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  1. Ingrid

    I’m glad you saw the article! I was so excited when I saw it (quite by accident – we were in a hotel and someone had left the article face up on the table after they had finished their breakfast) that I made my husband sit down and read it right then.

  2. Miss Scarlett

    Thanks for the link to the article, that’s really awesome. Knitting fanatics eh? ;-)

    Can’t wait to see how your friend’s sweater turns out.

    Is there going to be another Project Spectrum?

  3. Christine

    Cool!! I’ll have to go get the copy from the libray to read the full article. Yes will ther be Project Spectrum 3?

  4. Rosie

    That Selbu book looks great! I’ve seen pictures of lots of Kathleen Taylors finished mittens in bold colors, and they are beautiful. I can’t wait to see what kind of color combos you come up with. :)

  5. Marilyn Terrell

    Lolly, you rock! I love it that Socktoberfest made it into the illustrious pages of the WSJ. I offer you a virtual high five.

  6. melissa

    i am knitting the raven mittens from that very book right now! enjoy all the fun patterns. :)

  7. Carole

    I had heard about the article but hadn’t seen it yet so thank you for posting it. I did have to laugh about how sock yarn is “inexpensive,” though. I’d hardly call it that!
    Glad you got the Selbuvotter book. Can’t wait to see which pattern you choose!

  8. Anne

    Is that book not amazing? I think I could happily knit every since one of the patterns in it. I love all the historical information at the beginning too.

  9. Jenna Pink Monkey

    Thank you again for being a lovely hostess and friend. Our time was short but so nice! Your gifts are lovely, and I’m glad that I could give you something that you will hopefully enjoy and get a lot out of.

    I finally picked up the new IK and the instructions there for calculating the sleeve cap are much clearer than those in the VK bible. So, I will measure and calculate, rip and knit once more and hopefully have some success!

  10. KnitPastis

    That’s too cool! Thanks for the link!

  11. Catrin

    Happy Holidays!

  12. stacey

    Vibes being sent her way! Sleeve caps can be quite an adventure!

    That book is amazing – I got it as soon as it came out. I have yet to make anything from it, but just oogling over the patterns is entertaining!

  13. M Ward

    Hey! Google Reader suggested I read your blog and I’m glad it did. Great stuff! And beautiful pictures, wow. I saw that article, too, and was so happy knitting is getting a good name in a fun way.

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