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Feeling Icelandic
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  1. lucy


  2. Leslie

    beautiful…but I bet you did some knitting in your sleep too

  3. Sandra


  4. Barb

    Wow what a beautiful sweater. I love the colors on you and it fits great.

  5. Zoe

    That is really amazing!

  6. Sarah

    Lauren, that is just lovely! It looks so nice on you. Congrats!!

  7. Knit-Eat-Sleep

    I love it! Great colors for you! :)

  8. disentangled

    Very beautiful! I think the colors and the knitting came out wonderfully! I have a feeling you will wear that sweater a lot! Congrats!

  9. Kathryn

    It’s almost as lovely as you are! The colours suit you so well, congratulations.

  10. amanda

    Oh, Lolly, it’s beautiful. I’ve never tried colorwork, but this sure makes me want to. Wear it proudly!!

  11. LeAnne

    Beautiful! You’ve gotten me motivated to start my Icelandic pullover.

  12. Eileen

    Beautiful and inspiring!

  13. Amy

    It’s just beautiful!

  14. Macoco

    Your sweater is so beautiful. Amazing job on your first colorwork garment!

  15. Marisol

    Nice play of colors! Your sweater came out beautiful!

  16. rebecca

    i love it when the sky is the same color as this new sweater. how lovely you and this Icelandic feat are!

  17. Cara

    wow wow wow! gorgeous—these colours are so amazing on you!

  18. erica

    Wow, your sweater is beautiful! How inspiring!

  19. KnitPastis

    You look so GREAT in your new sweater! Beautiful colors!!
    Yes, it does look great up against the barn!

  20. stacey

    that’s it. I have to have one of those. I love love love it! the colors you picked came together so well!!! the pink adds a great touch….

  21. Elizabeth

    Well, I’m late to the party on this one… but I need to add my praise to everyone else’s. BEAUTIFUL sweater! I just love the colors – especially that lovely deep teal. Great job.

  22. Nicole

    Fantastic! Congrats on your first stranded garment. It’s addictive!

    That blue against that orange, ah!

  23. Hannah

    Excellent Job! Great job picking the colors and the color work… ohh, ahh… lovely. thanks for sharing!

  24. tiennie

    This is gorgeous on you! Fantastic job!

  25. yaiAnn

    Where have I been? I didn’t even realize you were knitting this. Looks great!

  26. Zarah

    I looooove it! The colors are fantastic together.

  27. claudine

    My goodness, it’s so beautiful, Lolly! Love it, love it, love it. Such stunning combination of colours. And the icelandic motif is gorgeous. Happily Ever Aftur! :)

  28. Jessica

    It came out great! Lovely choice of colors. :)

  29. lomester

    Lolly, this is absolutely marvelous! it looks perfect on you, and as always, you are a great model!

  30. Kara

    oh, how lovely. I LOVE the colors.

    You are such a clever girl…fair isle is so HOT right now.

  31. beth

    That smile says it all! Your sweater came out FANTASTIC!!!!

    Great Job Lolly!

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  33. Elaine

    Wow – so beautiful and also professional! The colors are awesome together!

  34. Nonnahs

    O!M!G! This is stunning! Gorgeous! *gah* Congrats!

  35. Laura

    Wow, it’s gorgeous! I haven’t ventured into knitting sweaters yet, and prefer to wear cardigans, but I love these stranded-yoke sweaters. You’ve done a fantastic and inspiring job!

  36. lekkercraft

    Beautiful in both colors and the knitting. I love how the color design can dress up a simple shape. It really looks great!

  37. jillian

    Holy moly! So beautiful and a perfect fit! I love how it uses different yarns and yet it all came together exactly right.

  38. Jenny

    So beautiful! You have a great eye for color and it fits really well!

  39. Ashley

    Oh I am SO late to comment on this, but I couldn’t let it pass without saying that it looks FANTASTIC. I adore the blue color–must look into indigo–and the yoke is just gorgeous. Beautiful!

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  41. Katarina

    Lolly, I just love this jumper! It’s so beautiful, the colours are just wonderful and you look so fabuluos in it!

    Very well done and congrats on such a lovely project!

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    [...] knit, I love the IK’s Equinox Yoke Pullover and Aftur (especially after seeing Lolly’s completed version), however I think that fair isle pattern is out of my league, so I think I will opt for Neiman, now [...]

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