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Autumnal Awareness
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  1. Jenny

    Oh, those little seeds just made me homesick! It’s funny what little things bring back memories of when you were a kid. Just FYI, we call them “hitch-hikers” in Virginia. :)

  2. Kirsten

    Bravo little seeds! I love the adaptations tenatious plants make for survival. There are seeds that require stratification by burning in order for them to germinate, some that need to be soaked in water for a period of time, seeds that travel inside birds to be “deposited” and form colonies in new areas, and my favorites those that travel on the wind with their fluffy little feathers in the autumn breezes.

  3. Suzanne

    As Always, Great pictures!!!

  4. carrie m

    so lovely!

  5. tina

    Fabulous===== as always! Hey, I just returned from outside Williamsburg!

  6. tiennie

    Great photos! Hope you’re having a fun time!

  7. Mai

    I wish to be like those seeds, sometime… “Latch on and see where it takes you”… Yesterday, I was sitting by the window and knitting, with all the doors opened to get the cool breeze of the fall, I noticed how peaceful it was when I could only hear the birds chirping in my backyard. Some of the trees in the woods started to bloom a few weeks back, trying to catch their 2nd chance before the cold winter. There was nothing I wanted more than just sitting there for a long time… :)

  8. KeanaLee

    Great pictures, it looks so peaceful there.

  9. connie

    Beautiful pictures, Lolly! And I continue to be amazed at your dedication to your blog – a pre-planned post. That’s going above and beyond. Hope you’re enjoying your work thing in Williamsburg.

  10. Macoco

    Very pretty although I do hate those thorny seeds. Just when you think you have them all – you find more. I think I have those same boots – I love Keens.

  11. Nonnahs

    What gorgeous photos! Keep ‘em coming- we don’t see much of this around these parts. ;)

  12. stacey

    oh my gosh! you must have spent hours picking them off of everything and everyone!!!!

  13. Mandy

    We have similar thorny seeds in our yard, and my husband and five-year-old son always pretend that they got shot by miniature arrows from the warriors. Your fall photos are beautiful!

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