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Easy Does It
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Easy Does It

Easy Street Pulli

Easy Street Pullover
Pattern: Patons Street Smart
Yarn: 4 skeins, Malabrigo Chunky in Indigo
Source: WEBS sale, stashbuster
Needles: Size US 9 and 10

When I was binding off on Sunday evening, I was less than thrilled with this knit. It seemed too short, despite adding almost three inches to the torso, and the reverse stockinette proved to be very hard to seam properly. (It never looked as clean and crisp as a stockinette edge…) Yet, when I put it on, and the luscious Malabrigo touched my skin, I forgot all of the little things and just enjoyed how nice it felt.

Easy Street (Back)

It is very simple – modified from the original pattern to be even simpler. The Patons Street Smart version includes rope cables at each of the stockinette portions of the ribbing. While I liked the look, I thought it may be a tad too “busy” with the variegations of the Malabrigo yarn. I am happy with my decision, although it means that it is not like the one in the book. I did keep one little element, however…

Arm Cable Detail

The Malabrigo caught my eye during a WEBS sale last year, and I bought it with no pattern in mind (this is not a frequent things for me!) but I was able to match it quickly with the pattern for a nice and comfy knit. This color, labeled as “indigo”, straddles blue and violet in the traditional Roy G. Biv spectrum, and seemed like an overall “purple” yarn for me. So, I chose to knit it during the purple months of Project Spectrum. Like many handpainted yarns, there are some large color repeats in the Malabrigo that can cause pooling – to combat this, I alternated between two balls of yarn on every alternate row, carrying the other yarn up the side. This probably contributed to the seaming problems later, but I managed to get a seam I was okay with, although it is not my best work.

It is a very soft sweater, and although I wish it was a little longer, it is still quite wearable. With the temperatures dropping and autumn on the way, this sweater will be kept closeby…

… and oh yeah, I got a big haircut :)

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  1. Patricia

    Wow! I like it.

  2. fawn

    The haircut was the first thing I noticed! You look fantastic.

  3. Alice

    I love your hair! I saw it in your Ravelry icon and thought oh she cut her hair…. no it must be just pulled back…. but yes you got it cut and it looks great!

    The sweater looks fantastic too ;)

  4. LeAnne

    Your haircut is SO VERY CUTE! I just love it.

  5. amanda

    Lolly, this sweater is fabulous! I have some Malabrigo in the stash for an upcoming project and with this fall weather we’ve had the past few days, I want to start it now!! Your hair looks great too, nice and perky!

  6. Steph B

    Great sweater, and the haircut is positively dashing! Great look for you!

  7. Sarah

    Nice work – the mods look great, the colour is fabulous and with that snappy new hair do you’re looking great too.

  8. Caroline in DC

    Hi, found you while searching for DC knitting blogs.

    My sweaters ALWAYS come out too short unless I add length to the bottom. They also come out too wide most of the time. Either I’m doing something wrong or a lot of patterns are written for short, wide people. I actually have a very short torso myself so if anything the sweaters should be too long for me!

  9. leslie

    Love. Both. I just can’t get over 9 inches! Now that must feel great!

  10. Erin

    Did you get your hair cut? Super cute! And the sweater looks very comfy as well!

  11. Kara

    Ooh, the hair is oh so fab! So cute! And the sweater is darling as well!

  12. elizabooth

    I’ll echo what others are saying — the sweater is great, but the first thing I saw in that picture was the hair! It looks super cute but very grown-up at the same time. Looking good, Miss!

  13. Sneaksleep

    Both the sweater and the haircut are divine! I think the shape of the sweater is great on you, and I don’t miss those cables at all.

  14. Sarah

    What an awesome sassy little ‘do! The sweater is glorious, too.

  15. kelly

    A cute new sweater to go with your cute new hair style! Way to go!

  16. Cara

    this looks beautiful on you –great job! (love the hair!)

  17. Octopus Knits

    It turned out beautifully — I think you look great in it!

  18. Laura

    I love your hair! So cute and bouncy!

