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Forward Glance
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  1. Elinor

    What a great pattern! It’s going to look lovely in those yarns. And I’m impressed at your recycling skillz. I’m afraid I’ll cut the sweater wrong and ruin it and it’ll be all unpleasant. Still. Sweaters!

  2. kelly

    Those are really pretty colors… and I must say that I’mnot sure I’ve ever thought of unravelling a thirftstore sweater to get the yarn out of it. Does all the curliness come out of it after you wind it up?

  3. Hillary

    I am so impressed. To me that sounds like a really ambitious plan. I like the colors and can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  4. amy

    Yea NaKniSweMo! Yeah Stash!!!

  5. Sarah

    What a great idea – re-purposing a sweater. And that blue you are using – so pretty!

  6. Carrie

    Yummy colors! You have a great eye…you always have a great eye though. Can’t wait to see the sweater!

  7. Dee

    Very nice color choices.

  8. Sue

    Good luck with the sweater knitting. I think it may be too hot to knit an adult sweater in November here. I love all the colors you are going to use too, so beautiful.

  9. eyeleen

    Great idea, knitting from repuposed yarn. That sweater will look lovely in those colors.

  10. Silver Ilix

    That sounds like a great idea for a sweater! As the others before me have stated, I think it will look fabulous, I can’t wait to see it!

  11. Heidi

    Cant’ wait to see how it turns out! I predict it’s going to be a beautiful sweater. The colors are gorgeous!

  12. Ühltje

    Those Lopi colours sure are beautiful. I find it so amazing that they look both natural and ibrantly coloured at the same time. And the sheepy smell… swoon!

  13. connie

    Did you have to “block” the yarn to get the kinks out before winding it into a cake or did you directly wind it from the sleeve?

    Pretty Lopi sweater. Can’t wait to see it in your colors!

  14. Zarah

    You have such a good eye for color, and way to burn through that stash!

  15. stacey

    that will be beautiful!!!! my next sweater is a stranded yoke one as well!!!

  16. Rebecca

    Hmmmm….that sounds like QUITE a challenge. I’m heading over to the link this very minute!

  17. Jen

    Do you have to start the sweater in November? I have a languishing back that needs it’s friends: the front and sleeves. ;)

    I’m really digging the colors you’ve chosen for your sweater, and am encouraged that you’re willing to mix brands. I’ve got the fear of the gauge always looming over me.

  18. Marlena

    I’ve never heard of NanKniSweMo! I’d have to set aside my current sweater project to do ot, and I’m not sure if I’m willing to do that, but it sounds so fun! I’m torn!

  19. aquaknits

    Great color combo for the Lopi sweater, it’s gonna be gorgeous. I’m definitely feeling the fair isles this winter too. Can’t wait to see all the amazing things you create this season. :)

  20. lekkercraft

    ooo pretty – i love that blue for the main color! your palatte looks great for this sweater.

  21. Macoco

    Gorgeous colors, I love that indigo blue – a lot.

  22. Jody

    I may have to join you this year on the sweater in novermber! I have the Wild Apple Bohus in mind…. this may be the jump start I need!

  23. Mome-rath

    I love the idea of repurposing the sweater! Do you know what the fiber content of the yarn is?

    Thanks for the inspiration…I think somebody is going to be combing the thrift stores this weekend!

  24. Dorothy

    I like the colour scheme you’ve chosen. Very clever idea to add in a recycled sweater.

  25. jess

    I can’t remember if I left a comment on your flickr stream too, but I was doing research on Aftur and came across your color selection — looks gorgeous!

    I think I am going to knit Aftur next as well — my MiL came back from Iceland with a ton of lett lopi for me and I love the sweater (plus, as you know, it’s finally sweater weather for the moment here in DC). :)

  26. Kathy

    But if you made a sweater using Noro, you’d kill two birds/knitalongs with one stone! hee

  27. nova

    I love Aftur. I have been wanting to knit a Lopi sweater for a while. I do have to get to Cobblestone eventually though…it’s supposed to be a Christmas present…right.

  28. Sarah

    I need to finish two sweaters already underway this November – don’t tempt me with that beautiful Icelandic stuff! I just inherited a big stash of venerable Norwegian wool in all the colors of the traditional Fair Isle sweaters from the ’20s, so it’s good to have more colorwork patterns to scrutinize and dream on. Looking forward to seeing yours take shape!

