strip mall, and if you blink, you will miss it. It is right over the Delaware state line (coming from Ocean City, Maryland) and carries some lovely needlework kits. Their yarn selection is quite small (and rather paltry) but their patterns! ahhh… some lovely out-of-print booklets, and then some “hot off the press” booklets too!

Inspiration from Patons

You have to click to see the details – so worth it!

You can see even more of the designs on the Patons website. Funny how the heat and humidity are at the highest point today, and I am thinking about these wool pullovers…

The beach pictures are downloading now… we got some good ones! Stay tuned!



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37 Responses

  1. Emily

    The Step is really nice to work with, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it! Are you going to save those bright colors for dreary winter days or jump right in? :) I’m also eagerly awaiting that Norah Berroco booklet based on your earlier post about it…

  2. Terri

    Sounds like a wonderful trip! I recently purchased those same Paton’s booklets (by mail order, the only way I seem to acquire Paton’s stuff!) and I agree — the patterns are adorable. I’m just wondering, though, about doing the two-color bits in back-and-forth knitting as set forth in the patterns. I am really a beginner at even a little strip of Fair Isle, and have only done it in the round. Say something encouraging….

  3. Kirsten

    Yum, I love the Silky Tweed! The Paton’s pattern’s are wonderful! I want that cabled vest. Off to ransack the Paton’s website now. . .

  4. jess

    woo! I picked up some patterns at The Spinning Wheel a couple of years ago — their yarn selection is paltry, like you say, but they had a ton of out of print patterns! That was awesome.

    Love how the sock is turning out and the silky tweed is gorgeous! :)

  5. jody

    great selection of projects, L. lavold’s yarn is addictive isn’t it? i keep thinking i’ll be making another sweater out of it someday too.

  6. Amy

    It is a good thing you snatched up that Silky Tweed. The yarn has been discontinued.


  7. cyn

    that store totally redeemed itself with patterns, eh?

  8. Beth

    I made a scarf with Silky Tweed and loved it. I actually thought about buying enough to make a sweater but I am also on a yarn diet. :-)

  9. Brenda

    The Silky Tweed is so pretty! I like the yoke cabled pullover from Patons. I’ll have to look for that booklet.

  10. Kristi

    I LOVE silky tweed, more than silky wool actualy. It has a marvelous drape. So soft. =) Have fun with it!

  11. catherine

    sounds like fun! love Whitby!

  12. Petunia

    Glad you’re enjoying our little Delaware! There’s another yarn shop up in Rehoboth, on the main Avenue, 2-3 blocks from the ocean, called, uh, Knitty Gritty. Shop is light on goods (rather than “crammed to the rafters) and much is for needlepointers. We are sparse here! I go North, to Newark, DE (Stitches with Style) to feed my habit.

  13. lucy

    Enjoy your vacation! The silky tweed is just a perfect color and so are the whitby’s!

  14. Macoco

    Love that tweedy sock! I’m using the silky tweed for a sweater right now and really enjoy working with it. It’s very soft and drapey.

  15. Sarah

    You’ll love working with the Step — it actually softens your fingertips while you knit!

  16. Bonnie

    I grew up in Delaware and am headed back in a few weeks. I didn’t know about the yarn shops you mentioned! My brother lives just south of Dewey so I will certainly be stopping in Sea Needles!

  17. Gena

    Oh, I love those patterns! Too bad no one near me carries the Patons booklets. I would love to make some of those.

  18. stacey

    oh, I wish I was there!!!! look at you fly on those Whitbys! they look great in the tweed!

    what patons booklets are those from? I love the cables – and that hoodie!!!!

  19. Melissa

    I love the two brown sweater patterns. I’m going to have to keep my eyes peeled for the booklets. Your Whitbys are coming along nicely.

  20. AmyP

    The socks are looking great and those Step yarn colours are amazing!

  21. Zarah

    The Silky Tweed is beautiful – almost the exact same color as your socks – am I sensing a pattern here? I recently cast on for my Glee Tee in Silky Tweed. It’s only a little hurty on the hands, but so worth it!

  22. jennie

    welcome back! I’ve had my eye on whitby for a while (since, apparently, all I really do knit is socks), but have to wait until I finish some WIPS.

  23. Rebecca

    I really liked some of those patterns from the Patons booklet….especially the hoodie. Will you be knitting any of these?

  24. Dana

    That’s so funny that you are also thinking about wool pullovers! I have been working on a Paton’s wool v-neck and I must admit, I feel as though the yarn is FELTING in my hands as I sit and knit on our deck!

    Great finds!

  25. Kara

    What fun knitting for what sounds like a fun trip so far. Thanks for highlighting those patterns. They are too cute.

  26. Sneaksleep

    Love the color on the Whitby! Glad you had fun at the beach and were able to have so much knitting time…

  27. Skylar

    Some lovely acquisitions, I must say. And your Whitby looks great!

  28. Tracey

    Oy, I hear ya Lolly, I am stuck in a wool state of mind.

  29. Nonnahs

    Yay for vacation sock knitting…and for vacation yarn acquisition!

  30. Jeanine

    Those Patons books…they are indeed inspiring. Some are now on my knitting wish list. It sounds like you had a great trip.

  31. Elizabeth

    Oh I loved the Whitby pattern! Yours look like they are coming out beautifully. So glad you had a lovely vacation – I’m back too! :)

  32. Dorothy B

    The Silky Tweed is gorgeous. I love the sheen and the richness of colour.

    So glad you are enjoying your holiday. I hope it is peaceful and fun.

  33. Miss Scarlett

    Mmmm that Silky Tweed.

    I know – I want that Nora Gaughan collection too! I am hoping I convinced a new-to-me yarn shop (only 1.5 hrs away, what’s that?) to special order it.

    Can’t wait to see your Glee.

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  35. Diana

    I have never made it to Sea Needles! There is another knitting store in Rehoboth that always seems to be closed when we are down. My hubby’s parents have a place in Lewes! Great red socks!

  36. Nancy

    I’m going to OCMD this weekend, will check out Sea Needles on the way there or back. I want to go to Knitty Gritty in Rehobeth too. Have you been? How about “Salty Yarns” on the boardwalk in OC, have you been, or is it even there? (google search–how i found you too!) Should I skip the Spinning Wheel? I’m just stash enhancing, no particular needs, just souvenir yarn :-)

  37. Lolly Knitting Around » Updates

    [...] to work with the lovely yarn too – this is the Elsbeth Lavold Silky Tweed that I picked up at the beach last summer. The yarn was supposedly discontinued – which is really too bad, but seems inevitable – [...]

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