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Fiber Culture
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  1. margene

    We should all use more discretion when buying yarn. That type of yarn is a true treasure and treasures should always come home with you.

  2. Sarah

    I agree — that red is gorgeous! I can see how you couldn’t leave it behind.

  3. Kathryn

    oooh, ahhhh! So lovely! The first store is totally cute. The second, I love the signage. It really lends an authentic feel to it, which goes well with its wares. Nice finds!

  4. Caroline in DC

    My aunt makes doll clothes for CW. I’ll have to ask her where the fabrics come from.

  5. stacey

    :) us knitters ALWAYS will find fiber and yarn wherever we go….have no fear…

    (hey – what bag do you have in the first picture? – the red one – is it felted? I love it!)

  6. lolly

    Stacey: its my woven bag from Peru. I love it and wear it all of the time. I have seen some felted patterns that are similar in shape though…

  7. Leann


  8. Lynn

    I love your souvenir! See it’s totally safe. Has nothing to do with a stash diet. ;)

  9. Jen

    I heart Norah Gaughan so much! I have a client down in Williamsburg. I might just have to stop by that yarn shop for a looksee next time I’m down there. ;)

    The funny thing about CW is that they do talk about cooking a bit – particularly b/c it practically took half the day to make a meal. I wonder if they were importing their fabrics from the UK back then. When I was in Brugge, Belgium last Spring I read somewhere about UK wool being sent to Brugge weavers to make fabric that was then shipped to the rest of Europe and to the colonies.

  10. Beth

    I was just in Williamsburg and Jamestown, too, and I was also searching out the fiber history. Fortunately, the spinning/weaving building was open when I was there. What I learned is that their fabric came from England. The textile industry was very important to England and the methods they used were trade secrets. So they didn’t need their colonies to make it for them. Eventually the colonists bred the Leicester Longwool sheep and made a coarse fabric from the wool. When I asked about knitting, I was told that people may have knit hats and things like that, but not much else.

    They sell yarn from the sheep they have there, but it wasn’t in stock. (It should be back in after Christmas if you get back down there.) It felt kind of rough, but the color sample I saw was beautiful.

    I’m glad you had good weather for your trip. It rained most of the time we were there.

  11. Grace

    I love the pictures that you take on your trips!
    I love seeing the mix of geography, nature, history and fibers!

  12. Laura

    Oh that yarn is gorgeous! And local souvenir yarn like that is always worth it.

  13. Vicki

    I clicked on the link to see the patterns in that Rowan and was blown away!! I’ve never purchased an issue of Rowan yet, as they usually only have one or mayyybe two patterns I like. THey tend to be a bit…out there for me. This issue had tons that were really classic and wearable.

  14. Heather

    LOVE that handspun, what a great little memento!

  15. Dee

    That red would have called out to me too!

    How great would it be to have those shops close by! I think I could get into serious purchasing trouble!

  16. Kessa

    Wow, I think you did great considering a yarn shop was that close to your hotel! That red is really pretty!

  17. Cirilia

    Souvenir yarn so doesn’t count!

  18. Jenna

    It certainly sounds serendipitous that you ended up at those shops, so your purchases are totally justified. You can be too rigid with yourself, or you’ll go nuts and make some huge, ridiculous purchase.

    Lovely pics, especially the one of the spinning wheel! Too bad there weren’t many exhibits on textile culture. I’m sure you would have told us about them beautifully.

  19. tiennie

    I really like it when you take us along on your travels. Pretty pictures!

  20. Jennifer

    Awww – I’m so glad they have a shop! I love visiting the old townes – but am generally disappointed if there isn’t anything dedicated to all the fibre needlework that was done. The shop sounds lovely. I’m glad they sell homespun yarn. It looks like a great destination location for educating the kiddies and entertaining the Mom. Note to self – put this on my Places to Visit list. Thanks for sharing.

  21. pamela wynne

    such a cool trip! and great photos. and that red yarn. oohhhh, that red!

  22. Anne

    I sure wish that fiber store had been in Billburg when I went to school there. I’m afraid I was somewhat jaded during my time there – you are surrounded by history 24/7 and you just get sick to death of tourists while you are trying to just go to school, but I adore Williamsburg and we used to go down several times a year when we lived on the east coast.

    What gorgeous yarn!!

  23. Rebecca

    What fun looking yarn shops! Living in the D.C. area is what actually made me change my major to History. I always thought I would work at Mt. Vernon or one of the museums in the area and then my senior year of college my Dad transferred to Denver. Changed those plans!

    I would buy that hand-spun yarn for the yarn label alone!

  24. Betty

    Oh.My.God. I’ve been out to the battlefield site annually for the last three years–with lots of time to kill–and never knew that just down the hill was a fiber shop! (I knew about the yarn shop, but I never have the time to swing by.) Next year I am so going there. Thank you for the info!

  25. Dorothy

    Both of those shops look like worthy visits although I do agree about the yarn. Well worth a yarn diet cheat.

  26. Tonya

    My family visited Busch Gardens, Williamsburg back in July for some roller coaster adventures and on the day we arrived we walked through that little shipping center where the Knitting Sisters shop is located. I was caught totally off guard. Normally I do my research to see if there is going to be any yarn stores, events, etc. in any area that we travel to so I can drop in. I peaked in the window and oh so badly wanted to go in. But determined to not make this all about me…… and keep this a family vacation I didn’t go in. I did tell hubby that since we live in Maryland just seconds away from the Virginia state line that a return trip is in order. I didn’t see the Colonial Fiber Arts shop. I will have to add that to my list of must do’s.

  27. katie m.

    what great yarn! the color … so nice.

  28. Martha H

    First, good to see you and Eunny last night. I wish Friday the 13th for every month; or at best, an excuse to make one up, like last night. Hannah and David were in Wms’brg last week, too, but didn’t make it to Knitting Sisters. For me, I discovered it about 4 years ago, when there were very few LYSs in the US that compared to it. It remains a gem that I find a way to get there 1-2 times a year.

  29. fbz

    When I first read through your post I was just about sure you meant you had to bring home that Kromski wheel, but I love the yarn you chose as well! I have a brand new Kromski (Minstrel) and he is only a few days old. It’s lovely to see other spinners like them!

  30. Suz

    Holy crap, Lolly!! We were in Williamsburg from Nov 2 – 6. We went to Knitting Sisters on Saturday the 3rd. Since our return, i’ve had a horrible gold, so i’ve blogged nothing yet. Pics are still in the camera, even.

  31. eyeleen

    Gorgeous souvenir!

  32. rebecca

    wow. i guess i’ll have to make a trip to coastal virginia soon, what with all that yarn to see and buy. the wool and hemp blend looks like a winner. and all your photos are colorful and clear and delicious to look at.

  33. Rose

    Hey! That store is only an hour from me! Isn’t it great? They used to be in a smaller space but expanded a year or two ago. They are so friendly, I should go there more often! Thanks for sharing

  34. Cathy

    Just as an FYI–Colonial Fiber Arts also has a web site. http://www.colonialfiberarts.com and while a lot of the stuff you can buy in the shop isn’t on the website, you might be able to call/email the owner and see what you can work out. :) My favorite shop! Just over the bridge, so I don’t have to hit a lot of the traffic in that area.

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