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  1. amanda

    I made a version of Beau for my husband last year. He wears it all the time!

  2. connie

    That’s a gorgeous sweater, Lolly. Your husband is one lucky fella. Rowan does men’s sweaters best I think – classic, but with nice details and touches.

    I have the Cambridge Jacket by Ann Budd from the Spring 06 issue of IK on the needles for my husband. He’s been patiently awaiting it (and a fingerless glove mate) for close to 2 years! Life gets in the way sometimes of personal knitting :)

  3. gina B.

    I first I thought that was a picture of your husband…

  4. tiennie

    I love knitting for my hubby too. I’m always on the hunt for more great sweaters to knit for him.

  5. Kristine

    Lolly, I’m so inspired by your knitting! It’s so extraordinary and I look forward to seeing all of your new projects! Keep up the good work!

  6. theresa

    My dh will only wear v-necks so he can wear a collared shirt and tie comfortably. A worsted weight wool would prob. be too hot for him, and I’m afraid a finer weight would never get finished…..so I tend to let eddie bauer knit his sweaters for him!!

  7. Suz

    I’ve got the yarn for the Duxbury Point Pullover from Simply Shetland 4 for DH and it’s next up in the queue. Yarn is yummy, pattern gorgeous.. Can’t wait to get to it.

  8. Susan

    That’s funny, I have the same Christmas/Anniversary/Birthday lineup, but I think I can squeeze it into a week and a half. Christmas on the 25th of course, Anniversary on the 30th, and his birthday on Jan. 3.

    Someone told me I was NUTS for getting married right after Christmas. We had a party, got married at said party. No big deal, no stress and no white wedding gown.

    Anyway, I am knitting on the garter rib sweater from The Sweater Workshop. It’s a simple pattern and stress free knitting. The ribbed texture gives it interest without pulling in as much as regular ribbing would.

  9. Cristina

    I have a Beau in line, too…in blue tweed aran.

  10. amisha

    first, happy belated birthday dear lolly!! hope it was a fabulous day.
    can you believe that beau had “too much going on” for e? :) i am relying more and more on elizabeth zimmerman in my knitting for him (i knit him a sweater every year for our anniversary too!)… simple and classic!! last year was the seamless hybrid which i LOVE. and the cobblestone has been a big hit… he’s hardly taken it off since i finished it… though i agree it is lovely in a good tweedy yarn!
    there is also (and i’m being lazy now in not finding the pattern), in the first yorkshire tweed book from rowan (a yorkshire tale?)– it has a ton of patterns for the rowanspun line– a zip-up cardigan that i made for e and it is much loved.

  11. Katy

    Beau is an excellent choice–Alex wears his all. the. time. And it’s a lot faster and more fun to knit than Cobblestone, aka The Sweater That is Currently Breaking My Balls.

  12. Allegra

    i just cast on for cobblestone last night for my husband’s christmas present. my first real sweater project! i also love the manly maze from no sheep for you and someday plan to make him dotty from rowan (fall 2006, i think)

  13. Wanda

    I don’t have any specific favorite men’s patterns. My M is pretty particular. I made the Oxford sweater for him last year and he really loves it. Although M is somewhat slim in nature, he has broad shoulders and likes his sweaters a bit oversized, to the tune of 45-47″ and has a long torso. His sweater did not go quickly. i really liked the Cobblestone sweater, but he didn’t love it. There will be more sweaters in future, because he’s such a sweater lover. I enjoyed your post, because it gave me some more ideas for him.

  14. Trang Nguyen

    I am very love your knitting, and I also want to do something sweet like you for my boyfriend. However, he is quite fat (especially in abdomen’s region) , would you mind give me some advices what style or colours of sweater is suit for him…
    Thank for advance…

    You are talented at hand-art

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