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Alpaca Possiblities

Right off of the Plaza de San Francisco in downtown Cusco, we found a little yarn shop. There were cones full of alpaca and wool, and a variety of blends. One wall was dedicated to naturally dyed (or undyed) yarns, [...]

Shawl Survival

I did not knit as much as I intended to in South America. My knitting was relegated to the long plane, boat, and train rides; incidentally, the plane and train are also where I had to catch some “shut-eye” in [...]

Well-Developed Quads

The Incas were a small people… probably hovering around 5 feet tall. Yet, their cities are built on top of mountains, with steps leading up to these cities that are about 2 feet tall each. They must have had very [...]

A Way of Life

Before traveling to Peru, I did not completely understand how the fiber arts could play such a large role in a culture – not as a hobby – but more as a livelihood and a deep-rooted tradition. I knew about [...]

Cusco: Navel of the World

From the northern rainforests, we flew to the southern mountains. When we first began planning our trip, we were going to stay in the Amazon, but I knew that I could not go to Peru and not see the Andes. [...]