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Knitting for Baby: New Territory
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  1. Marianne

    Awww, that’s so cute!

    I love making bibs for the new babies in my life – they are such a quick, cute and practical project. I especially love this pattern and the Petal Bib from One Skein.

  2. Macoco

    That is a really darling little bib! It will definitely get a lot of use.

  3. Kate

    As the lucky recipient of the beautiful bib, I can say it is very cute indeed! Baby and I will treasure it for years to come. Thank you so very much, Lolly! :)

  4. lorinda

    What’s not to love? It’s so sweet! Glad your coworker liked it!

  5. nova

    As bibs go, that has to be one of the funnest I have seen! It took me a while to get comfortable enough with my knitting to give it away too. Sock on!

  6. elizabeth

    Very cute. I think bibs might be one of the few baby knits where color doesn’t much matter. Who cares what color it is, as long as it keeps them relatively mess free?

  7. Kelly

    too cute! Perfect gift!

  8. Alice

    I think that is definitely a unisex palate of colors. Very very cute :) Baby knitting is so fun quick!

  9. Avice

    Excellent! It looks beautiful.

  10. Leah

    She can’t help but love it. It’s adorable!

    And speaking of socks, I’m two down and working on my third pair for Socktoberfest! Thanks for the WIP finishing motivation!!

  11. Jo Ann

    Lovely. A very sweet gift.

  12. Marlena

    Very cute bib. Maybe I’ve been reading too much Hello Yarn and Brooklyn Tweed, but I’ve been really into garter stitch lately!

  13. Sandy from South Dakota

    I love this little bib pattern. When I made some for a little boy I found some buttons that look like baseballs and basket balls. Oh so cute…..

  14. Dee

    How could she NOT love something soooo adorable! Isn’t making baby stuff great? Instant (almost) gratification.

  15. Kessa

    Very cute! A great gift!

  16. elizabooth

    As a mom I totally approve this gift. It’s cute, and useful (unlike booties, which so rarely stay on a babe’s foot). And the colours are great — most parents will gladly put blue on a girl, but not many are too jazzed about pink on a boy.

  17. Corinne

    I love the baby bib and the colors are gorgeous. Having three children of my own, I would have love, loved to have gotten this as a gift and you are such a gifted knitter, writer, photographer…..

  18. Sheila B.

    As elegant as can be–for a very lucky baby and mom! Nice work, Lauren!!

  19. Nonnahs

    So cute, Lolly! I love the stripes!

  20. Whitney

    Oh, it’s so cute! I love the stripes, and I think those blues and greens make for a perfect unisex bib!

  21. Dorothy

    So cute! I love the blues too and it will go just as well with a little pink tee and blue jeans as with a little blue or green tee and blue jeans.

  22. Ingrid

    I love the colours you chose. Very cute.

  23. stacey

    very cute – love the sea themed colors!

  24. pamela wynne

    SO cute — and, best of all, it can be thrown in the washer. I have recently learned that this is very important where babies are concerned. ;)

  25. Heather

    A bib–what an original gift!! Looks lovely.

  26. kodachrome

    Love the baby gift, and I know what you mean about trying to feel brave enough and good enough about your knitting to start giving it away as gifts. I felt really nervous, and kinda silly, the first few times, but I”m getting to be more confident that people will really appreciate the knitting gifts.

    The colors are great–regardless of sex. And let me just say, because it’s been awhile since I’ve commented here (I’m often reading but rarely commenting!), I love your blog’s (re?)design! It’s fantastic and clean and a pleasure to visit. Thanks for sharing your efforts with your readers–even those who lurk!

  27. tiennie

    That is a sweet bib and gift! I think it will be very appreciated!

  28. Sue

    Baby knits are always great. I love the colors you used too, even if it is a girl it will suit perfectly. The Mason Dixon book has a lot of fab ideas in it. I love all your new photos too, they look very professional.

  29. Sarah

    What a cute little bib!! And you are such a fabulous knitter, I can’t believe you were hesitant to give it away. Silly girl. And I love the new design, it looks great!

  30. lomester

    I am sure she will absolutely love it! It’s adorable!

  31. barefoot rooster

    The colors on this bib are beautiful (as is the photography). I’m working on a Bib O’ Love as well, but, along the lines of your mittens, I’ve suffered a minor setback. My ever so curious beagle/heeler/sharpei mutt managed to gnaw through one full stitch, so I’m considering attaching a funky button or embroidering a star or something to salvage it!

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