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A Thoughtful Gift
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A Thoughtful Gift

This blog means a lot to me. While it started out as a place for me to just show off hand knits and talk about school, it has quickly become a big part of my life – primarily because of the connections I share with the community. That is why I was so happy to receive this small and thoughtful gift from Kris…

Bloggy Cards!

He made blog “business”cards for me!

The picture was one of the candidates for the new layout. It is a pretty little yarn cake of Noro Sakura.

Do you tell other people about your blog (if you have one)?


…and on another note…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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  1. lynn

    I just love the gift of cards. This will make meeting new people so much easier for you to share your blog site. I have a blog site too, and no I do not share it with many people. I never have time to finish a project. and another I just do not write very well. I enjoy your blog almost everyday and at work the girls know… I love Lolly!

  2. brooke

    So thoughtful! My family and friends know about my blog, but I know they don’t read often – sometimes (although not this time of year) I have to remind them, hey check out what I made! Hope you and Kris have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  3. Kristin

    They’re brilliant. I might have to ask my boy to make me some, he’s very good at designing stuff. He made the wee avatar that I use on my blog and at ravelry, and also sock wrap things (to be seen on the psychedelic socks on ravelry).

    How do you plan to use them?

  4. Sarah

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too; love the cards.

    Am just getting brave about telling real life people about the blog – they like it but they’re not knitters so I think they find some of the posts a leetle bit dull. After all I started the blog because I didn’t have real life people to talk about knitting too.

  5. Dorothy

    That is an awesome gift. What an amazing husband you have.

    I haven’t told many people about my blog. Only those who knit and would get it.

  6. courtney

    What a great idea and a thoughtful gift! The cards look great, and I love that photo.
    I tell lots of people about my blog, but a business card is a good idea, as I’m sure they never remember the address! :)
    Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.

  7. Alice

    Those are great cards, what a thoughtful hubby you have! Grace and I have been meaning to get some printed up eventually. I need something to get me to open up to people about my blog; I’m still really shy about telling people about it!

    Happy Thanksgiving (a day late ;) !

  8. Marilyn Terrell

    I love them! So classy! Great idea and stylishly done. That Chris is a keeper.

  9. Katy

    Neato! That’s a thoughtful gift indeed.
    I don’t really tell people about my blog. I sent out an email to friends when I started it, but I was pretty lackadaisical in those days and I think they’ve all forgotten. I do wish more people from my life were reading, and I’m tempted to send a reminder…but it seems sort of craven. Plus, at Thanksgiving dinner I discovered that my father-in-law reads it–careful what you wish for!!

  10. tiennie

    How sweet of Kris!

  11. Patricia

    Love the new banner and the cards. Your question is timely. My friends don’t read my blog. How sad. I rely on the kindness of strangers. I have a set of Moo cards.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  12. Sonia

    I just started my knit blog on November 7th under the cover of darkness. In the past couple of days I have started telling my knitting friends about it. I imagine it’s only a matter of time before I lose all inhibition and start screaming about from the steps of my LYS!

    Check it out:

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