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Little Bits of History
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  1. Brenda

    Wonderful photos and post, Lolly!

  2. Amy Artisan

    What a fun walk through history. We did a family vacation to Williamsburg at Thanksgiving in ’95 – I’d love to go back.

  3. --Deb


  4. rebecca

    Sounds like a perfect time in Williamsburg. Loved the photo of you outside the historic buildings, on the historic street. I’ve been to Williamsburg, but didn’t get to go see the historic part. Instead, my other friends (this was 18 years ago at least) wanted to go to the water park because the entry fee to Williamsburg was too steep. Sigh. Someday I’ll return. And, loved the way you wrote about your visit. Very travelogue! wish i’d been there for the halloween tour!

  5. ann

    what a great trip! I was in williamsburg this time last year and found it positively delightful in the fall. isn’t it great to have history so close sometimes?!

  6. Katinka

    I lived near Williamsburg for a few years when my husband was in the military — it’s a lovely area. My favorite place to visit was Yorktown — it’s small and quaint, with fewer tourists and some great seafood (crab soup, mmmmm….).

  7. Moni

    How interesting! I am fascinated with early American history and Jamestown. Thanks for sharing your adventure!

  8. Hillary

    Great pictures. It really is amazing how we take the history that surrounds us here in DC for granted. I’ve never been to Williamsburg either but it’s on my list

  9. Jenna Pink Monkey

    It looks like it was a wonderful weekend! I do actually miss all of the historical landmarks out there – the city is so young here. Conversely, it is a great place to learn about Native American history, which is often covered over there with the all of the “big” history.

    What about your yarn tourism?

  10. Catrin

    It’s fun to go on a ghost tour. I did go on a ghost tour in Stockholm, in the Södermalm area during the easter and it was lot of fun. Your photos is so nice and I always look forward to see your photos from your trips.

  11. Caroline

    I have family in Williamsburg and used to go there all the time as a kid, but I haven’t been there in a couple years. The last time was Christmas (I think it was 2005) and it happened to be snowing! It didn’t last for long, but we walked around Colonial Williamsburg and it was really pretty.

    I haven’t been to Jamestown in probably a decade at least, and I’d forgotten how much I liked it until I saw your pictures!

  12. eyeleen

    Looks like you had great fun. Beautiful photos!

  13. Macoco

    I love ghost tours and creepy things in general. I think I’m a little morbid that way. That house does seem creepy. It looks sooooo long. Liquid souvenirs are always fun!

  14. Kessa

    Thanks for sharing your great trip! Beautiful photos!

  15. Monet

    I’m so glad that you enjoyed your trip to Williamsburg. It’s where I have called home for the last 5 years and I love it there.

    I actually worked part-time at the Williamsburg Winery waiting tables at the Gabriel Archer Tavern just across the ‘street’ (unpaved roadway cutting thru the middle of things) from where you had your picture taken. It’s a wonderful winery and I love all of the wines that they bottle – I have a rather nice collection of them at home as well.

    Seeing your pictures made me think that I really need to go out and do the whole sightseeing thing more often…although, I did have a friend in over the summer and we went on the Ghost Tour and I really enjoyed that. As a Local, it was something that I had never done.

  16. margene

    The last time I was in Williamsburg was 1968. Thanks for bringing it back to me.

  17. Sarah

    What a great trip. I feel like I was there….I adore all things historical – in my opinion those are the best trips.

    Thank you!

  18. ames

    Aw, homesick! I was born near there (went to the 1976 Celebration at Williamsburg, although I was much too young to remember any of it) and spent some time after college in the area. It’s awesome. If you can, try to get down during Christmas season and check out some of the plantation houses and Colonial Williamsburg – they’re beautiful, with traditional fruit wreaths on the doors and everything.

  19. Carrie

    I was just in Williamsburg a few months ago for our anniversary. Did you make it to Knitting Sisters there in town? It’s a really cute little yarn shop and completely on the way ;) .

  20. margaux

    wow that’s beautiful – what a great day you had! um, and where there’s wine… there’s me with red stained teeth! ;-)

  21. Gretchen

    Lovely! I would love to see Williamsburg in the fall or winter. I went 10 years ago in the heat of summer, and can’t wait to take my kids someday! My degree is in History, specialized in Colonial American History, so that whole trip was such a wonderful cap to my studies. Thanks for sharing!

  22. Sarah G

    I’m from Williamsburg, but now live in New Mexico, so it was great to see some pictures of home! Aren’t the leaves & architecture great? Whenever I go there I just feel so relaxed. I’m glad you had a good time!

  23. Mome-rath

    I do the same thing! I was just a few credits shy of an Art History concentration when I got my BFA, and historical research is totally ingrained in everything I do. Every time I start a new piece for my portfolio, I do a huge amount of research first. I really think you can tell when a piece of art, or knitting, or weaving, or whatever, has a lot of historical knowledge behind its creation. Now that I’m applying to grad school for textiles, I know I’m going to put a huge amount of time into historical study!

  24. Marlena

    It’s funny to me that I never cared for history, all the way from elementary to high school, but fell in love with it in college. I am very interested in going to DC and Virginia and seeing all of the American historical landmarks there. Someday….

  25. The Purloined Letter

    Wow! We were in Richmond for a southern history conference this past week–and went to Jamestown and Williamsburg while we were near by. David and Son almost went on a Williamsburg ghost tour on Halloween–but we were running a bit too late for them to get there on time. Sorry we didn’t see y’all there!

    Beautiful pictures.

  26. Dorothy

    It looks like a beautiful and interesting excursion. Especially the winery.

  27. Tasha

    I love Williamsburg. I’ve only been a couple of times which is a shame since it’s so close. One of my college friends works there. I think I should go just to take pics of his work outfit. :)

  28. Lola LB

    I haven’t been to Williamsburg since I was a kid. I’d like to go back there next year, if we can afford it. There’s a manor nearby which was bought over, brick by brick, from England and reassembled. I can’t remember the name, but I’d like to visit it someday, especially since it’s unlikely that I’ll get to go to England in the near future.

  29. Kathy

    Thanks for taking us along with you! I know what you mean about never going to see local attractions: people from all over the country come here to go to the top of Pikes Peak. I’ve lived here 10 years and haven’t been up there yet!

  30. melissa

    we thought about going to williamsburg for our honeymoon in january, but thought it might be a little cold to do all of the outdoor stuff! maybe next spring!

    DB and I are pretty big history buffs and we actually live in a historic town (well, when we are in Jersey)! Our house was built in 1733 and I’ve seen some strange apparitions occasionally! It’s kinda scary if you’re alone at night sometimes.

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