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Fair Verona
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Fair Verona

Draped Verona

Verona Shawl
Yarn: Morehouse Merino laceweight
Source: Maryland Sheep and Wool 2007, Morehouse Farm knit kit
Needles: Size US 9 circular

It was the simplicity that drew me to this knit: I often need a good stockinette fix, and this one definitely provided it. At 6.5 feet (just under 2 meters) of alternating knit and purl rows, I got just what I wanted. Little did I know that this shawl would have so many stories knit into it

Verona as Scarf

The yarn is not far removed from the sheep it came from, and that rawness was the thing that appealed to me. The yarn has a great texture, with some small underspun slubs mixed alongside with thinner overspun areas. There are little bits of vegetable matter spun into the fiber, but they are easy to pick out. It is a single ply laceweight, so it is not entirely suited for heavy use and roughness. The actual hank broke a few times on my swift when I was too quick in winding it. Once you have a steady hand and slow the process down, the yarn can handle the winding – taking your time is key. I had no breakage issues while actually knitting the shawl, and it has formed a nice fabric. I doubt there is any danger of breakage now – plus, it is not a bag or a hard-wearing sweater. It will only be draped around my neck to chase off the chill of fall and winter. This simple yarn seems to have memory, staying where you arrange or scrunch it. The deep folds and the shadows cast over them remind me of the Greek sculptures I studied in college: their deep fabric folds were a stylistic element, and were often pointed out by my professors. (I guess it stuck!)

Verona Shawl Texture Verona Shawl Texture

This is my first finished project for this last color triad of Project Spectrum. I have a few other knits on the needles (and in my mind) before the close of this PS cycle. I am thinking ahead about the next cycle of Project Spectrum: deciding if/when we would do it, and how the colors could be structured and grouped. Please visit the Project Spectrum Flickr Group to see some of the ideas and to add your two cents!

In the meantime, I am pining for the days when I can bundle up in my new shawl… autumn cannot come soon enough.

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42 Responses

  1. jenna

    Really, really lovely. It’ll be such a nice addition to your fall wardrobe.

  2. Moni

    oh how pretty Lolly! I love it! I’ve never used Morehouse Merino. Now I want to track some down! It’s gorgeous!

  3. Mimi

    It is lovely on you. You know I love me some purple! It looks great.

    Love you!

  4. Gaile

    Wow, 2 meters is a lot of stocking stitch! I love the simplicity of this shawl, it’s a perfect fall/winter accessory!

    Thanks for the detailed decription of the yarn too, I’ve not seen it in my corner of the world, and it is nice to see such detailed photos and hear what others have to say about yarns they’ve used.

  5. Joan Hamer

    I love it and the color too. I can’t wait for fall either and to get rid of the heat and humidity.

  6. Amy Artisan

    Just beautiful! Sometimes simplicity is the best thing! :)

  7. Michelle

    When I first saw your Verona Shawl (on Ravelry) I just fell in love. I headed over to Morehouse and ordered the pattern for Verona, Camellia Scarf and the kit for Stellina (which comes with 2 other patterns). I could not decide – so I ordered ‘em all.
    I would have never found them had it not been for your blog. Thank you!!

    Thank you for sharing your story about the earthquake. I’m so glad that you were OK… seems like there are so many natural disasters lately… gotta give your loved ones and extra hug.

  8. Heather

    Mindless stockinette can be such a salve, can’t it? I just recently brought out the Morehouse Merino kits that I got at MD S & W–great minds think alike!;)

  9. tina

    Wild applause!!!!! The color is a pure dee groove and I just love a good bit of zen knit. You will look great in that come fall!!!!!

  10. Sarah

    That is lovely!

  11. *karen

    Wow simple elegance right there. And yes, the stories knit into it will always make it special.

  12. rachel i.

    the color is so pretty and the texture! fabulous. i think though, the stories you can tell along with it are what make it a notch above the rest…

  13. kiki

    great project and i love the result. as you i appreciate a good stockinette =)
    verona let me always think about “romeo & juliet” – i wonder if there should be any connection…

  14. Elemmaciltur

    That is really lovely!

