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Handknit Socks + Shoes
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  1. dani

    Have a wonderful weekend! I think my Caps curse is finally broken so I’m fit to return to hockey games this season. Did you see that a group in Columbus (they’re on Ravelry somewhere) is doing a “Sticks and Stitches” trip to a Blue Jackets game?

  2. catherine

    well, you caught me! i wear only a few pairs of knit socks with actual shoes…… I wear them mostly alone around the house. I just don’t want to mess them up! is that so silly?

  3. Leslie

    ah, my favorite sock topic, as you know! :) i have taken to wearing my socks around the house without shoes. although that may seem like a “waste” of long hours of sock knitting, they make me feel funky (because of the colors) and luxurious. occasionally i do wear them out with crocs.

  4. Jenn

    Sadly, I’m under podiatrists orders to only wear sneakers with orthotic inserts. Those aren’t the best for showing off socks, but I did manage to find a pair of sneakers last year that resemble Mary-Janes and those are great for showing off socks.

  5. Michelle

    I have those same leopard print flats! They are the least practical shoes I own and I love them!!

  6. Kara

    I have totally struggled with this concept…How to best rock the sock and shoe combo. I am excited to see the suggestions!

  7. Macoco

    I always wear the socks I make (well if I don’t give them away that is). But unfortunately, I don’t have a pair of shoes that really showcases them like your mary janes. I’ll have to keep an eye out for some good footwear to go with my socks!

  8. kat

    i admit to being a bit of a show off with my socks but i also wear them shoeless around the house…thanks for including me in your set :)

  9. Catrin

    Have a great weekend. I have kicked the weekend off mith some mexican food and margaritas. I usually wear socks indoors, but some are just to indoors and some are used in sneakers and other shoes.

  10. princessdeia » Flower Feet

    [...] Lolly asked on her blog today about what shoes you wear with your hand-knitted socks with? I have a growing collection of converse boots (I even wore converse at our wedding reception) and I am trying to make matching socks for all my boots, this is newest yarn I have brought to go with my (RED) converse. [...]

  11. Wanett

    These photos are making me realize how uncool all of my shoes are. I must fix this and fast!

  12. nova

    So I have this pair of shoes that I like to wear when it’s cold out…they are perfect for handknit socks…. When it gets cold, I will bring them out..maybe I will have a pair of finished socks by then…maybe.

  13. Carolyn

    I have a blog post showing off the shoes I bought specifically for wearing my socks with. It is at: http://craftycarolyn.livejournal.com/26873.html

  14. Heather

    Love those pics, I am forever amazed at the versatility of hand knit socks!

  15. Ava

    have to admit that mine are usually hidden.

  16. KnitPastis

    Mine are pretty much strictly for wearing around the house. I should probably stick to sports weight but don’t. My handknitted socks are the first thing I put on when I come in the house.

  17. amisha

    i wish i had shoes that would show off my handknit socks :) but i really just try to wear them as much as i can in the winter, with boots + regular ol’ shoes… i do pull up my pants leg quite often though and make e admire them :)

  18. Thalia

    The thicker ones I’ve knit so far go into boots and closed-up shoes, or are worn around the house. Very very comfortable (now I have to knit more, I want to wear them all the time), but a bit thick and too much for “dressy” shoes. I am working on my first pair of thinner socks (for me – although the yarn is a DK weight, rather than the laceweight I know many work with) with a simple pattern, and I am trying to figure out what shoes I can wear them with, to show them off!

    I have been known to pull up a pant leg and say, “Look at my socks!” to a friend or two after finishing a pair – even standard 2 x 2 leg ribbing deserves some applause! :)

  19. Marlena

    Mostly I wear my socks with brogans, or oxford or loafers, so people don’t generally see them. I do have two pairs of heavy, clunky mary janes that work with socks, but they’re not work-appropriate. I actually saw a super cute pair of Dansko mary jane clogs which I think would be PERFECT to show off some socks!

  20. lomester

    Lolly, your pictures are always the best. Each one showcases your handiwork differently, its like the socks have their own personality.

  21. A Ervilha Cor de Rosa » está de chuva:

    [...] Sobre o assunto: on wearing handknit socks e handknit socks + shoes. [...]

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