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Aran Accentuation
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Aran Accentuation

Vest Started

…in the dark of the café, she casts on for a new project…

A new project that is so utterly perfect for autumn.

A new project that will challenge with the twists and turns of traditional Aran cables. 

Match Made?

Pattern:  Aran Accent Vest, Patons Cables booklet

Yarn:  Tess Designer Yarns Worsted Merino

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40 Responses

  1. Meg

    I’m a bit too excited that you’re making this pattern. When I first saw it, I literally gasped. I love cables, but I don’t love the bulk they give the finished product. It seems like this vest is a great balance. Do you know where I can get the book? I liked a couple of the other patterns out of it too!

  2. Arianne

    It’s beautiful!!!

    Are you going to make it long like the picture? :)

  3. Megan

    I love it! I’ve been wanting to do a cable sweater for so long but I haven’t worked up the guts…

  4. Becky

    That looks like a great pattern.

  5. connie

    I never think to look at Patons booklets, but they have real gems in them! E.g., the Urban pullover or cardigan. Thanks for introducing me to another one!

  6. Amy Artisan

    Oh how lovely! With the cooler temps here this week it is definitely time to start thinking about cooler knits. I love the color that you have selected – it looks like pattern + yarn = beautiful sweater! :)

  7. knittingnurse

    You always find the most amazing projects. I can’t wait to see this one as you work through it.

  8. Kessa

    Love it! Can’t wait to see your progress with this!

  9. ann

    Cables!! It’s cable-icious! (and you know that I LOVE cables.) It’s going to look so fantastic — I love the color you chose. It seems like nearly the perfect fall knitting.

  10. stacey

    you are so bad!!!! :) Ahh, cables. I just can’t get enough. Where did you score that booklet? It’s on my “WANT” list!

  11. danielle

    That pattern is awesome! and such a perfect layering piece for autumn. good choice – can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  12. Elizabeth

    Ooooh, lovely. Those cables are gorgeous. Must…. resist……

  13. Kelly

    gahhhh I am contemplating yarn for this at the moment too!
    I love it so!

  14. margene

    And she is a very smart grrl to get started early.

  15. Moni

    That’s adorable Lolly! Hmmmm… I may look into that pattern myself. I plan to make some kind of vest this fall…

  16. lucy

    That is such a lovely Aran Vest! Can’t wait to see it!

  17. lekkercraft

    very cute! that looks like it’ll be a fun knit.

  18. Heather

    Oh WOW that is going to be simply amazing!!

  19. Christie

    What a beautiful project!

  20. Nonnahs

    ooooooooooh! I LOVE those cables! That vest is going to be stunning!

  21. Emily

    Very pretty – love the color you chose!

  22. Dorothy

    That brown is luscious! The cables are really going to pop in it.

  23. Jenna Pink Monkey

    Oooh, looks lovely, you’ve introduced me to another beautiful pattern.
    Don’t forget about those other cables you have on the needles….

  24. claudine

    What a beautiful vest! The cables are so lovely.

  25. knittingphilistine

    Ooooh, that is going to be one killer vest!! And now I am off to hunt down a copy of the pattern book… want that Cabled Yoke Pullover!

  26. aquaknits

    What a perfect way to start the fall! That vest is going to be gorgeous, especially in the wonderfully warm color you’ve chosen.

  27. Poppins

    You have the _most_ amazing eye for patterns. I think I want to just sit with you and flip through your list of projects you’ve got an eye on!

  28. Zarah

    That will look so beautiful in the Tess yarn. I always think of you and jenna when I see that brand. Happy knitting!

  29. Erin

    Ohhhh…I LOVE it! So perfectly fall.

  30. nova

    I was looking at that vest the other day…maybe a shorter version, as I am a shorter lass and all….I can not wait to see yours!

  31. Mintyfresh

    That vest looks so LONG on that model. Like, freakishly long. But the cables are great, so you want plenty of room! I need to start knitting again :)

  32. brooke

    The cables are going to look so gorgeous in that yarn!

  33. Sue

    What a gorgeous pattern, and I love the brown color too. Perhaps it wont take too long to do.

  34. eyeleen

    oooh I love the pattern. Beautiful cables.

  35. Ava

    LOVE the new hairstyle!

  36. tiennie

    That will be totally cute!

  37. lomester

    I am soo intimidated by cables. However, this one is almost too pretty to not tackle! As I look at this picture I am going through my stash in my head, and I think i need to copy you…

  38. Heather

    Add vest to Ravelry queue… CHECK! Thank you for the inspiration!

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    [...] soon!  And, for some reason, I’m freaked on cables – and I’m not sure why.  I saw Lolly’s current cable project and will now have to go on a hunt for the book she’s using  – Paton’s [...]

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