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A Cover Up
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  1. mai

    i would’ve chosen #2 or #5. i love the hexagons! i’m sorry, but i don’t have any suggestions on yarn!

  2. natalja

    I think Avanti by Zitron would be a nice choice … it looks like Trekking XXL (and I know you LOVE Trekking :) ) and is a 100% superwash wool … or maybe this ombré or dégradé yarn by Schoppel-Wolle … they’re all DK weights, but I guess you could knit with two strands … Zauberwolle by the same manufacturer could also work (it has a VERY long pattern repeat and very subtle color changes).

  3. natalja

    Oh and how about Jojoland Rhythm?

  4. Zarah

    I think there is a Berroco yarn called Jasper that would be really pretty in those hexagons. I’m not sure if the gauge is right, though.

  5. ann

    I agree – I love the hexagons! It’s such a different look for a blanket.
    What do you think about malabrigo or manos? You could get some of the colorways that are more variegated. You could also have a lot of fun with the color palette.

    Another option would be Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted, if you like those colors, or Socks that Rock Heavyweight. Oooh, now that would be nice. (I think I’m enabling myself here…)

  6. amy

    i love komb both for it’s aesthetics and because the hexagons themselves seem like great portable mini projects.

    dare i suggest koigu? i would also suggest lorna’s shepherd worsted, but i’m a little biased as my best friend works for them and i knit with their yarns a lot. but hey, that would make it machine washable! =]

  7. stacey

    I love the Komb pattern (along with the diagonal stripe one in the middle of the top row) – as far as yarn – the only other one I can think of that would give that speckled effect may be Koigu or Pigonroof Studios……what about semi solid Manos? It wouldn’t be “speckled” but it would be crazy soft!

  8. Kirsten

    The hexagons make Komb such a compelling project. I don’t see how you can resist! I’m sure you’ll get so caught up in making the hexagons that it will fly off the needles.

    Sorry, I can’t think of a marled yarn that has that kind of color range. What about double stranding two shades DK yarn that comes in a good range of colors?

  9. Brandy

    I am going to go purely on timeline. I like both blankets but I think the hexagons would require a lot of seaming. (Even though I’m not sure how they are constructed) If they do require alot of seaming, you may not have time to finish the knitting AND the seaming. The feather and fan one you could probably just knit on until the last minute and then just weave in the ends (if you don’t do that as you go).

  10. Sarah

    I love the hexagons – looks like fun! I’m going to suggest one of the Diakeito yarns, like this one: http://www.knit-purl.com/Products/Product.php?Product_ID=232

    It works a more subtle version of the Noro color changes because it’s marled throughout – kind of like a worsted-weight Trekking. And the colors are more subtle. I think it would make an awesome blanket (although not a super cheap one – you might want to do just some hexagons in the fancy stuff and sub in a recycled or otherwise inexpensive yarn elsewhere?).

  11. caro

    Have you seen the new Cascade 220 Paints? They might give you the marbled colour effect you’re looking for. The palettes are all quite muted and yummy looking.

  12. melissa

    i was thinking the cascade 220 quatro might give a similarly marbled effect. both afghans are lovely, but i do think the komb one would be truly amazing!

  13. LEO

    Oh I really like the komb blanket! I was thinking Noro as well – maybe you could just swatch up a komb (I have no clue how that blanket gets put together…) and see how the striping works out? Personally, I think a mohair blanket sounds like it would look really great, but would be awfully sheddy.

  14. Victoria

    I think the Komb blanket is the way to go. It looks a bit more structured and could go anywhere, over the sofa, on a bed or round your shoulders. Feather and Fan would be less sturdy.
    Have you seen NipperKnit’s blanket? It, too, is made from hexagonds and is looking beautiful.

  15. Hillary

    I’m not sure which yarns to use but I love that Komb pattern.

  16. kat

    I have to say that I prefer the feather and fan. It would be so pretty in a combination of yarns. For the hexagon blanket and marled yarns have you seen Classic Elite Inca Marl? 100% alpaca….oh I just reread your post and you asked for “marbled” not marled yarns.

  17. brooke

    I like the feather and fan throw. It’s a classic pattern and the flow of colors could be really pretty-especially if knit in wool. (Terhi’s gorgeous feather and fan comfort shawl comes to mind.) I was recently looking at Frog Tree Yarns – I haven’t knit with it, but the colors, price and source (produced by a non-profit cooperative in Bolivia) are intriguing.

  18. Jo Ann

    lol. I’ve always liked the Celtic yarn, but not the pattern. Sorry!