    The sweater is awesome, too. Looks very wearable.

  19. AmyH

    The sweater is beautiful! And your hair….I gasped! It’s stunning!

  20. nova

    Cute sweter, cute hair! What’s next on the agenda (you know in addition to the vest and the socks, and the….)?!

  21. Coleen

    Cute! The sweater and the girl!

  22. Erin

    I was going to say…when did Lolly get a haircut? It is so cute. The sweater looks great too–that color is perfect on you.

  23. Jennifer

    Love the sweater. Your haircut looks amazing. Two great things that go great together!

  24. Christie

    Love the hair! So cute! Espeically the back! It’s so perfect. And the color is a great one on you!

  25. pamela wynne

    Totally cute — and good call on the cable v rib question.
    And, of course, still loving your spunky haircut. It’s kind of like mine! :)

  26. Karen

    I love your new do! It looks wonderful. And the sweater is pretty awesome too Lolly!

  27. Corinne

    WOW!! I love the sweater!! And your hair!! It looks great. Just wanted to leave you a comment. I have been reading your blog for quite some time now.

  28. Cara

    Gorgeous, darling!

  29. Jennifer

    I love that color and the cable on the sleeve! Cute haircut too!

  30. carrie

    Lolly, it is lovely!!! Both the sweater and your hair. :) I am experiencing serious envy!

  31. Sarah HB

    totally noticed the hair! I think I always aspired to that hair but….natural curl…not so much.

    Love the sweater too.

  32. Heather

    Your haircut–I LOVE it!!

  33. Jenna Pink Monkey

    I was in the middle of singing a song when I pulled up your blog and I interrupted myself to say “how cute!” Indeed, the combo of your new hair and the beautiful sweater is very cute. I like the ribbing with the variegated yarn; it gives just the right amount of interest. The sweater will be so cozy to cuddle up with as the temps drop. Miss you lady!

  34. caitlyn

    Both the sweater and the haircut look awesome, Lolly!

  35. Leah

    What a great sweater! And I love your hair! It’s funny, but I thought that first picture was taken from above with you laying down at first. Why you would do that, I couldn’t say. Anyway, it’s lurvly!!

  36. connie

    Your hair looks great! It must feel so light. I can feel a difference even with a few inches.

    The sweater looks great too. Malabrigo is super super luscious :)

  37. Cathy

    The sweater is gorgeous, but the haircut far outshines it! It looks great on you!

  38. Cheryl

    Love the sweater (and the color!) and really love the HAIR!!!

  39. Kim

    Love the sweater, but I’m dying over your haircut! So cute! You look so young and sassy!

  40. Beth

    Love Love Love the hair cut! It’s so cute!!!!!

    Love the sweater too!

  41. Anna

    The sweater looks great! And your hair looks fantastic!!!

  42. Elizabeth

    Girl, your hair looks fab. And your sweater looks lovely, too – a whole sweater from Malabrigo must be such a treat. Perfect color on you.

  43. Nery

    I had to delurk to say I love your haircut!!! It looks awesome on you. The sweater of course is also lovely! :)

  44. keri

    Lolly – your hair is so cute and fun and the sweater is beautiful! Great job!

  45. rachel i

    ok, first of all the haircut ROCKS! you look so cute! i love it!

    secondly, the sweater is awesome. i think you made a wise choice to omit the cables. it makes the few cables on the wristband that much more exciting :)

    excellent sweater, excellent hair.

  46. Liz K.

    My malabrigo sweater is the most indulgent thing in my wardrobe. I love it. I only wear it every so often because I fear the pills, but mine has only developed a fuzzy halo. No pills. Just so you know!

  47. Theresa

    Love the new hair (so cute!) and sweater. I

  48. tiennie

    It looks fantastic! And so do you!!

  49. Nicole

    Va va va voom! Just adore your hair (oh yeah, the malabrigo sweater is divine too)

  50. Sue

    The sweater looks great on you. I love the color and the pattern. Your haircut looks fantastic and really suits you too. Always great to have a change.

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