  29. jody

    i know i’ve said this before, but i really do love your color combo. good luck in meeting your goal! that blue is so nice for you.

    i’m still trying to decide if i’ll get on the bandwagon with this one. after finishing my latest big project, i’m not sure i want to jump right in with another sweater.

  30. Sarah

    Ooh – exciting project choice

  31. Jennifer

    I’m looking forward to NaKniSweMo too! I love the colors you’ve picked out for your sweater.

  32. Jenna

    Yay NaKniSweMo! I’d love to match your amazing progress from last year, but I’ll be happy if I finish one, honestly.

    Amazing coincidence, I’m planning to cast on with my Botanical Shades yarn as well! It will be interesting to compare the yarns since they have interesting differences and similarities. I love your use of stash! It should be a lovely sweater!

  33. Moni

    oh I am so tempted by the NaKniSweMo! I have a few sweaters in my stash tha that need knitting! Hmmm. I love the fair isle one you are planning on!

  34. Cheryl

    I love your new project and I have to say I’m inspired by your ‘re-purposing’! I think I just might have to do the same…I have a sweater or two I’m holding on to that I will never wear again! I stumbled on your blog a month or two ago and really enjoy it – I live in Alberta Canada and can’t always relate to your yarn adventures (we only have 4 yarn stores in my area – good, 2 not so good) but I am always happy to hear your tales and motivated by your creativity! Stay golden :o )

  35. Suz

    Nono, over here, “socktoberfest” is going until the end of the year. LOL!!

  36. Birthday Sweater « Socks-for-Mum

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  37. tiennie

    That will be gorgeous! Love the repurposing!

  38. Bee

    I have to say that I’ve been on a bit of a sock knitting slump. It’s just been too hot. I am, however, close to finishing my first cardigan/sweater and I’m really excited. I might have to join this knit-along. I’m on a roll! I’m sure your new sweater will look amazing. Can’t wait to see the progress.

  39. Marie

    I think the colors you chose for the pullover are going to look great. Maybe I’ll be brave and try colorwork one day :)

  40. jenna

    I think we’ve both been eyeing this pattern for a while—can’t wait to see it start coming together! Bonus points for using stash yarn!!

  41. carrie

    Nice! I have some dark green wool I reclaimed from an old sweater of mine a few years ago, but I have yet to do anything with it as it was a very small size to begin with… But I like your idea! I have big plans for NaKniSweMo as well! But I haven’t told anyone yet, just in case, you know, they don’t pan out… :)

  42. Mintyfresh

    Lolly uses something from her STASH!? I don’t believe it. Hmm, knit a sweater in a month? I don’t really have any sweaters queued, but I have a lot of plane travel in November, so perhaps I’ll set some personal knitting goals for myself . . .

  43. Erin

    Good luck! November is a bad month for me to be knitting sweaters. I have too many Christmas gifts to work on!

  44. Liz K.

    Team Yoked Sweaters for NaKniSweMo! I am making the Sugarplum Pullover as my November sweater…now I just have to finish my October sweater!

  45. Miss Scarlett

    That is going to be beautiful!

  46. pamela wynne

    oh, that blue is lovely! especially next to that mustardy brown. Perfect!

  47. Jeanine

    I’m sorry to hear that. I was looking forward to seeing it all knit up.

  48. Lene

    It’s going to look beyond fantastic in those colours!!! I’m so cheering on you all of november – can you here it: “Go Lolly Go Go Go” accompanied by a little cheering dance ;)

    I’m not going to participate not because I’m not american and therefore actualy don’t qualify for nakniswemo – but because I’m frantically knitting on a “print o’the wave” for my sister…

  49. moirae

    Hi Lolly. If you get off your color track again, let me know. I’ve got a lot of Lopi that is available for the cost of shipping it to whomever. It can be seen here:


  50. Lolly Knitting Around » Feeling Icelandic

    [...] Yarn: Botanical Shades, Lite Lopi, and recycled wool Source: MDSW 2006, Weaver’s Webb (NC), thrift shop Needles: Size US 7 and 8 circular and [...]

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