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  1. Rilana

    I knitted Berroco’s Andoa Sweater last winter for my husband. (http://www.berroco.com/exclusives/andoa/andoa.html) He loved the finished sweater. :)

  2. suzanne

    I don’t know about the sweater–I can hardly take my eyes off the MODEL. He is….um….my favorite Rowan model by far!

  3. Heather

    Yes, ‘ribbing for his pleasure’ seems to be the most common way to spice up those mens knits. I just finished a Cobblestone last night and agree that tweed is key–Webs has some Classic Elite Skye Tweed right now for $3.49 a ball, if you’re making the smallest size, that would be around $34.00, but you sound like you’re in stash-busting mode.

  4. melissa

    i think that sweater is a great choice! i think it’s great that you enjoy knitting for him! he’s lucky!
    i’m struggling to find a pattern for my girlfriend and have been searching through men’s patterns to find one that’s just right. she’s very tall and lean and tends to wear men’s sweaters because the body and arms are the right length. i’m thinking i might just make up my own and knit it top-down so she can try it on as i knit!

  5. hpny knits

    great choice and a lovely rich brown! it will be fun to knit.

  6. margene

    I knit sweaters for Smith a few years ago. They’re so warm he doesn’t wear them often. He also doesn’t want them to wear out so he won’t wear them to work (he does a lot of lifting). He said I should keep all the knits to myself. Gloves are his knit of choice. ;-)

  7. Jenn

    My husband loves cables, so whenever I see a nice cabled Aran, I add it to my queue. I just finished (or will finish today, I need to weave in some ends) the Garter Stitch Aran Pullover by Tara Jon Manning, I think it’s my favorite thing that I’ve knit for him so far.

    I’ve been meaning to look at the new men’s pattern books, too. It’s hard enough to find a good pattern, but I also need to find patterns that go to a 54 inch chest.

  8. Liz

    No man-sweaters on the horizon for me. But I did want to mention to you that Elli of Elliphantom knits made a Beau sweater, just in case you’re interested.
    And from the sweaters I’ve seen you make for Kris, they’re all great – of course he wears them!!!

  9. whitney

    Nice choice! I’ve been planning to knit that sweater for my husband (you know, after I finish the sweater I’ve started for him already). I’ll be really curious to see how yours turns out in the Patons Merino, since that’s a yarn I know my husband really likes. Speaking of which, guess what I saw the last time I was at the craft store? Patons Merino in *tweeds*. I didn’t know such a thing existed (maybe everyone else already knows this and I have somehow missed it all along), and I hope it hangs around long enough for me to pick up a sweater’s worth for my husband!

  10. Julia in KW

    My 18 yr old son is very slim, too and he chose the Cobblestone pattern for himself (first time he has chosen a pattern). I made it with charcoal Sheldrige Farms yarn (small amount of cotton in the blend) and he just loves it – not to mention that it looks wonderful on him, if I do say so myself…easy quick knit and most important – he wears it and cares for it…makes my heart flutter to see him putting on that sweater… :)

  11. Liz K.

    Knitting for my husband can be a trial. He takes a real interest, and will request things, but he is sort of itch-averse, so no 100% wools would work. He’s also pretty big, so it takes a committment to knit for him. Then again, we’ve been married almost 10 years, so I guess that’s committment. I made him the Dylan Goes Electric sweater last year in Cascade Sierra, and he really likes it. But his favorite knits ever are socks (any) and the felted slipper clogs I made him years ago.

  12. kristin

    I like it! I hope he does too. Wish I could whip up sweaters so fast. Must find more time to knit.

  13. Cirilia

    Hi and happy belated birthday! I just purchased the new Son of Stitch and Bitch collection, I was pleasantly surprised by it. If you look past the sometimes goofy styling the patterns are always rock solid classics.

    I’ve also been eyeing the Knitting Man-ual by Kristin Spurkland. The Never Knit Your Man a Sweater (Until You Have a Ring) book has an eye-roll inducing theme but Judith Durant is an amazing pattern writer, it’s all stress-free knitting with excellent results.

