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  1. Beatriz

    This looks like a keeper. That color is so becoming on you!

  2. Nora

    You [and the hat] look hot! I love the colour.

  3. Marlena

    Oh la la! C’est tres chic! It looks very European to me, especially with your haircut. I must make a beret for this winter!

  4. Amy

    You look too darn cute in that beret! Ooh la la!

  5. Steph

    That hat is so cute, you look like a dashing flapper girl (my, I sound like I’m about 95)

  6. Sarah

    You inspired me…. I am almost done with my beret too (well a little over 1/2 done, but if I hit it hard I could be done by tomorrow!).

  7. lomester

    Now I have to go to ravelry and add it to my queue….

  8. Yarn Thing

    Love the color on you Lolly! The first picture of you looking away is really good too! You look like a real deal model.

    Love your blog…

    Marly aka Yarn Thing

  9. Kim

    Oooh, way cute! You look like an Anthropologie girl.

  10. Nicknit

    Your beret is lovely & it is too funny because I have made this beret 2 times now – the exact pattern you have used :) I really love that book.

    The first one I did was bigger as well but the next one I did, I used a smaller size needle for the rib & that really helped (3mm). If you want to tighten up the rib on this one, just get some elastic and thread it through the inside. If you make another one, I used for the first one (which I love-love-love) Jo Sharp Alpaca Kid Lustre and the yarn works a treat – it falls absolutely beautifully. I am going to start another beret soon in the same yarn in a beautiful green. I found a fab pattern you might want to try: – http://www.veronikavery.com/blog/2007/11/10/beret-gaufre/ it is free pattern so check it out!

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