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(Nearly) A Year in the Making

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  1. Kristyn

    Great job! The blue of the yarn really brings out your eyes.

  2. Stella

    It’s gorgeous, Lolly, and so are the pictures!! Do you use an off-camera flash?

  3. Heather

    Maybe the best color EVER on you!! What a fetching milk maid you make…

  4. cici

    really great color for you.

  5. Elinor

    Beautiful! I love the cardi, and that color, and yum. Lovely.

  6. Teyani

    what a fabulous sweater.
    It looks great on you!!!

  7. Zarah

    It looks great! Congrats on finally finishing it.

  8. Knittin' with the Boys

    I love it! Beautiful color and it looks great on you! :)

  9. schrodinger

    Oh my! It’s a fabulous sweater on you – you look so happy in it, and rightly so. Congrats on finishing in time for lots of winter wearing :)

  10. virginnylee

    That is beautiful! Looks great! Makes your eyes pop! Love it! Love it! Love it!

  11. Nora

    Beautiful work, Lolly – and I adore your photos.

  12. rachel i

    wow, that sweater color really makes your eyes look gorgeous! lovely work!

  13. Lynn

    So totally worth the year! It’s lovely and matches your eyes so well..which I’m sure was taken into consideration on color.!
    I think you should try to get a zipper, they make sweaters so easy to get on/off..etc.

    The photos are great! Your smile on the last one says it all. :)

  14. tiennie

    Lolly – so worth the wait! Lovely lovely lovely on you! Fantastic job!

  15. Sue

    Gorgeous. Love the pattern and yours look great in blue.

  16. Jenna Pink Monkey

    Wow! You can finish a whole sweater in the time it takes me to seam one. I hope you really feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment with this – not only because the cables and fit look so great, but because you accomplished your long term knitting goal! Cheers to that!

    I think this could look cool with toggles and button loops, if you wanted to go that route…

  17. Barb

    Wow really beautiful. The color really looks nice on you. Hope you find your zipper!

  18. tina

    Congrats on the finish! It’s a wonderful sweater, and the color is fabulous with your eyes!

    WILD APPLAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Karma

    Well done, Miss Lolly! You couldn’t have chosen a better yarn/color for this pattern. The color suits you and your lovely eyes so well. Enjoy!

  20. Kristin

    Gorgeous Lolly! As usual, it looks great on you!

  21. Stephanie

    The color is stunning on you, especially with the eyes! I personally love the hood….you said it made you look like a 16th Century milk maid???? Throw in a pearl earring & you could be Vermeers’ next model! Lovely!

  22. Allegra

    Congratulations Lolly for finishing such a great sweater! The color is fab on you!

  23. Lin

    Beautiful Lolly! Gorgeous colour.

  24. Debi

    It looks wonderful on you and the knitting is lovely! Well done!

    PS – Please put in a zipper, it would be a shame to have such a classic and beautiful sweater looks “unfinished”…if you don’t want to do it, a taylor/dressmaker will!

  25. del

    Oh, it looks amazing on you! That color really flatters you. Great job!

  26. Ingrid

    Yay! It looks amazing! Great colour for you too.

  27. Meg

    So pretty! I have a thing for hoods, and I’m not afraid to wear them, which has caused my family to nickname me “monk girl.” Hey, they keep my head warm!

  28. stacey

    that came out great!!!! my hood is big too, but at least it’s functional (unlike a lot of other hoodie hoods I’ve seen!)

  29. Cara

    Terrific sweater! And the color is just PERFECT for you!

  30. Chris

    You and Hoodie are absolutely adorable together!!

  31. heather

    Wow! Gorgeous!
    I am so happy that you finished it and the blue is perfect for your eyes!

    Worth the wait??

    Happy Holidays to you and your Hoodie!

  32. Kris

    Oh my heavens! That is so pretty. It is just beautiful.

  33. Erin

    What a wonderful hoodie! It turned out fabulous and it looks great on you!

  34. maryse

    ok that’s the second reference to chromosomes that i’ve read about in a knitting blog today! my bio exam can’t come soon enough!

    anyway, that color is just gorgeous and the sweater is lovely — even if it’s covered in chromosomes.

  35. Cara

    gorgeous–really brings out those baby blues!

  36. windloop

    Wow!!, the hoodie is really gorgeous…love the colour. It look perfect on you.

  37. Hillary

    That came out so wonderfully. The color looks great on you. Wear it well!

  38. thebrownsheep

    beautiful, beautiful cardigan, and your hair looks adorable :) i’d vote for putting in the zipper, but it does look cute either way. was kris the photographer? whoever it was, they did a great job with the lighting.

  39. Helen

    Just stalking you here from Ravelry! That is a really fabulous FO. I am mightily impressed. And the close-up photos of your face are really good – nice catchlights!

  40. Pat

    I’m looking at the pattern booklet right now – yours is SO much prettier! The blue is perfect and looks gorgeous on you!

  41. Mimi

    I LOVE IT!! I would wear that all the time, and so lovely with your baby blues.
    Can you believe I will see you this week?!!! I am excited!

    Love you

  42. chrystie

    I vote for putting in a zipper. I made the same pattern about two years ago, and it is my most worn handknit. That zipper makes it a great layering sweater, and has gone to many cold locales with me. The hood on mine is gigantic as well, but I never wear it up.
    Congrats on a lovely new sweater!

  43. Emily

    That color was made for you! Well worth the wait – it looks great!

  44. Marlena

    I love it! The shot of you right before you lament the size of the hood is fabulous. That’s really your color!

  45. scoutj

    It’s so great!!!

  46. Sway Knits

    Delurking to say that your hoodie is beautiful and the color suits you so well!

  47. Marie

    it’s fabulous!

  48. AJ

    Gorgeous! And the blue in the sweater makes your eyes really stand out!

  49. Robin

    Beautiful sweater, Lolly! The blue really brings out your eyes. I hope you have a fabulous holiday season!

  50. Spritely Stephanie

    Lolly that sweater is absolutely stunning – it’s gorgeous and you look fabulous in it! Congratulations! I’m actually knitting away on the Central Park Hoodie right now, and I made modifications to the hood – I think I ripped the thing back 3 or 4 times and I still think I might have knit it too big…we’ll see. hope you had a great trip to the Library in your hoodie! Happy holidays to you :)

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