  19. Katie

    I’d recommend Kauni for Komb – http://www.kauni.com/?id=a&id2=e. It’s not machine washable but it’s so pretty;)

  20. jillian

    Since it seems your friend is afraid of neither color nor texture, perhaps a Colinette afghan kit? All the different yarns would keep it interesting!

  21. kelp!

    You should definitely knit Komb! Knowing Ms. Gaughan, there likely won’t be any seaming – each hexagon is probably started by picking up stitches from previously knit ones (at least, that’s how the Basalt Tank is constructed).

    For yarns, have you seen Reynolds Odyessy? It’s a beautiful, merino marled yarn, but unfortunately it isn’t cheap. Also, Knitpicks Shamrock also has sort of the same look as Keltic, and it’s all wool. The 220 Quattro that Melissa suggested is also a great idea, but the effect would be much more subtle. Brown Sheep Serendipity Tweed is another subtle choice, and it’s a cotton/wool blend.

    Can you maybe tell that I love marled yarns?

  22. tiennie

    OMGosh they are all so nice. I’m refraining from voting – I just want to see what you decide!

  23. Linda Ostroff

    Wow! We have just the yarn for you!
    Berroco’s Jasper is ideal and we have it for 15% Off and $1.99 Shipping!

    Here’s a link to Berroco’s site where they feature Jasper in a hexagon shape!


  24. tj

    I have to agree with Brandy – holiday vacation has less knitting time than we usually anticipate, and seaming up all those hexagon will take a while (though maybe you could crochet them together for speed. I don’t know if you crochet and I don’t but I know it’s faster.)

  25. Erin

    I LOVE that Komb pattern. Please, please, please do that one. Don’t have any suggestions on yarn though.

  26. nova

    Actually Lolly, I think a lot would depend on the personality and style of your friend. Of the ones you have represented here, I like the center top and the bottom left (love the color blocks!). I am knitting with Malabrigo right now, and every time I knit with it I think, “man, I would love a blanket with this stuff.” But that would be one pricey blanket!

  27. courtney

    the hexagons will look great in the jojoland. sorry i was late to the party, and came with no suggestions, but it looks like you were well taken care of.
    you are a good friend to be making her an afghan! :)

  28. Sue

    The hexagons look great and I am sure you will find the right yarn. I cant wait to see your progress and see how it all comes together. Sorry cant help you with any sub yarns though, but I am sure you will find the perfect one.

  29. tina

    I love them both! I think it depends on the person and the decor of the room where the afghan will live! The feather and fan looks (to me anyway) more traditional and the Komb (which I adore) looks edgier.

    I think Noro in the Komb would definitely be less controlled color, but then again after my mitered square sweater I’m not sure I’m a huge Noro fan.

    I can’t wait to see what you decide!!!

  30. Sonia

    Komb is absolutely the one I was drawn to when I first saw the photos. It’s quite unusual and beautiful. Your friend is very lucky!

  31. Miss Scarlett

    Oh – the Komb would be fantastic!

    I really like those colours too….

  32. Ühltje

    I like them both a lot. The colours are superb on both of them. Forced to choose, I would go for the hexagonal one but only because it is a tad bit more unusual.

  33. Kathryn

    looks like everyone like Kobom – I agree. Not sure about Noro either, I think you need something more subtle. Anything heathery at Brown Sheep? I’ve not had the pleasure of using it myself, being broke and in Canada, but they seem to have some lovely stuff!

  34. Ericka

    Hi Lolly, I have “Komb” on my to-do list too. I am thinking of making mine in Di.Ve “Autunno”. http://yarn.com/webs/0/0/0/0-1001-1294-1323/0/0/3385/ It has long color changes like the Berocco “Keltic”, but it is 100% merino, and the gauge is pretty similar.

  35. Piikkari

    OH!! I just LOVE it when you say “smörgåsbord”!!

  36. Sharon

    Hi–Just commenting on Ericka’s comment. I made a turtleneck sweater with the Autunno yarn, and I have not been at all happy with the result. It is pilling beyond belief…even felting in some places, and I just completed the sweater about a month ago. I also think the manufacturer’s recommended guage is too loose–I should have knit it on #9′s, or even #8′s. I thought maybe the manufacturer recommends a looser guage because the yarn “blooms” a lot in the wash…but that didn’t happen when I washed it. It’s a bummer, because I *really* enjoyed knitting with the yarn–it feels like butter on the needles–but I’m not sure I would buy this yarn again. Not unless I figured out a way to make more satisfying garments out of it…

    Which I’m trying…I had a couple of extra skeins when I finished the sweater (I always buy extra), so I knit a hat with it on #8 needles–I just completed that the other day, and washed it last night, so we’ll see how it works out.

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