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Project Possibilities
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Project Possibilities

**I am traipsing around the Amazon right now, but due to the wonders of technology, I can queue some blog posts while I am gone – Enjoy!**

It is nice and fun to think about the past and all of the projects, but what about all of the possibilities in the future? I have some great yarns in the stash for (too) many projects that feature the newest triad of Project Spectrum colors. Of course there is no way that I can work through them all during this two-month span, but it is fun to see them and bask in their beauty all the same.

Louet Gems

Brown Sheep Wildfoote

Ella Rae Classic

Louet Gems

Noro Silk Mountain

Rust Tess Yarn


Tess Designer Yarns Worsted Merino


Yarn stash photography has become an art in itself, no?

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7 Responses

  1. Lynn

    Yarn stash photography IS an art form. I think that one of the first and best at it was brooklyntweed..and januaryone and you :) All you photographers make the rest of us drool!

  2. Stacey_CrimsonPurl

    Yes it has! Funny one of my fav bloggers just blogged about something similar to that today! :o p

    Check it out!

  3. Dorothy

    Some of the yarn pictures on Ravelry are amazing and should be hanging on the walls in a LYS. They wouldn’t be able to keep that yarn in stock if they did that.

  4. Elizabeth

    I love the oranges, purples, and browns in your photos. I’ve realized, thanks to PS, that I have NO orange knits! What’s up with that?? I love orange! I will have to rectify this asap.

  5. hpny knits

    lovely lovely yarn porn. it makes me want fall to be hear already! have a wonderful safe trip!

  6. Rebecca

    Hmmmmm……I was coming up short on an ‘orange’ until I saw your terra cotta colorway! I have a ‘canyon’ color that I believe qualifies for orange…yipee!

  7. bobbi


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