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Socktoberfest Record Set
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  1. gray la gran

    NOT BORING! i actually achieved more this socktoberfest than last year. i just kicked back and knitted …. (forget the SAFF sweater !).
    and, at some point, i will post my silk garden lite socks (your fault!). i’m still on socken #2, not quite to the heel turn yet.
    i think i do practice “socktoberfest” year round though … i just can’t (ever) stop knitting socks!

  2. April

    I loved Socktoberfest, as usual, however you do it I’ll always participate. I totally set a record this year. I completed FOUR pairs of socks this month and started another pair. (barely) But I totally took the month off of EVERYTHING else and just knit to my little heart’s content. It was loverly LOVERLY loverly =)

  3. Dorothy

    Those are some pretty socks for Socktoberfest.

    Too bad about the Aran, I hope it works better for you next time.

  4. Mimi

    I just thought I should tell you I didn’t wear socks at all this month. So there…it was a good month for me.

    And of course I didn’t make any. I am not that good.


  5. Michelle

    Soctoberfest is fun! Though I only finished one sock this time, but I did start it’s mate right away!

  6. Sarah

    I love Socktoberfest, and laid back is what I needed this year. I think I foudn the right pattern for some funky sock yarn that has had trouble becoming socks. I learned a new short-row heel construction–the y-heel. Well, I am in the middle of turning the heel, so we will see how well I learned it. I did not get too much done for Socktoberfest this year, but that is how it needed to be.

  7. Kelli

    I loved it. I knit two pairs, I believe and had a grand time exploring some new techniques. I usually finish two pairs a month though, and I didin’t knit socks exclusively, so no new record for me. lol

    I did like the laid back attitude this time, it was much easier for me to think about and stick with the theme.

  8. Lindsey

    I made my first purchase of Socks That Rock this Soctoberfest, which is about all I did. I managed to finish the cuff of one Pomatomous sock, but most of my knitting energy was focused on a cardigan.

  9. Wanett

    I love a laid back do-a-long =) my life has enough pressure. I set a record for myself during my socktoberfest. I finished my first sock, ever! I also conquered my (irrational) fear of following charts. I’m pretty impressed with myself and I am finally making good on the offer to knit socks for my husband. He’s pretty happy too. He wore the one sock around the house for hours. It looked a bit funny but it made me feel really good.

  10. scout

    Doing the heel flap on a sock right now. Gotta go! BYE! :)

  11. Jennifer

    Great socks, Lolly! I didn’t get around to blogging about some of my older socks like I thought I would, but I am very proud that I was able to complete one sock in just over a week! I also started that sock’s mate, and I’m working on the first sock toe-up pair of knee socks (my first toe-up socks, althought I did end up picking out the toe and working it the other way). I’m going to blame Ravelry for distracting me from socks…that site is addicting! And it doesn’t help that I’ve been thinking a lot about NaKniSweMo! ;)

  12. hpny knits

    it motivated me to try my first toe up and to knit with the new KF Regia yarn! loved it! I guess I like laid-back no pressure knitting…

  13. Birgit

    socktoberfest totally motivated me! I knit one pair of socks, one pair of mid-calf stockings and one knee-high stocking (casting on fo the seceond one as soon as the pc is shut down). I would have finished the second pair too had I not run into a noro-sale and HAD TO run all over town to find matching skeins and HAD TO knit the entire body of the sweater in two days. Talk about head start for the NaKniSweMo! So I am using the last day of Socktober to work on my stockings (I need them in one week so I better hurry and leave that Silk Garden in a bottom drawer or I won’t resist its call “knit me, knit me…”) I am very pleased with how this month turned out, so much focussing on one type of project really pays off! Can’t wait till next year!

  14. which_chick

    I made significant progress on my project socks (the HoHI) and expect to have them done in the first week or so of November, certainly in time for the opera (Nov. 18). I would have liked to have had them done for Socktoberfest, but that’s not going to happen because I still have most of the feet to knit and I’m just not that fast a knitter.

    On the plus side, I got a whole lot done and I feel pretty good about the process and I *love* the socks, which fit perfectly so far. I am more confident about my stranded colorwork skills and my problem-solving abilities in off-road, no-pattern knitting. I also got (unintentionally) a lot better at fixing mistakes with a crochet hook and/or ripping back.

    So, yeah, it was a good Socktoberfest and I had a good time even though I’ll be a little late leaving the party — gotta finish my socks first. :)

  15. Meg

    This was my first knit-a-long type thing ever, and I had a really good time. I finished two pairs of socks – one very disappointing and the other completely beautiful. I didn’t try anything particularly new. I had delusions of trying my first toe-up socks, but the rest of my life was too stressful and I didn’t need any more. Thanks for the fun event!

  16. Ruth

    Laid back was exactly what I could handle at the moment. I managed to finish the socks I started back in August before the baby was born, which was the goal I’d set for myself. It’s all good!

  17. Sarah

    I finished 3 + two 1/2 pairs this month. While I’m usually pretty fast with socks, I was a little more prolific than usual in part because I had a week at home recovering from surgery. Not being able to do much but sit or lie around can do a lot for your knitting!

    I did miss some of the Socktoberfest “festivities” this year, but it was a crazy month for me, and I had a feeling if there had been more stuff going on I would have missed it.

  18. emmms

    I am impressed! I managed two pairs and a toe… Next year, there’s always next year!

