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Noro-vember: Cutting it Close
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  1. Martha H

    I’m starting a little hat tonight in Silk Garden. Who knows? Possibly I’ll finish it by midnight tomorrow and be a NoroVember member, too! The cowl looks really cute.

  2. Stella

    I love quick projects, and Noro seems like such a good way to add a little interest to something simple. Mimi does look great in that cowl!

    My go to projects have generally been hats, but lately mitts and mittens seem more useful, quicker, and more versatile…

  3. Mary the Digital Knitter

    I stopped buying big bunches of yarn when I realized that my inner knitter has a really short attention span. Now I buy a scarf or shawl worth of yarn, not the bags of yarn that a sweater takes. This makes stash busting a lot easier. I think the Yarn Harlot’s one-pattern-row scarf is going to be my scarf stash buster.

    For those bags of yarn I used to buy, I going to knit ripple afghans (I just got that 200 ripple-stitch afghans book) with the fuzzy warm yarn, but I don’t know what I’m going to do with the DK mercerized cotton stuff. I’m hoping one of your commenters will help me out, too.

  4. Julia

    Oh, it’s cute! It looks really good and cozy as well on her. I’m cutting Norovember close too…my plan is to finish seaming and edging my Lizard Ridge Afghan. I got a good chunk done this evening but I hope to finish it all tomorrow! Phew. I’m afraid I’m a boring hats, scarves, and mittens girl when it comes to stash busting, but I like the occasional creative project like a felted bag, grocery tote, cat bed, or christmas ornament for stashbusting too.

  5. Laura

    Scarves are definitely my stashbusting standby. But just last night I started a cowl for my MIL because I needed a fast gift.

  6. mrspao

    Your Norovember cowl is beautiful!

    I quite like Kirsti’s Fidge (http://blog.designedlykristi.com/?p=547) and am trying to figure out how to make one as it looks like a perfect one skein project.

  7. Mom

    Mimi now has a lovely way to keep her neck warm for winter. What a sweet sister she has! XXOO

  8. Kathy

    Cute! I rather like the Silk Mountain and hope I have time to start a pair of mittens trimmed in it before the end of the year. Apparently I won’t get to it for Norovember. :(

  9. LisaB

    Nice! I recently made a cowl and like it a lot. It is a nice alternative to a scarf – doesn’t bulk up under a coat too much.

    I don’t do enough stashbusting – but hats and scarves are a great way to get rid of those smaller balls.

  10. stacey

    very pretty – and super functional! I need to do more hats and mitts – I have tons of single skeins!

  11. Heather

    Great question! My stash busting project: mittens!

  12. thebrownsheep

    at first glance, i thought that was you :) the cowl is a great stashbusting idea!

  13. Macoco

    The cowl is beautiful. I might try to some stashbusting for my bus trip this afternoon. This looks like a good project for that. The cowl looks great on your sister, very nice picture of her.

  14. Zarah

    I’m all about the hats when it comes to stashbusting. Plus, my husband shaves his head so I always have a happy recipient!

  15. Jenna Pink Monkey

    Pretty yarn and the finished project looks lovely on Mimi. I hope she gets some good use out of it!

    I don’t really have a go-to stashbusting project because I there are so many patterns that I’m interested in knitting! I just love finding something in the stash that I know can fit a lovely design.

  16. Susan

    Hats! Hatshatshatshatshats. Lots of hats. Cabled hats, pom pomed hats, mosaic hats, new hats old hats ribbed hats bold hats warm hats cold hats.

    Hats hats hats. Just calle ms Seussinok… heh.

    And the odd scarf or worsted weight sock.

  17. Debby

    I prefer scarves too for the hand-dyed skeins I’m drawn to. That way, you can use up all the yarn in a ball — keep going until you’re done. :)

  18. tiennie

    What a nice gift for your sister!

  19. Beatriz

    Actually, I just found a “go-to” pattern for stashbusting WW and DK yarn…the 3AM Cable Hat. I love knitting hats for the LYS ongoing charity collection, and it has enough cables to keep it interesting. So it’s my new go-to pattern.

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