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  1. Joan

    those sock colors are *so* fall! perfect for socktoberfest.

    and i love knitting books. do you mean the knitter’s book of yarn? because i would definately classify that as informational and a must read!

  2. Ginnie

    Yeah for weekends! The socks are just perfect for fall, and I love the red light camera series. You’ve captured the essence of commuting:)

  3. Carole

    I love your new socks, Lolly! Sorry about your cold. It’s rainy here, too, and a great day for curling up with the knitting.

  4. bobbi

    nice socks.
    I too read Diane Ackerman.
    looking forward to the knitting book you are talking about.

  5. Heather

    Hope you are back in fine fettle soon! Those Lang socks are so seasonally appropriate!

  6. Jenn

    I love the colors of the socks. What color number is the yarn?

  7. Ann

    Lovin those happy socks. Catching up over here–all those yarns in the previous post are fab, too. And the repurposed Old Navy sweater . . . excellent idea!


  8. Jenna Pink Monkey

    Sorry that you’re not feeling well, lady! Be sure that Kris makes you some nutritious, delicious veggie soup. That always make me feel better. I’m sure that having those warm, colorful socks on your feet will help you feel cozy, too.

    I need to hurry and finish my other sock before the month ends so I can concentrate for NaKniSweMo. Oh, the pressure.

  9. --Deb

    Really, could any of her books compare to A Natural History of the Senses? That book was just pure perfection.

    I hope you feel better! At least your feet will be warm–the socks look great.

  10. Nicole Seitler

    Sweet sockies! Hope they’re helping you to feel better. :)

  11. erica

    I love your socks. They are definitely autumnal socks. Hand-knit socks can always make a day better and wrapping up in a hand-knit sweater won’t make a cold go away but sometimes it gives you that umph to get through the day. I hope you feel better soon, thank goodness butternut squash is in season, some lovely butternut soup could make the throat feel a bit better.

  12. Rebecca

    I love the shades of Autumn! I always forget to use that reinforcement thread, too.

  13. sprite

    I heard Diane Ackerman read from her new book at the National Book Festival last month and am excited to add her to my To Be Read pile for the upcoming months.

  14. Nora

    Beautiful socks Lolly, the colours are perfect! I might just squeeze a pair out before the end of the month, too.

  15. Suzanne

    I love the socks! The colors are great.

    And I have had those kind of drives home myself. At least you found a way to amuse yourself.

  16. Mintyfresh

    I ALWAYS have those weeks lately, but thankfully I’m not sick :) Socks will make it all better!

  17. scout

    Feel better you!

  18. Miss Scarlett

    Hope you feel better soon – coughs can really zap your energy. A good book does help.

    Love the colours – perfectly named socks.

  19. elizabeth

    There’s nothing like a striped stockinette sock! They look great…and I hope you start feeling better soon!

  20. Caroline

    I’m so jealous that you got to see the Nilda lecture! I would have gone but I had class.

    Diane Ackerman’s writing is a delight, and her personality is just as charming. Did you happen to catch her at the National Book Fest last month? I’m reading her newest book right now.

  21. eyeleen

    Great autumn socks. I hope you feel better soon.

  22. stacey

    what a wonderful weekend….those socks are the perfect colors for fall!

  23. courtney

    First and foremost, I hope that you feel better soon! I had a case of the achoos and coughs for a while in September, and it really is the pits.
    I like the red light camera series a lot. I used to go from Silver Spring to Falls Church…I’m not sure anyone would have wanted to see photos of me from those trips!!! Now I have a blissful 6 minute commute, but I can still sympathize.
    The socks are lovely, I really like the color. What heel did you use? It looks unique. I have two balls of Lang that I think I am going to use for Friday Harbor or the New England Socks…can’t wait! :)

  24. Nonnahs

    So cute! Hope you’re feeling better.

  25. margene

    The socks will keep you warm while you deal with the cold! They’re fabulous and perfect for Socktober. I also finished my Socktober socks! Woohoo!

  26. tiennie

    What pretty socks for fall weekend lounging around! Feel better!

  27. lucy

    Lovely socks! The heel is interesting.

  28. pamela wynne

    I suspect I just got the same book, and I can’t put it down!
    And I probably also have the same cold but, happily, it seems to be fading. Take care! xo

  29. Rebecca

    Hey–I don’t remember seeing Sesame before (it was linked from your red light photos). it’s really cute, and it looks so comfy!

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