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Working Well
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Working Well

Malabrigo Textured

Malabrigo Textured

I wasn’t sure how the Malabrigo would look knit up with the cables and reverse stockinette for the Easy Street Pulli.

With sleeve one complete, I realize that it works quite well.


Ravelry’s new group feature is splendid! Have you joined any groups yet? I joined about 20 groups myself, but I also started FOUR . All of them have some great discussions going. I would love to see you there! (and if you are still waiting for an invite, join us then!)

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33 Responses

  1. Donna

    I do like the definition of the cables in the Malabrigo!

  2. mai

    eek! i am up to 36 groups!

  3. Amy Artisan

    Beautiful! I think Malabrigo may be one of my favorite yarns ever! :)

  4. sprite

    Beautiful! I’m absolutely love the purple!

  5. Eunice

    i knitted two items with malabrigo and now looking at yours, i’m inspired to make another sweater with it. yours looks so lovely and soft.

  6. Bee

    Looking good so far. You can’t go wrong with Malabrigo!

  7. April

    WOW it’s gorgeous! It’s always a leap of faith doing cables with yarn that changes colors, but yours IS working very well. Not too busy at all. I really like the color play.

  8. Mary-Heather

    I thought I was a little nuts (joined 16 groups, started 1). But hey, it’s really fun! GreenCraft has some really good ideas going. Namaste Knitters sounds fun too… oh man. I’m in trouble. ;)

  9. Jennifer

    That is gorgeous! Ravelry groups are so addctive, aren’t they?

  10. Jen - Knitting Sutra

    Yummy Malabrigo! So soft and pretty! It looks great with the cables, who knew?

    Are you alternating skeins?

  11. Sarah

    Gorgeous — the Malabrigo is definitely working well with this pattern!

  12. Sarah

    Lolly – that is turning out gorgeous! Great yarn choice.

  13. Leigh

    The malabrigo is beautiful as cables!

    Arrrgghhh…. Ravelery… Only like 7,000 people are ahead of me in line to join….

  14. windloop

    The Malabrigo work out beautiful, and your stitches are really even , perfect.

  15. Macoco

    Mmmm Malabrigo! You’re right, it really is working well! I can’t wait to see the Pulli when it’s done.

  16. theresa

    GORGEOUS malabrigo. Addictive to knit, too, since it feels sooo good.

  17. Hillary

    That sweater looks great so far. I really love the colors.

  18. lucy

    It’s quite an attractive color and the cables look very nice and distinctive. I was tempted to buy some malabrigo yarn but didn’t have the slightest idea what to knit…. but now, some ideas will start creeping into my mind!

  19. Steph Bolinger

    Mmmm, that Malabrigo is looking yummy! Why am I suddenly thinking about blueberry parfaits?

  20. Kathryn

    Really gorgeous yarn. I’m feeling a knitting project coming on.

  21. Alice

    I agree, that looks amazing so far, I cant wait to see how it progresses!

  22. Yaya

    I LOVE Malabrigo! I’m using it for the “My So Called Scarf” pattern and it feels so soft and squishy. It’s a fantastic yarn. . .

    Oh, and the discussions in the GreenCraft group you started have really taken off!

  23. Tracey

    That Malibrigo is gorgeous!!!

  24. Elinor

    Oooh, I think it looks great!

  25. Dorothy B

    The Malabrigo is looking fabulous for that pattern. Your newest socks are perfect too and please say nothing about the book, I won’t get mine until Saturday.

  26. Ginnie

    What a beautiful start to your sweater! The colors are just gorgeous.

    I’m still waiting for my Ravelry invite, and I’m getting impatient/jealous hearing about all the cool features:)

  27. heather

    yum, malabrigo is great stuff, quite luscious.

    Ravelry rocks, I hope they can let everyone in soon!

  28. tiennie

    It looks beautiful!

  29. Zonda

    Very beautiful! Lovely colors!

  30. Laura

    Wah! Now I’m wishing I signed up for Ravelry when I first heard about it – there are still over 2000 people ahead of me in line…

  31. rachel i

    lordy, that yarn looks delicious.

  32. ZhiWen

    Oh.. this colour is really very pretty. *Pets*, I had no idea Malabrigo was this yummy!

    Ah, I just joined your Namaste group, I’ve been wanting to pick up (Sivananda) yoga practice again for ages anyway, I may get inspired by all the likeminded people to really kick myself and start again :)

  33. Brenda

    Fabulous cables and Malabrigo! I just love those colors!

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