    Finally, the next one up for my dude is the EZ Saddle Shoulder Hybrid. It looks so good!

  14. beth

    Happy Belated!!!!
    I just got the new Rowan Martin Storey from the library. The BF picked out a cabled cardigan – crap, I wanted to make the Argyle one! But he liked quite a few – which is unusual. I tried unsuccessfully to get him to like cobblestone but he likes a lower neckline. I think the Rowan/Storey book is nice – I am making him the beanie today. I like the trend to more men’s patterns!

  15. Phoe

    I just showed Beau to Mr F who is very skinny but also very particular and he likes it, which is surprising. I quite like knitting the Cobblestone pullover even though I had massive gauge issues. Next up in the man-queue is Avast. The deal is I’ll knit it and Mr F will sew in the zipper. Which is sort of snazzy, really, because he can’t knit and I hate sewing with a passion. :)

  16. Mintyfresh

    I’m still not finished (that is, I haven’t seamed up) with the Cambridge Cardigan (a men’s cardigan) for myself. Didn’t you knit that for Kris? Or something like it–I made mine in green and am looking for an orange zipper, just like you used. I love the pattern you posted here as Kris’s next sweater! Will you finish in time for Xmas, bday, anniversary?

  17. lucy

    I just casted on a Cobblestone for my husband with Jo Sharp Silkroad Tweed Aran and I hope it will be done in time for the holidays and his birthdays. I rarely knit him a sweater just because he’s warm bloodied and doesn’t wear them much but this year, I thought he needed a new one. You’re lucky your Chris (mine is too!) wears them a lot and the colour you chose is fantastic. You can’t go wrong with earthy colours especially for men.

    Happy knitting!

  18. Jennifer

    I recently completed a Cobblestone for my husband. He likes it a lot. I used Rowan ASC since he is dead set against wool. It looks just a nice in a non tweed yarn. I like Beau a lot, but I don’t think my particular husband would go for it. He’s rather picky.

  19. Wanett

    I was supposed to be designing, and I use that term loosely, a turtleneck vest for my hubby. Unfortunately for me at 6’3″ he is not on the small side so it may take a while =)

  20. femiknitter

    You know, what I have found works best is taking the boy out to stores, and having him show ME what sweaters he likes. They are all relatively simple, straightforward designs, so I then just use one of the basic EZ patterns and copy the design festures of the sweater he chose from the stores (we’re talking Gap, J Crew, etc. Nothing fancy, nothing designer). I’ve found this to be a simple, easy method to make him sweaters I know he will love.

  21. Sarah

    I really enjoy knitting for my husband, and for my dad, as well! I love neutral colors and simple textures, so knitting for them is always knitting I enjoy. Though I don’t have a favorite men’s pattern, I love the look of the Elizabeth Zimmerman Hybrid sweater, and I’m definitely going to knit one for Jason at some point. (I knit the sleeves…now it’s hibernating in the closet!)

  22. jess

    my DH loves his Cobblestone and has been wearing it a lot lately! However I just finished my Aftur and now he wants an Icelandic — he actually said he’d like Aftur but with a dark body and light colored yoke. He also said Fugl (same book, Adrian has two gorgeous versions) without the zip front would be nice.

    He’s very picky — no cables, only minor texture, no cardigans, no vests — and tall (6’4″) and large (52″). So Cobblestone was the first sweater and may be the last one for a while. ;)

  23. Mary-Heather

    “‘Spicing it up a little’ in men’s knits means adding some ribbing.”

    That made me laugh out loud, really and truly. :)

    I *love* Beau. It’s one of my favorite men’s sweaters (if not my very favorite), and is on my queue for a “someday” project for my guy. Can’t wait to see yours!

  24. Birgit

    I knit Avast from Knitty a while ago for my bf. Since it’s mainly stockinette and only a small cabeled band I chose a multicolored yarn (drak green, dark blue ans some natural white). I thinkt this pattern is great because its so “simple” , as most men sem to lie them :)

  25. Rebecca

    My husband is wanting a zippered vest and I haven’t found one anywhere yet! Love the Beau sweater!

