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…I have celebrated the turning of the seasons with a mindful and observant walk through the woods…

Bark Texture

Wild Berries

Tree Bark Texture

More photos on Kris’s blog


…and by casting on for an autumnal colored sock…

Sock Knitting Sock Knitting on the Cozy Couch

Autumn Stripes Sock

I felt the need to re-motivate and reinvigorate my sock knitting. While I have a beautiful sock yarn stash to choose from, I was not feeling an especially large pull towards it, favoring sweater and cardigan knitting instead. There has been a great influx of patterns that have swayed my eyes, but with Socktoberfest right around the corner, I thought that a stockinette stripe may bring more inspiration. Several ideas are floating around in my head about my own goals for this October; yet in the mean time, I am enjoying the process of this lovely seasonal sock (knit with Lang JaWoll Colors) and the changing of the season…

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29 Responses

  1. tiennie

    Such pretty colors! I love fall colors. Have I told you how cute you look with your new haircut?!

  2. elizabeth

    Happy Autumn!

  3. Meg

    Such lovely photos! Autumn is my favorite season. Though, the Equinox isn’t actually until the 23rd this year. :)

  4. Rasa

    Happy fall! Really like the colors of the socks and I hope you like the haircut as much as it looks good on you!

  5. lucy

    Indeed those socks feel Fall-ish. I just love your photos too. Happy fall and knitting!

  6. Moni

    Kris has a really cool blog! great pictures!

    I need to get motivated for fall. I’m in total denial. yet the weather is telling me fall is here. sigh. The sock is very cute!

  7. amy

    I love that colorway of the Lang. Did you get it at A Tangled skein? (as if I need more sock yarn)

  8. Jennifer

    Ooh – those socks are the perfect way to celebrate the change of seasons. BTW – I just thought I’d mention again that your new hair-do looks FAB!

  9. Suz

    Love that yarn!

  10. Heather

    Still loving the haircut!:) Lang Jawoll is such a stealth favorite sock yarn, I love it…

  11. Dee

    Ohhhhh…pretty colors!

    I haven’t seen that one in my local shop.

  12. mrspao

    Those are beautiful photos. I’ve got some Lang Jawoll in my stash which I haven’t tried yet.

    I’m really looking forward to Socktober.

  13. Kim

    Happy Equinox to you! I didn’t realize Kris was a planted aquarium aficianado; I used to keep them, many years ago when I lived in CA. Too much moving around in my life caused that effort to fall by the wayside, but his tanks are beautiful! So are the autumnal sox!

  14. Debi

    I remember those berries on the bushes in the empty lot next to my house growing up on Long Island!

    Your hair is so cute Lolly!

  15. Kimberly

    Oh gosh, I haven’t been around for a long time-life has taken over my blog reading time. Your hair is adorable!! I love it! I also loves those pictures-great job. I better get reading. Hugs from Berlin!

  16. Amy Artisan

    What great ways to celebrate the arrival of autumn! The pictures from the walk (on both blogs) are great – looks like it was such a tranquil time. And the socks – it’s great to see what simple stockinette can do with a fun yarn. :)

  17. Bonnie

    Your fall sock is beautiful, and the tree bark photos are exquisite!!! They make me want to get outside and walk right away.

  18. Alice

    I saw the sock on flickr and the first thing I thought was Autumn! Yay for Fall!

  19. bobbi

    you just have to love those digital cameras.
    great photos

  20. Sarah

    Lovely, lovely photos. Great socks – sometimes simple is just the best.

  21. pamela wynne

    Lovely photos!
    And great striping on that sock. I just cast on for an autumn-colored sock myself. Woo, Socktober!! :)

  22. Heidi

    My sock inspiration has also been really low lately. I think I overdosed on the socks earlier this year. But with winter around the corner, I can feel the inspiration slowly returning to me.

  23. KnittySue

    I adore those colors…I’ve been all over the internet and can’t find it…can you tell us where you bought it?

  24. Vero

    Your haircut is absolutely gorgeous!

  25. eyeleen

    I love your hair! Great colors in your autumnal sock.

  26. stacey

    That is the perfect autumn sock…..

  27. Thalia

    I love the sock colors. I just freed up my #3 needles (usually used for sock knitting) last night, and cast on my next sock! I’m getting revved up for Socktoberfest. And although I admired it already, your hair is really quite adorable and stylish.

  28. The Gothic L.

    OMG I sooooo love this colorway!!!

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