  15. melissa

    so pretty… it looks so light and soft!

  16. jenni

    It looks very soft and crunchy (if that makes sense)

  17. Jen

    No no no Autumn just yet! We arrive in a week, and are dying for some warm sunshine! Having said that, I’m totally on a scarf kick. I’m not sure it’s possible to hoard more yarn for scarves, and of course after seeing this Verona, I might have to have that as well. That really looks very snuggly.

  18. Laura

    It’s gorgeous. Now I am in the mood for a simple, earthy knit. I agree about being ready for fall, too.

  19. lucy

    Oh! so great a shawl to bundle up in! Love the simplicity and the story behind it (vividly remember the details of your survival and the shawl!). Enjoy it Lolly!

  20. Allie

    What a great use of that yarn! The drape is awesome! I can’t wait for fall either!

  21. courtney

    beautiful in its simplicity!

  22. Leslie

    That is beautiful!!! I, too, am frequently drawn to simple knits…

  23. Karma

    What a lovely color. I like the versatility a shawl like that provides. You can drape it around your shoulders or tie it like a scarf… very wearable!

    Guess who I finally got to meet this weekend? Your dear friend Pink Monkey Jenna! She’s so wonderful… no wonder you two are friends. xo

  24. ann

    I just started this but have added a picot edge with beads.

  25. Dorothy

    It’s a great shawl and it wouldn’t be so fancy that it would need a person to get all dressed up in order to wear it. Beautiful!

    Psst… ISE 5 is signing up now.

  26. Jenna Pink Monkey

    Ooh, what a lovely shawl! I love how the texture of the yarn makes the stockinette look so interesting. How do you think the yarn would look in a stitch pattern.

    I’ve been missing you lately, lady! I hope all is well. And yes, I did get to meet the famous Karma this weekend, it was awesome!

  27. knittingphilistine

    Gorgeous, gorgeous! I am so into that pink color right now!!

  28. stacey

    so pretty – the yarn shines in the simplicity!!! and the memories that are in that scarf are amazing!

  29. Cara


    mine is but a glimmer in my eye at this point. I find the idea of that much fine ST unbeliveably daunting. You’ll probably get so much wear out of a piece like this. great job!

  30. thebrownsheep

    the shawl is so pretty… and i’m with you on the weather, where’s autumn already?!

  31. heather

    i agree fall needs to hurry it up!

    that verona is really lovely…and so versatile!

  32. nova

    It was pretty in progress and it’s even prettier all done and modeled. I love it! Now you have time for all the other knits on your list!

  33. Ingrid

    The shawl is lovely. I love all of the stockinette-ness of it.

    My Dad and I went to see some baby alpacas on the weekend and the visit prompted me to tell him about your trip to Peru. We looked through your photos on flickr and he’s now convinced we have to travel to Peru sometime! So, thanks!

  34. tiennie

    This is so pretty Lolly!!

  35. eyeleen

    Beautiful!! gorgeous color.

  36. pamela wynne

    I love it, Lolly — so simple and cozy! And a great post, too.
    It sometimes bums me out that the complicated things I enjoy knitting (lace, e.g.) are totally not my style. Fair Verona, on the other hand, I would wear the heck out of, but get bored knitting. Maybe I need to re-examine my relationship with stockinette! :)

  37. KnitPastis

    I love it! That looks so lush and comfy. I am trying to figure out a simple quick way to use these three balls of of Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud laceweight. Love the yarn. I am finding it hard to make myself knit with this laceweight though:) So thin. Might help to just do a stockinette st. I’ve been thinking of a rectangular type scarf with an edging (garter st?)that won’t roll up. Not sure yet.

  38. Sangeeta

    Hey, nice hair do! Love the BOB!

  39. lomester

    I agree, the cold weather cannot come soon enough. Although I guess that means I have to hurry up and knit my shawl. Yours turned out absolutely lovely, and the stories behind it make it that much more special.

  40. katie m.

    I love the shawl! (And your new haircut!)

  41. Chrissie

    Beautiful shawl! I love the color and the yarn. Plus the story behind the knit makes it even more special.

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