  26. Victoria

    My husband has just asked for his first hand knit jumper and I am going to make him a Durrow (from Magknits). He has quite a slim frame too so I think he will wear the cables on the arms well. I am going to try and work out how to take them up to the neck band though, I think. Now to find the yarn…

  27. Hilary

    I also made Knitty’s Avast cardigan for the husband a few months ago in dark grey Cascade 220. He really likes it, though I made it too long and the cabled band at the bottom too tight :( . I personally love the high-collared style and think it looks great on most dudes.

  28. Julie

    I love the Men In Knits book and there are several sweaters in there that Jason would like. I have the “Jack’s Aran” about half finished and that’s about to move back to the front burner. I like that MIK gives advice as to which sweaters are good for what body types- that’s fantastically useful. There’s also a nice little template in it that lets you right down pertinent measurements for your guy.

    My queue is rather scary to some folks but other guy sweaters lurking in it’s depths are: Galway Guy from Spring 05 IK, Bauhaus Fair Isle Spring 07 IK, Avast from Knitty Fall 06, and Durrow from Magnits Oct 05.

  29. Elizabeth

    That sweater is HOT – it’s a great choice. I second (or third or fourth) the approbation for Cobblestone. I’m thinking of knitting it for my brother – next year! I don’t knit sweaters for my husband because he doesn’t really wear them here in TX. Sigh.

  30. Sue

    I love knitting my partner sweaters too, and have seen quite a few bloggers knitting Beau. I think it is a great pattern and will have to someday knit it too. I am currently knitting the Jethro Jacket from a Jaegar booklet and it is a really great knit. I am sure that Ravelry will have heaps of great patterns for you to find.

  31. *karen

    My boyfriend is broader than Kris and his style is more casual (whereas Kris strikes me as a classic-type guy) so I haven’t knit my boyfriend a sweater. You should see the scarf he requested, though, and you’ll see what I mean. That said, I do think the Son of Stitch’n'Bitch book holds promise, especially if you imagine the sweaters in different color combinations as the author encourages readers to do. I can’t wait to see your latest finished-for-Kris sweater.

  32. Nora

    I have the Cobblestone Pullover in my queue – for dad’s Xmas present – but Beau would come a close second. :)

  33. Tamar

    I think Beau is a great choice! I have been working on “Jack’s Aran Pullover” from the book “Men in Knits” for a while now…my husband is also slender but it still seems to me that men’s clothing of any size is just roomier (read: more to knit) than women’s. Well, that’s my excuse anyway! Not that I’m complaining because I love working on this sweater. I just don’t have much time these days (for quite a cute reason). :)

  34. Dorothy

    I really like that sweater!

    My Mr. won’t wear anything with cables, isn’t big on plain sweaters and loves Lopi’s Fair Isle patterns so I don’t think I can answer your question in a way that will be useful to you. Although, if you took one of Lopi’s basic patterns, skipped the fair isle and threw in a small cable or a basic stripe in a tweedy yarn …

  35. James

    Knitting sweaters for guys is always an issue My first choice for men’s patterns is Knitting without tears, and my second is Son of a Stitch n bitch. It’s really fantastic. I’m knitting the zipped raglan from Last minute Knitted Gifts and I think it will be one of my favorite sweaters. Your husband is a lucky man to get handknit sweaters with that kind of regularity.

  36. Jenna Pink Monkey

    I love that Beau sweater and the O man actually likes it, too. Maybe someday. For now, I did get the yarn for a Cobblestone for him and will perhaps start it sometime soon. I know he’s anxious for it, it’s very cute.

    I looked through Son of SnB at the store the other night and it looked good! The boy liked a few things in there and I liked a few, too. There are many great scarf patterns. Really, you can’t beat getting 45 patterns for $16, so I think that alone makes it worth owning.

