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Third Time’s A Charm
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Third Time’s A Charm

The summer has managed to slip away at record speed… and now we find ourselves only two weeks from a certain month… a month that has a special meaning here at LollyKnitting Around!

Socktoberfest Retrospective


Socks have enjoyed a long reign of popularity in the knit blog world – when I first started blogging in 2004, they were not nearly as ubiquitous as they are now. They intrigued me, and for that reason, I wanted to learn more about them. So, in 2005, after a summer of fiddling around with double-pointed needles, I decided to start this group project… and it just so happened that I started working on some new socks in October while at a hockey game… and by a few little words at the end of a post, Socktoberfest was born.

What is Socktoberfest?

A very simple concept with very few restrictions – Socktoberfest is a month-long (throughout the month of October) celebration of socks. It is a celebration of the accessories that we make to cover our feet. Think of it more as a festival than a knitalong – people who love something come together and celebrate it!

Some participants use Socktoberfest for stashbusting purposes, using up that beautiful sock yarn that you picked up back in 1995… Others are use Socktoberfest to finally finish up sock projects that have lingered too long on the needles and hooks. Still others spin or dye their own sock yarn and use this to make a truly special pair of socks. Some Socktoberists use the month to make quick holiday socks for family and friends. It is truly up to you!

The festival starts on October 1st, but you can definitely start on your socks now! You do not have to finish your socks by October 31st either, although the Socktoberfest blog coverage will end at the close of the month. Socktoberfest can easily be combined with other projects and knitalongs!

The only guideline that I have for Socktoberfest: be an encourager! Participants range from first-time sock knitters to sock designers and experts. Lend a helping hand or an encouraging comment. Take a few minutes to check out the progress and handiwork of your fellow project members. Encouragement goes a long way – and you may even make a new friend!

…and two years later, we are ready for another incarnation!

I have had some very generous offers from many vendors about Socktoberfest contests and raffles. The last two Socktoberfests have included some wonderful giveaways, but they each had their own problems. There were many unclaimed prizes, unanswered emails, and general miscommunication. No one is to blame. Yet, I figure that it would just be best to bypass these “bumps in the road”. Socktoberfest 2007 will not include contest prizes and raffles. I wholly endorse any sort of swap, exchange, or contest for Socktoberfest; however, I will not host it through my blog. If you want to host something through your blog, please feel free. Leave a comment here in this post to alert others about your intentions.

Since there will not be a contest, it is not necessary to officially “sign up” for Socktoberfest. If you want to participate, all you have to do is pick a nice yarn, get your needles, and start working. If you are so inclined, you can share your work through the very active Socktoberfest Flickr Group. It is a great place to be inspired and to encourage others in their own pursuits, as well as participate in discussions about sock-related crafting.

It would be a great pleasure to have you join me!

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  2. Isabelle aka Tricotine

    I am joining a little late, but count me in too! :-) )

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  8. Candelaria

    This is simply awesome! I have gone through by them one by one.Thanks so much for the post.

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