  19. Sarah

    I loved Socktoberfest :) I finished a tricky pair of socks, knit a whole simple pair and have started my first toe ups using the magic loop technique. It’s really encouraged me onwards with the trickier stuff and is lovely to see even more knitted socks appearing everywhere.

  20. Diana

    I watched last year’s Socktoberfest from the sidelines, wishing I was participating with my own blog (I started my blog right afterwards). I really enjoyed the interviews and tutorials you posted. This year, I had high hopes, but I started out the month with a terrible cold, and that pretty much messed me up completely. I was also crazy busy, which will change after this week. I did not knit a single sock this month, SHOCKING! I wasn’t really inspired. I don’t know that last year’s round had pressure or anything, I just liked the things you posted on your blog, more so.

  21. Dana

    Last year I started a pair of socks and didn’t finish…. those poor guys are still in the UFO pile. After a year of learning more and finishing my own pair of socks this summer, I was much better prepared and actually excited to participate in Socktoberfest this year. While I am no super-sonic speed sock knitter like so many of you out there… I may have one finished pair of monkey socks by this evening!

    I think it’s really awesome how you have created a site (s) that encourage crafting, especially great for our generation. I haven’t found many people my age that appreciate handcrafts and it is nice to have an online community to share ideas, stories, and encouragement.

    As for Socktoberfest, I think you did a great job hosting again this year. My only suggestion in subsequent years would be that if you want it to grow, perhaps enlist the help of some friends- that way it will still be fun for you and not a burden.

  22. margene

    Socktober is just a fun way to acknowledge that we love knitting socks! I just love saying “Socktober” and join just to make sure I DO get one pair knit that month. Keep it simple;-)

  23. AmyDe

    I loved the laid back approach this year. It felt more like a personal challenge than a competition for me. Lately – less pressure (not that YOU put any on me – it’s a game I play with myself) is MUCH better. Thanks for taking it easy – I hope it was more enjoyable for you!

  24. Teri

    I finished two pair and started the third. Since one is an orange and brown pair I will wear them tonight to hand out treats. This was fun, my first Socktoberfest, helped keep me focused. Thanks for the great idea. Now…. to knit for the holidays.

  25. Nonnahs

    Yay, congrats! I FINALLY finished my Stripey Tweedy Knee Highs, which I started during LAST YEAR’S Soctoberfest! Whew! Better late than never, right?

  26. Tammy

    I knitted about 1 and 1/3 socks. It was my first go at the famous Monkey socks and for some reason, though the pattern is not complicated, I had to keep ripping back on the first sock. I was going to try to complete the second sock by tonight, but my wrist is bothering me, and I decided it really isn’t worth it! I will most likely get it done in the next few days though.

    My goal for this month was to make two pairs of socks, but obviously that didn’t happen, but I’m ok with it.

    Thanks for hosting this, no matter which way, laid back or posts and contests galore. :)

  27. Grace

    I totally enjoyed having socktoberfest as an inspiration as the weather turned and as a motivation to not neglect my second sock! I only worked on 1 pair this month, but I’m new to socks and this was first toe-up & short row heel pair so I feel that my progress has been great. I worked really hard last night to get past my second sock heel and now it is smooth sailing to the cuff. I’ll be finished by this friday!

  28. tiennie

    I knitted 5 pairs of socks – more than I thought I would. I did like the laidback Socktoberfest. I like it the other way too! No pressure.

  29. Jenna

    Even though we knit socks year round, I love the idea of a month dedicated to it. The name, the increasing chill in the air, it all makes for a great time to dream about warm, cozy socks. I look forward to it!

    In a poor showing, I only finished one single sock. It does, however, have a short row heel, which I hadn’t done in, like, 3 years. It was fun to have encouragement to try a new technique.

  30. Lin

    I actually finished my socks this year! I like laid back, it suits me. (and I got 435 comments for my charity commenting so that was great, thank you for yours Lolly x)

  31. Janet

    I loved the laid-back Socktoberfest celebration. I have had such a demanding year (in my real life) and taking it easy for Socktoberfest helped me to plan my sock knitting goals and think about what I *really* want to accomplish.

    Thanks Lolly!

  32. Ashley

    This is actually killing me a little bit–I finished a pair, but I can’t blog them: they’re for my sister’s birthday on Saturday. But I had plenty of happy sock knitting time this month :)

  33. nova

    I knit a lot of baby socks.

  34. MJ

    for me this Socktoberfest was about techniques rather than finished pairs. so I am good!

    Love the Hoodie!!

  35. Nicole Seitler

    I made it to the heel of the first sock. ;)

    But I’ve been doing all sorts of other things lately. I’ve kind of neglected my knitting…

  36. Bec

    So…what do you think of the bright green socks after all? I still don’t think they’re too loud. Hope you’ll enjoy wearing them!

  37. Bec

    Oops…just read more carefully. Bright green SOCK. :)

  38. Stacie

    I didn’t finish my pair, for my mom. I am almost there now, if I would just get up and walk away from Raverly for long enough to get some knitting done! I chose Embossed Leaves, which wasn’t hard, but the pattern is challenging, I have to pay attention!

  39. stacey

    Bad timing for Soctoberfest this year…….but, I have the Soctober spirit all year round!

  40. Wanda

    My Socktoberfest was not nearly as proficient with the sock knitting as yours, but I was happy to finish up a pair of socs and a sample sock for my LYS. I also cast on for a new pair of Monkeys, so I guess not so bad, now that I’ve reflected on it.

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