  37. hege

    I got the new Martin Storey/Sharon Brant book. It’s excellent, and my husband approves! :)

  38. hege

    Ooops! I mean of course Martin Storey and Wendy Baker, Knitting For Him.

  39. LisaB

    That is a great sweater, I have considered making it for my husband as well!

  40. stacey

    you are lucky Kris is slender framed! forest requested a sweater, but at a hefty 6’2″, I’d need an army of yarn! Plus, he really doesn’t like wool….I’ve been thinking and will eventually do something when I get the motivation up! I love Beau – a great simple guy sweater with a twist!

  41. Sarah

    I have yet to make anything for my DH – he runs very warm (short sleeves in winter) and I think my feelings would get hurt if he didn’t wear it. That said, we did buy the yarn to make him a Lopi pattern (he picked out pattern and yarn) when we were in Iceland, so maybe I’ll have to suck it up. :)
    Two of my favorite Japanese pattern books are for men’s sweaters, although I was looking at them for me, and with the sizing provided I think they’re probably more for the very slender American male (would work well for Kris, though!). ISBN# 427713324X and 4529034402 if you’re interested!

  42. courtney

    I have a sweater on the needles for my husband now. It’s been on the needles for over two years, as it’s miles and miles of stockinette. I have set a goal to finish it by this Christmas though, and I am hoping to start another for him after that, I’m interested in the LMKG Zippered Cardigan that you made Kris and the awesome Cambridge Jacket from IK Summer 2006. He’s hard to choose patterns for though, as he is an attorney and wears umm…..well, stuffy clothes. :)
    I love that you are knitting Beau, I am sure Kris will love it. It seems to suit him and looks like it will be a very fun mens pattern. I love the ribbing comment, so true, so true. I work with a guy named Kel (PersonalZEN on Ravelry) and he just got Son of SnB and says there are good men’s patterns in it. I’m supposed to look over it today, so I’ll let you know if it’s worth a buy. :)

  43. Laura

    Haha! Yes, my hubby thinks “spicing” up his wardrobe means adding grey to the black. He does not like cables, so ornamentation has to come in the form of a chest stripe or placket. He is very much a raglan, henley guy so I may make him a sweater using a recipe like Sweater Workshop or EZ.

  44. jennie

    I have always loved that sweater pattern (Beau) and have even considered knitting it for myself (with mods, of course). So lucky to have a man who actually *requests* it!

  45. Nonnahs

    I love guys in sweaters, and there are so many cool sweater patterns out there. Unfortunately (or fortunately?) B doesn’t wear them, so I haven’t had the opportunity to knit a man’s sweater yet. I guess I should be thankful, huh? ;)

  46. The Purloined Letter

    Beau will look perfect on your beau. And yes–the Knitting Man(uel) is excellent, if that is the book you are thinking about!

  47. Ruth

    Your husband lets you knit ribbing into a sweater?!? And in a color other than black, blue or grey? Color me impressed. My husband wants navy blue stockinette … anything else is “too much”.

    Which explains why he doesn’t have a sweater yet.

  48. Marlena

    I loved making Cobblestone (I used a heathered yarn), and my boyfriend adores it. The best part is, it fits him! (I had two failed attempts.)

    So Cobblestone is one of my faves, but I also really like the basket weave half-zip pullover from Interweave… the issue and name escape me, but it’s pictured in green.

    I’m lucky like you and have a slim guy to knit for, so I don’t mind making something boring all too much.

  49. Nicole

    Of course I love Cobblestone, having done one myself, but Beau: hubba hubba!

    The new Martin Storey/Wendy Baker book “Knitting for him” is my current fave. I’ve yet to knit from it but it has some lovely classic “rowany” designs. Alice Starmore also has some really lovely aran and gansey designs for men. Her boxy designs look so much better on a guy.

  50. carrie m

    cobblestone is great, but beau is a real winner. very wearable and fashionable. (am i the only one laughing about the model and this shot? i don’t know, it’s willy wonka like or something.)

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