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  1. Lyndsey-Jane

    Love the way you’ve captured the different blues. Had to comment as you’ve quoted John Ruskin, I have no idea what he did, or heard/read anything he did but I do know that my University is named after him (Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK). Just a piece of useless trivia for you

  2. jodi

    You make me want to knit something blue, when I’ve deliberately put aside my lovely new blue yarns from SAFF, not allowing myself to touch them until certain deadlines are met. You’re not making it easy for me, hon.

    I think it’s funny that, in the “blue around the globe” section of the page you linked to, every entry is about a spiritual or symbolic link with blue except for the United States, where the interesting thing they choose to mention is that USPS boxes are blue. I suppose you could say something about mailboxes making a physical connection with people far away (going back to that “communication with others” thing they mention earlier), but maybe yoiu’d only say that if you’ve been trained in art school to find meaning in anything. Heh. Anyway. Beautiful knits, as usual. I’m excited to see you get to the fair isle section.

  3. Heather

    I am a recent convert to the joys of blue, thanks for that link!

  4. Nicole

    My all-time favourite colour. Lovely blue knits!

  5. Bee

    Love (blue) photos of your WIP. It is looking wonderful so far. That link at the bottom about blue was really cool too. So far, almost everything on my needles are blue too. That lure is irresistable.

  6. jess

    I LOVE that color for your Aftur — it looks gorgeous! And I’m really looking forward to seeing both it and the street smart hoodie completed! Yum, blue! :)

  7. Jenna Pink Monkey

    Funny, I’m in a bit of a blue phase myself lately. It’s funny how different colors can surface for us at different times, probably depending on our moods. Knitting with indigo-dyed yarn really produces a beautiful blue, doesn’t it?

    You didn’t mention one of my favorite Joni Mitchell songs, aptly titled “Blue.” I used it as a basis for showing off my clapotis way back when: http://pinkmonkeyknits.blogspot.com/2006/04/blue.html

  8. Alice

    Those blue cables are gorgeous!

  9. del

    Oh my, that blue is heavenly! The cables are just beautiful.

  10. Marlyn

    Oh, I love the shoes!!

  11. whitney

    I loves all these photos of blues! I’ve always been a big lover of blue, and your knits (as always) are so gorgeous. Can’t wait to see the colorwork section of Aftur!

  12. caitlyn

    Such lovely cables and beautiful bobbles!

  13. Kara

    Those blues do inspire poetry! So beautiful.

  14. Zarah

    Your sweater looks gorgeous! (And I love those socks – just a little peek of happiness!)

  15. tiennie

    Beautiful blues! My favorite color and knitted up so prettily!

  16. Debi

    Beautiful blues, beautiful knitting!

    I’m not that drawn to blue but when I use it, I’m very happy! Weird, right?

  17. Jennifer

    Blue baby blue. I love the colors, shoes, cables, yarn… Thanks for the tip on the store bought socks. I was really trying to figure out the handknit part to them. Hehehe.

  18. kae

    The blues are looking beautiful!

  19. courtney

    lovely cables, sleeves and shoes….
    keep up the beautiful knitting!

  20. Marlena

    I love the color blue. It makes me feel so calm and happy. I also LOVE your blue shoes! So cute!

  21. Specs

    I love blue! And I love your new shoes, too.

  22. eyeleen

    Beautiful cables, beautiful blue!

  23. aquaknits

    Your pictures are stunning, as always. Store bought or not, those socks AND those shoes are too great! Hope you get off Aftur sleeve island soon (I’m dying to see your colors come together for the fair isle part)!

  24. Mom

    Love that blue! Love the cables, too! You’ll really enjoy your new hoodie. XXOO

  25. stacey

    one of my favorite hues! :)

  26. Kristin

    I have those same (store bought) socks that you are wearing. I love cute socks!

    Those blue cables are gorgeous!

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