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The Aran Accent Vest is coming along so well. It is probably the most difficult thing that I have attempted in my short but lively knitting career (four years next month…) and thus, the most rewarding.

Aran Accent Vest

I am 27/31 of my way through the first cable repeat. The side panels have a great textural basketweave stitch, and there are small twisted stitches mirroring the rope cables on the sides. These are my favorite details. Of course, I love the cabling and twisting of the center panel – that one just takes more concentration.

The Tess Designer Yarns Merino worsted weight is everything I wanted it to be – perfect for this project. So soft, and the lightest of variegation adds some great depth to the cables.

I am so happy about this one…


Many many thanks for the comments on my last post! I stayed up way too late working on it, and it means so much to me that you liked it! I have been using the light box for many photographs lately, including this handcarved chess set we bought in Peru last month

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  1. Sue

    Your aran vest looks gorgeous, and I love the colors. Cables are one of my favourite knits to do. I am sure that you will get a lot of wear in the colder months from it too. The photography post was full of great tips too, and I think I need to buy a better model camera when this one doesnt work any more. Your photos look great.

  2. femiknitter

    Ahh, I love this! I loved the pattern in the booklet, but was unsure how it would look knitted up. Yours is coming along so well. I just might have to cast on for it, too!

  3. connie

    Yes, your last post was great! I’m always drooling over good photos. Thanks for sharing some tips on how to better photograph things.

    I can’t believe you’ve only been knitting for 4 years and a bit! Your vest is looking beautiful already. I love the marriage of cables and tweed. :)

  4. nova

    now that is some pretty knitting!

  5. elizabeth

    Beautiful. You’re making me wish I had time to squeeze some cables into my knitting! Alas…

  6. Heather

    Love it so much! Tess is the #1 yarn I’ll be snatching up at Stitches East next month…

  7. Jenna Pink Monkey

    The vest looks BEAUTIFUL!! I love that yarn, the shading looks really wonderful! I need to dig mine out of my stash and do something with it.

    It was clear you put a lot of work into the tutorial, so I’m glad so many people got something positive out of it.

    Mwah, miss you!

  8. Ashley

    That’s going to be gorgeous, Lolly. I’ve been wanting to knit a cabled vest for a while now. Hmmm…..

  9. Leslie

    wow — you can definitely call yourself an expert knitter. that vest is impressive!

  10. Jennifer

    Your vest will be beautiful! And what a neat chess set!

  11. Nora

    Beautiful Lolly. I love the colour and texture.

  12. lucy

    How very cablelicious your vest is! The brown is stunning.
    Your post about photography was extremely helpful. The photo above is truly amazing.

  13. stacey

    looking good! love all the cables and the brown! oh my gosh what a beautiful brown! may have to get some tess worsted at the next MD festival…..

  14. Meg

    So excited that you’re making good progress. It just spurs me on to finish the projects in my queue faster so I can get to it! The yarn is STARING at me from the side of the couch in a melancholy but-we-just-want-to-be-loved-too sort of way. Keep it up!

  15. s t a c i

    It looks really intense! And pretty!

    I bought that Patons book after you posted about it. I think this vest is in my future, too.


  16. Erin

    Your vest is looking beautiful! The cables are really looking good!

  17. Macoco

    Your Aran vest is coming along so nicely. I love all of the details in the stitch pattern. I’ve been too much of a coward to try something that complicated – but I hope to get up the nerve someday.

  18. margene

    Cables are so magical and interesting to knit. The vest will be one of your most cherished knits.

  19. lomester

    After I saw your last post I started going through my stash. I think I have some yarn to make this too. Seeing the progress you are making on yours and how lovely it is turning out makes me want to start on it today!

  20. Amy

    It’s going to be so amazingly lovely, Lolly.

  21. Sarah

    Ooh this is coming out beautifully – a lovely autumnal project.

    The chess set is totally fabulous too!

  22. Dove

    It’s beautiful!

  23. Sara

    wow! it looks gorgeous in that brown shade.

  24. courtney

    the vest is lovely, i really like the subtle varigation!
    nice photography, look at you having fun with your lightbox!!!

  25. Kelli

    I am super impressed Lolly! Per usual – your knitting is just unbelievably good. I know it takes a lot of practice, but you really do make it look easy.

  26. tiennie

    That is going to be one amazing sweater! I’m so impressed!

  27. Kessa

    It’s looking gorgeous, Lolly! Love the texture!

  28. Mintyfresh

    Go you! How satisfying to be working on your most challenging knit–and for it to be coming out so wonderfully.

  29. pamela wynne

    Go you, indeed! It’s looking great already — the cables look all precise and smooshy.

  30. Bookish Wendy

    For some reason I am less intimidated by cable projects than I am with lace projects. I didn’t realize this until I saw your picture and read your post. I suppose it’s because I feel like I can “read” cables better than I can lace. Therefore, it’s a bit easier for me to fix my mistakes.

  31. Linda

    I love the brown….looks cozy.

  32. KnitPastis

    That yarn looks so nice the way it’s knitting up. I mean really nice! This is a fabulous color.

  33. kelly jo

    Wow! That is looking so great! I love the color!

  34. Miss Scarlett

    I LOVE your chess set. It is incredible.

  35. Kent

    Oh my!

    I can’t wait to see more photos :)

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