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Pondering Purples
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Pondering Purples

Windowsill Orchids

Morehouse Merino Laceweight

Windowsill Orchids

Purple is a great color, and I can’t wait to work more with it this month and next.  Purple has always been on my second-tier of color choices:  I wear it often, but don’t count it among my favorite colors.  However, there are certain shades (usually purplish blues and lavender) that definitely give me pause.  Of course, I will not be limiting myself to purple alone during the next two months!  Brown is one of my favorite colors, and I have a new-found love and understanding for orange. The lovely purple shade of yarn above will be the material for the simple and elegant Verona Shawl, a Morehouse Farm knit kit. The yarn is the laceweight merino, a delicate single ply yarn, that will be lightweight and cozy for the fall and winter.  I can see myself wearing this scarf almost every day!

*Are there any purples that you are pondering?

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  1. April

    What beautiful flowers! The yarn is awesome, too, cool that you could find flowers to match your yarn so closely! =)

  2. Mintyfresh

    Did you say brown? and orange? hoo boy, I may be back on the PS wagon again! I will ignore the purple–I don’t dislike it, but I find it makes the smallest impact on my life–but brown! and orange! those are my colors, baby!! :)

  3. Mimi

    Don’t forget thats my kodak travel picture guide. I hope you got to do some reading in it…
    I am counting down the days to travel as well. So excited to see my man!

    Love you…

  4. Wanett

    I have been a project spectrum flake (we should have our own button ;) ) but I have to make sure to represent for purple. It is my original favorite color and I still love it lots. Maybe something for fall, a hat perhaps, or Dashing from Knitty.

  5. Jenna

    Indeed I do! You may remember some tweedy purple Trekking you gave me as a housewarming gift eleventy years ago. That’s going to be my PS socks this cycle, probably in a Nancy Bush pattern (maybe even Whidbies like yours!). I have some purple Mama E’s yarn from last PS, too, maybe I’ll have time to break that out.

  6. Debi

    Not a huge purple fan and I never knit anyting brown but orange…….mmmmmmmmmmmm::::::homer simpson drool:::::
    Now orange and purple, that has possibilities :)

  7. Kiona

    Purple is wonderful and orange goes well with it.

  8. maryse

    i’ve actually got some brown on the needles and my obsession for orange isn’t a secret. and even purple i can do.

    it’ll be a fun two months.

  9. Stacey_CrimsonPurl

    I LOVE purple and that was a wonderful yarn P0rn photo shoot!

  10. Dave Daniels

    Lolly, beautiful orchid photos.
    And just about anything purple is great.

  11. Erin

    Purple used to be my favorite color when I was young. I still like it, but green has definitely taken over in the favorite color spot.

    Your orchid pictures are gorgeous!

  12. Nonnahs

    Ditto to what Erin said! Purple was my very favorite color when I was little. Anything purple or grape, I was into. I love deep, dark purples, plums, aubergines. And I love all orchids- great photos!

  13. Tracey

    I can’t wait to see the colors of this next group unfold.

  14. Amy Artisan

    What a lovely shade of purple for the shawl – I really enjoyed working with their lace yarn.

  15. nova

    My neice’s favorite color is purple. So I am searching for a good pattern and fun (purple yarn) for her. But I am on an orange kick right now. I love it.

  16. Sarah

    My Mystery Stole is brown, I have a second purple Sundara knee-high I could finish…I will not be a PS flake this time! (I will probably skip the orange, though, at least in knitting.)

  17. Ashley

    Purple Rogue, brown Tangled Yoke, orange socks–I am SO READY!

  18. Joanna Kostrzewa

    There are violet and lilac fabric dyes that are waiting for me to knit a sweater from the orange cotton and change its colour! *^v^*

  19. thebrownsheep

    you’ve got great saturation in those orchid photos!

  20. Christie

    Beautiful pictures.

    As for me, I love purple. I started wearing lavendar and I always seem to get told it’s a good color on me. I think it would be a pretty color on a blondie girl like you! I’m excited to see what you come up with…there are so many pretty shades of purple!

  21. Macoco

    I’ve looked at the morehouse farm kit too as it’s so clean/elegant that it would be great for everyday wear. I don’t usually count purple as a favorite color, but I do like periwinkle a lot.

  22. tiennie

    Gorgeous photos Lolly!

  23. bobbi

    very beautiful photographs!!!!

  24. Leah

    Purple is one of my absolute favs! I will definitely be pulling out the stash this month!

    I’m knitting the Mystery Stole in black Morehouse Merino lace weight. It’s so yummy! Very, very soft and cuddly!

  25. amanda

    Beautiful photos. I’ve got a few purples going and coming up . . . any many in the past, too! I guess i love purple, too, darnit.

  26. courtney

    Beautiful purple! I think that scarf/shawl will get a lot of use. I have a serious thing for single ply yarn…I don’t know what it is. Maybe the way it looks like it was just twisted by someones fingers…
    At any rate, all of the photos are beautiful, can’t wait to see the shawl appear!

  27. lucy

    love it! Purple is one of my faves…infact, this triad has all my colors. Beautiful yarn you have!

  28. Carla

    What a lovely shawl! Simple and elegant, indeed! In spite of my dislike of garter stitch, I have to admit it can be wonderful if properly handled. I can’t wait to see your Verona!

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