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Imagine My Excitement…
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  1. Alli

    Way to go Lolly!!! I found your post about the fiber arts in Peru and your experiences and impressions of them incredibly interesting and insightful as well. I have longed to travel to Peru for many years and reading about your trip inspired me to start researching more so that one day I can make a trip there.
    I hope that you’ll continue to share your travel experiences because though I originally started reading for the knitting I have found your thoughts on eco-travel and your thoughtful way of seeing different cultures fascinating and enlightening.
    Thanks for the great blog!

  2. Emily


  3. knittingnurse

    Holy SH*T!!! AACK!

    That is HUGE!!!!

    Congratulations! It certainly couldn’t have happened to a better person.

  4. Gaile

    CONGRATULATIONS! That is just so freakin’ cool.

  5. KnitPastis

    YAY! I am so happy to hear this. That was the BEST story and photos of Peru ever.
    I can’t wait to see more of your writings and photos on future trips you take.

    Your new layout for your blog ROCKS! Great job.

  6. Nichole D.

    Congrats Lolly! What an honor! Oh, and i’m totally loving the new blog layout. Rock on!

  7. Kessa

    Congrats, Lolly! What an honor!

  8. Leslie

    wow. that is super impressive. congratulations on a well-deserved feature. :)

  9. Laura

    Oh, that’s so cool! Congratulations!

  10. Heather

    Good for you, that’s great, you travel writer, you!!

  11. tiennie

    OMGosh! That’s insanely cool! Congratulations!

  12. brooke


  13. Sarah

    That’s awesome! I’m not at all surprised they loved your Peru posts — you did a wonderful job chronicling the trip!

  14. tina

    WOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Congrats!!!!!

    And Love Love Love the new Blog-Do!

  15. ellie

    ooo congrats!!!

  16. claudine

    Congrats, Lolly! You deserve it. Your posts on Peru are eye opening, I really enjoyed reading them!

  17. no-blog-rachel

    Wow – that’s wonderful! Congratulations!!

  18. Pru

    Your Peruvian knitting photos are wonderful. Have you thought about going to Bolivia? Many of the islands in Lake Titicaca have their own textile cultures and I particularly remember one where the men knitted long stocking stitch hats on up to six tiny, tiny dps. The various patterns represented the different phases of their lives and you could let their marital status, number of children etc. You’d often see the men sitting around knitting, and they stored their little bags of coca leaves on their heads under their hats. Amazing. Your photos brought back all those memories for me! Your new blog looks lovely!

  19. MJ

    Congratulations! I read the post; good flow and great pictures!

  20. jessie

    Congratulations. What an honor!

  21. Kelly

    Wow, congratulations!

  22. Mom

    Congrats, my dear! XXOO

  23. Nicole

    Wow, that is so exciting. You deserve it though. Those Peru posts were awesome!

    And I agree, NG Traveler is a great mag. Congratulations!

  24. malia

    congratulations! how cool!

  25. mia

    Congratulations! Your Peru posts were awesome. It’s a well-deserved honor!

  26. sarah

    Holy crap! That’s huge! Good for you! : )

  27. Yarn Thing


    What a great honor! Your pictures are stunning and are totally worthy of National Geographic. Great Big CONGRATS to you!


  28. Suz

    Damn. That is totally cool! Way to go.

  29. Erin

    That is so awesome! Congrats to you!

  30. Miss Scarlett


    Good for you. That is incredible.

    I like your new blog look too.

  31. Beth

    Congratulations! Feel honored it’s incredible!

  32. Laura

    Thank you for all the work you put into this Web site! I so very much enjoy reading it. Thanks for it!

  33. hpny knits

    hooray for a great photographer!!! I always enjoy your photos!.

  34. *karen

    Congratulations…I knew all that note-taking would come in handy for you. Thanks for sharing your trip with all of us.

  35. Theresa

    Cool! Congrats.

  36. amisha

    congratulations lolly!! so well-deserved… your peru posts were amazing and truly an example of fantastic travel writing + stunning photography. xo

  37. katie m.

    First off, congratulations on the National Geographic feature! That’s so wonderful and exciting. The new look is also fabulous … as is Socktoberfest. Do you ever sleep — or is it just bright ideas all of the time?

  38. Leslie

    Congratulations. I truly enjoyed your trip through Peru. Well done!

  39. eyeleen

    That is so cool! Congratulations!

  40. lomester

    A little late to the party, but WOW! Lolly you rock!

  41. Eric T

    I was hoping to find more details about how they knit in Peru. There’s not much about the style they use. There’s a video on youtube that says its the Peruvian style, but others say in Peru they run the yarn around their necks, similar to Portuguese style knitting. Do you have any information on their style? If You could do a post with pics from your trip that would be great.

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