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Easy Does It
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Easy Does It

Easy Street Pulli

Easy Street Pullover
Pattern: Patons Street Smart
Yarn: 4 skeins, Malabrigo Chunky in Indigo
Source: WEBS sale, stashbuster
Needles: Size US 9 and 10

When I was binding off on Sunday evening, I was less than thrilled with this knit. It seemed too short, despite adding almost three inches to the torso, and the reverse stockinette proved to be very hard to seam properly. (It never looked as clean and crisp as a stockinette edge…) Yet, when I put it on, and the luscious Malabrigo touched my skin, I forgot all of the little things and just enjoyed how nice it felt.

Easy Street (Back)

It is very simple – modified from the original pattern to be even simpler. The Patons Street Smart version includes rope cables at each of the stockinette portions of the ribbing. While I liked the look, I thought it may be a tad too “busy” with the variegations of the Malabrigo yarn. I am happy with my decision, although it means that it is not like the one in the book. I did keep one little element, however…

Arm Cable Detail

The Malabrigo caught my eye during a WEBS sale last year, and I bought it with no pattern in mind (this is not a frequent things for me!) but I was able to match it quickly with the pattern for a nice and comfy knit. This color, labeled as “indigo”, straddles blue and violet in the traditional Roy G. Biv spectrum, and seemed like an overall “purple” yarn for me. So, I chose to knit it during the purple months of Project Spectrum. Like many handpainted yarns, there are some large color repeats in the Malabrigo that can cause pooling – to combat this, I alternated between two balls of yarn on every alternate row, carrying the other yarn up the side. This probably contributed to the seaming problems later, but I managed to get a seam I was okay with, although it is not my best work.

It is a very soft sweater, and although I wish it was a little longer, it is still quite wearable. With the temperatures dropping and autumn on the way, this sweater will be kept closeby…

… and oh yeah, I got a big haircut :)

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  1. Kathy

    LOVE the hair! That is so flattering on you! And the sweater is pretty sweet as well. :)

  2. Moni

    very cute on you Lolly! The color is luscious!

  3. Nancy

    Both you and the sweater look fantastic!

  4. Leslie

    Beautiful…you and the wonderful knitted sweater…Bravo!

  5. no-blog-rachel

    Lolly you were pretty before but now you’re FABulous! Great cut – very flattering.

  6. Elemmaciltur

    Great sweater!!!! And you look lovely in it with your new haircut!

  7. Miss Scarlett

    I couldn’t notice your sweater at all with that great haircut!

    I love it!

  8. Kathy

    It looks terrific and look at your cute haircut!!

  9. Jody

    Lookin’ good Lolly!

  10. gleek

    oooh, i love both the sweater and the haircut! i also got mine cut that short recently. isn’t it nice? so freeing.

  11. Anna

    Love the hair! and the sweater!

  12. Amy

    Your hair looks fabulous!

    I tell my customers that Malabrigo is like “butter” yarn. It will pill, but the beauty and softness overcome that small blot.


  13. Carole

    You rock the sweater and the haircut, sweetie!

  14. Ayumi

    I really like your new ‘do!!!

    And a great sweater, love the color! :)

  15. Amy

    Love the sweater and the hair–especially the little detail at the cuff. Great job!

  16. amanda cathleen

    Your sweater looks amazing (I love the various blues) and your hair cut looks even more amazing! Love the cut!

  17. Mari

    That Malabrigo sweater looks so lovely. And I LOVE your new haircut – I actually had noticed it before, in your Ravelry profile!

  18. chrispy

    great sweater, cute hair. I actually almost missed the hair since I seem to be sweatercentric.

    Are you going to be putting together another color spectrum? I seem to been oblivious to it till last month.

  19. no-blog Marcie

    Thats a great cut on you – whoever did it did a really nice job. And the sweater is so cute – love the color.

  20. lynda

    The sweater is great – but the hair is SO cute!!

  21. Lisa

    The sweater looks great!! Love the color on you, and the mods you made. The haircut is fabulous, too!

  22. lomester

    The sweater is adorable, and the color is so you. But the haircut? The haircut I ADORE! you look fantastic ms. lolly

  23. eunny

    Cute sweater, great hair…is there any better combination for a Really Good Day? :)

  24. Lorette

    Great hair and perfect sweater! The color looks good on you.

  25. laurie

    That sweater is lovely, lovely and the arm cable is awesome! But most of all — you are so incredibly adorable!

  26. Karma

    Your new sweater is just beautiful. What a flattering fit for you. And that color! Ooh la la! But mostly, your new haircut is so cute, so fresh. You look fantastic. :)

  27. Kimberly

    You look amazing!!

  28. Tanya

    Love the sweater. I’ll bet its uber soft. And the new do is stunning.

  29. kelp!

    I love everything about this – the style, the color, the little cabley detail at the sleeves. It doesn’t look too short, you must have an excellent photo stylist!

  30. eyeleen

    gorgeous sweater!

  31. Jen

    Great sweater, and I am maybe late to the party but your new hair is FABULOUS. :)

  32. Stacey

    The sweater and the haircut look fabulous!

  33. Knit-Eat-Sleep

    Love the sweater!! It looks great on you! You used my favorite yarn ever!! Actually knitting with it today!! :)

  34. Jodie

    Beautiful Sweater and I like the hair cut! I’ll be interested to see how you think the Malebrigo wears. If it pills or not….

  35. Barbara Casey

    I have been trying desperately to find that Street Smart pattern book. I would be happy to purchase it from you if you are finished with it. Maybe you know hwere I can find one. I have tried Patons, Herrschener’s, joann etc. No luck and I want to make the got to have cabled cardi.

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