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Meet the Candidates
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Meet the Candidates

The lead up to this year’s Socktoberfest has been quiet: one, because I am denial that the year has passed so quickly and that it is indeed time for another round, and two, because I have no idea what to knit specifically for Socktoberfest.

For the last few weeks, my mind has been swirling and whirling with sweater knitting ideas. Many designs have caught my eye, and I have plenty of yarn in my stash to fill those whims. My queue is jam-packed with sweaters. Of course, I still love knitting socks – but they haven’t caught my fancy this year, as they have in year’s past. It is a natural progression, I suppose.

Of course, once I open up a Nancy Bush book, or peer into my sock yarn box, a bit of inspiration does come back. With my stashbusting mentality, I am considering using this Socktoberfest to use some of the yarns that have been waiting in the box. That was the case with the Autumnal Equinox socks… the yarn is beautiful and knits up in a wonderful strong fabric – which also happens to be quite pleasing to the eye as well. I am doing the toe decreases on sock one, and moving to sock two very soon.

Light Box Socks

With this sock well on its way, I decided to turn to the sock yarn box for some inspiration… and immediately, two yarns just jumped right out at me. Both are strong candidates: both have service backgrounds, and are well-known among the constituency. Both have strong moral character and will not back down from a challenge.

Candidate A – running on the Blue Moon ticket

Swap with Maritza! “Highway 30″ hails from the prominent and well-known “Socks that Rock” heritage, born in the pristine Pacific Northwest. “Highway 30″ has enjoyed a long run as “media darling”, and has become quite popular with many of the knitting community.

“Highway 30″ has made many promises; if elected, it promises to behave well in a simple lace pattern – no pooling or flashing, and be very comfortable on the foot. It also promises to wear well and wash well. Having never worked with this yarn, this knitter can not testify to the validity of the promises… but they sure sound nice. This knitter is thinking about the Tropicana pattern – basing it on the previous success of Everyday Autumn’s trial run with the same pattern and yarn.

Candidate B – running on the Woolarina ticket

Woolarina Handpaint Truly a grassroots candidate, Woolarina has great appeal. Being a local, I have seen this candidate grow into the strong contender that it is today. Not to be outdone by it’s competitors, Woolarina also makes some big promises:

“Every time you look at me, you will smile” and the heftier “I will make your life more complete”. Big words for a little yarn from Maryland. However, I think it may be on to something… This knitter thinks that this yarn would be best suited in a simple ribbed pattern, showcasing its colorful talents.

…and since this knitter sees the flaws in a two-party system, here are some of the other candidates… all viewed as “dark horse” candidates by the majority of the constituency… but they are all very viable…

Darkhorse Candidates

Is it possible to have a split ticket? Two candidates coming together? or even a co-reign during the month of Socktoberfest?


…Stay tuned…

What are your plans for Socktoberfest?

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38 Responses

  1. Mary de B

    Ah, Slytherin house colour socks, probably Jaywalkers!

  2. Nikki

    I’m right partial the the koigu (but only since I have that exact same colorway!)…

    my Soctoberfest plans are sadly, very simple. I want to finish the socks I’m working on for ME. I’ve been working on gift socks and Christmas knitting and all and I want some new socks for ME… I mean I deserve them… ya know?

  3. Kristyn

    My goal is to finish my very first sock. Last year I worked on a pair of fuzzy feet to get down the basic sock construction. Now I am plugging away on a REAL sock – I am very excited!

  4. Laura

    My Socktoberfest plans so far have involved buying several pairs of shoes that will show off handmade socks.

    That’s as far as I’ve gone. :)

    Oh but wait! My hubby’s birthday is at the end of the month and I have a pair of socks started for him. That counts!

  5. Dee

    Ummmm… not a big planner so…….I’m knitting straight from the stash. Whatever gets pulled off the top of the pile is the next sock yarn used.

    Right now I have some Cascade Sassy Stripes socks working. They’ll get finished first. Then it’s a head-first stash dive with eyes closed!


    Hello Lolly! Your work its nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Moni

    I’ve already started my socks. I’m using some Tofutsies sock yarn that i buoght this summer and am loving it! I think it’s my new favorite sock yarn! I’m knitting up one of the basic sock patterns in “knitting vintage socks.” I’ll probably make another pair this month, too.

  8. Elinor

    Second socks! I’m all about second socks this October. I have a couple of socks languishing without mates, and I’m going to try to give them friends. I’m a fan of the STR, for you. I’ve never tried it either. Hmmm…

  9. sprite

    Being a fellow Woolarina-lover, you know where my vote lies.

    And I still have the yarn sitting on my bookshelf that I pulled out for the last round of Project Spectrum. Hopefully that will turn into some lovely cable socks shortly after I clear off enough counter space to set up the swift and ball winder. (How pathetic is it that that’s what’s been holding me up all this time?!?)

  10. Mary

    I have 5 socks in progress right now and I’m busy making hats…so unless I free up a set of needles, October will be for finishing what I have started. Even though, sniff, I got some Panda Cotton JUST FOR Soctoberfest….hmmm, I suppose I could always do with another set of sock needles….

  11. Heather

    I’m voting for the Tess…Personally I’ll be finishing my Wollmeise RPMs and then doing a pair of Twisted Flowers in Sea Wool. And I’m also taking an argyle sock class at Stitches, I can’t wait!!

  12. mel

    I’m quite partial to that lovely Koigu skein – but I am always one to go for the underdog ;) Any that you choose will be lovely! I’m a new inductee into the sock knitting world and just completed my first actual finished pair and now I’m so excited about all the other possibilities!

    I’m restricting to stash right now as well, and not having been a sock knitter, I don’t actually have any sock yarn, but I do have some handspun that I’d still like to turn into a pair of footees, if I can determine that I have enough. And I’m getting ready to work on Cinderella too since I have some worsted yarn and am intrigued by the construction.

    I’m excited about participating in my first Socktoberfest – thanks for doing it!!

  13. April

    I’m almost finished with a pair of socks, but will probably start another pair right away for Socktoberfest. Are there going to be any Socktoberfest 2007 buttons?

  14. calicokitty6

    I plan to finish the 4 pair I am working on now. I’m teaching a friend to knit socks and have one that would have been finished a month ago except for that. Two others are barely started. :) I think that will be about all I can manage this year.

  15. Leslie

    very clever post. :)

  16. Tracey

    OMGosh! That’s right, it’s that time of year again. Oy, I gotta go check my stash, bye!

  17. Mintyfresh

    I will be knitting at least one pair of socks for October, but I don’t imagine I’ll be knitting many more than that, so I’m hesitant to join Socktoberfest . . . I know it doesn’t matter how many you do, but still.

    You are so full of options!! I don’t know how I’d decide either :)

  18. Rasa

    Sooo many patterns and sooooo many yarns…it is hard to decide! Now that I have my sweater done, my mind turns back to socks. I’m on the foot of the second of the Mad Color Weave socks and then I’ll be ready to start some new pairs for the fall/winter season. Here I come Socktoberfest!!!

  19. Jenn

    I’m up to my armpits (literally! I’m up to the armholes!) in sweaters, so Socktoberfest totally slipped my mind…but I’ve caught myself daydreaming about the Falling Leaves Socks from Knitty since yesterday. My poor husband. He really wants his sweater, but I need a portable project to take on vacation in a few weeks.

  20. amanda cathleen

    hmmm… probably something that has been in my queue for awhile.. I’m not totally sure yet.
    Go for the STR! I love that colorway

  21. Carol

    I want to finish my Campanula sock!

  22. Meg

    Ooh, that Koigu is gorgeous! Such a perfect color for this time of year. Of course, you know I love that Highway 30 too. :) Tough decisions!

  23. Nartian

    My sock knitting obsession began during your Socktoberfest last year, so I’m just continuing on.

    I am woefully behind on my sock club knitting, so I hope to finish 2 of my yarn4sock club packages. I’m done with one Siren sock and still on the leg of my Giotto turning into a Giotto With the Flow sock, assuming I don’t deviate. But I might as I also want to cast on Yarnissima’s Firestarters and something in Wollmeise I recently acquired.

    And now that you put up your Socks that Rock Highway 30 as a candidate, I’m tempted to pull mine out and cast on for Cookie A’s Sock With No Name that she designed for Blue Moon Fiber Arts since it was done in that colorway.

  24. Zarah

    That gray Tess yarn is gorgeous! I’m sure Kris needs some socks for those chilly DC winter mornings!

  25. Melissa

    I want to finish 2 of the four wip pairs I have lying around. Then I’ll have some needles free to start some new ones! ;)

  26. Roseann

    I have some Fleece Artist yarn that is calling me and some new Jitterbug. I also just got the Knit Picks 2.25mm needles and want to try them out on some cotton sock yarn. At any rate, I have lots of choices. I look forward to seeing what everyone is knitting, too.

  27. Avice

    Well, this year I got a head start on the Socktoberfest campaign, thanks to two longish plane rides, by commencing to knit the Lucy Neatby “tractor socks” pattern. So far, so good. The first cuff is complete and I’m now on to the short-row, garter stitch heel. These socks are lots of fun because you knit the cuff flat and then join in the round after finishing the fiddly intarsia bits. This will also be my chance to learn how to do duplicate stitch because there are lots of little details to add at the end.

    Also in the cards (she says, ambitiously) will be a pair of Monkeys knit with a lovely blue Shibui and whatever comes next from the Rockin’ Sock Club.

    Hence my vote for Highway 30!

  28. Thalia

    Mmmm, Socktoberfest! I have two goals: one, to get more thick winter socks for myself knitted up, and two, to try one of Cookie A’s patterns in teeeeeny tiiiiny yarn. :)

  29. Heather

    My plan is to slowly make my way through a backlog of sock yarns in my stash. I’ve got a lot of Lang Super Soxx – it makes for durable socks, if a little pedestrian (get it? ha, ha). I’ve also got some Fleece Artist Nova to use, and a stash of the sadly now-unavailable Sweet Georgia yarn.

  30. Kelly

    My plans for Socktoberfest are to keep my Sockin’ it to Maggie sockdrive going! So far I’ve got nearly forty people committed to help, and anyone else is welcome!

  31. Suz

    I’ve already got my yarns lined up and wound into balls for the beginning of Socktoberfest. I’m trying to finish up the 2nd sock for a soldier leisure pair so i don’t end up with three socks on needles. LOL!!

  32. Wendy

    I have two (ha!) socks on the needles now that I would like to complete pairs of during this month. The first and easiest is my second pair of Bellatrix (gave away the first pair right off the needles). I am two repeats down the leg on the second sock.

    The second is my Pomatomus socks from handspun, which may very well go into next year’s Fair, if I can stand not to wear them that long!

    Looking forward to focusing on socks for a bit since I finished my son’s sweater a whole month early, yay!

  33. tiennie

    What to knit, what to knit?! Very lovely yarn Lolly!

  34. Hayley

    Honestly, I’m going to try and finish the 3 pair of socks I have on the needles.
    All 3 are still on the first sock, so we will see how this plan goes…..

    Anybody got a button???

  35. Sarah

    Toe up illusion socks using the magic loop for me; am going to cast on today – will there be a new button for Socktoberfest 2007? – I do like a good button :o )

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  37. stacey

    ooh – lots of good choices. I love the woolarina!!!!

  38. Karen

    Woolarina!! The STR is nice too, but the colors in the Woolarina just scream “knit me! knit me! you won’t frown at all with these virbrant colors in your hands! try me an see!” How can you turn that down??

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