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Hexagon Eve
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Hexagon Eve

…I started the Komb afghan, and I can barely put it down…

Hexagons - Komb Afghan

Hexagons - Komb Afghan

Hexagons - Komb Afghan


Hexagons - Komb Afghan

Hexagons - Komb Afghan

Hexagons - Komb Afghan

Seven of the SIXTY hexagons complete!

Pattern: Berroco’s Komb Afghan (Keltic book)

Yarn: Jojoland Rhythm (100% wool)

Hexagons - Komb Afghan

My color choices were a “shot in the dark”. I knew that Becca wanted green and blue tones, but she mentioned accent colors too. I wanted a neutral border yarn, and I chose the M01 (khaki with light blue) as an experiment. For the main color, I am using M20, which has some rich green tones with some yellows and reds. While I still have much more to knit, I feel pretty confident about the yarn choice. The quality of yarn is good – this Jojoland is beautiful!

In between holiday celebrations and meals, I will be making a few more hexagons, and (hopefully) working on Kris’s anniversary pullover. I managed to fit in two small knit gifts too, which I am hoping to get a modeled photo of over the holiday…

Enjoy your holidays!!


PS–Please give your opinions and suggestions for the next Project Spectrum incarnation over at Ravelry and Flickr. We will be starting a new cycle in February 2008!



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24 Responses

  1. stacey

    beautiful! that yarn is amazing. the light blue with the beige is a great accent.

  2. Alice

    Gorgeous! I love the colors you chose for it :) Good luck with your knitting during this crazy holiday season!

  3. amy

    i had a feeling making all the hexagons would be fun! those color choices look really lovely and warm together.

  4. lekkercraft

    Oooo this is looking so pretty. i can’t wait to see it all done!

  5. lucy

    I can see why you can’t put them down! They are gorgeous and the yarn shows the hexagons so well.
    Have wonderful Holidays too, Lolly!

  6. whitney

    Pretty! Those colors really blend together so nicely. Good luck knitting all 60 (!) of them, and I hope you have wonderful holiday celebrations!

  7. Janet

    Lolly, the Komb is gorgeous – and nicely engrossing for Christmas eve knitting!

    Happy Holidays to you and Kris!

  8. Sarah

    Those colours are great!

  9. debbie

    i love the colors you’ve chosen and i envy your happy knitting! i hope you’ll be posting progress shots – this is one i want to follow….

  10. Ginnie

    Oooh… beautiful colors! I can’t wait to see the end result. Have a wonderful holiday!

  11. Kirsten

    So beautiful!! Merry Christmas Lolly!!

  12. Jenna

    Dude, you’re such a speed demon, you’re TOTALLY going to have that done in time for the wedding…or at least the end of January. I’m sure that those hexagons are like potato chips. It’s looking gorgeous, I hope B loves it!

    Project Spectrum Cycle 3 – sounds like America’s Next Top Model ;)

    O and I send our best wishes for a happy holiday to you and the K man!

  13. Suz

    Oh Weee! That’s looking totally cool!

  14. Rosie

    I love the subtle variegation of the Jojoland Rhythm yarn. The colors you chose are very versatile too! I can’t wait to see it finished!

  15. msloloknitter3


    i am loving this afghan. The colors are stunning. Where did you purchase the yarn and pattern? Happy Holidays!!!

  16. amy

    Wow nice yarn choice.

    I looked at the pattern and it says the hexagons are knitted on straight needles, is that right? I can’t figure out how you could do that.

  17. Felicia

    Merry Christmas :)

  18. del

    I am in awe of those hexagons. They’re really gorgeous. Can’t wait to see that afghan all done.

  19. brendac4u

    Good job with your yarn choice! I think this is inspirational, and would love to try this sometime. Hope you are having happy holidays!

  20. Risa

    It’s beautiful!! Great colors

  21. Moni

    That is stunning! I am loving the colors you chose!

  22. Kyle

    OK your post just made me buy the pattern – I have to make this blanket (someday!)


  23. Beth

    The afghan looks simply gorgeous!

  24. Péitseoga

    Oh wow, I absolutely love it! i’ve been dreaming about a honeycomb blanket for ages! i thought i would probably crochet it but this looks better! and the variegated and marbled yarn is a brilliant idea, it makes it much more elegant than using plain colours! How many hours did the 9 hexagons take you? How are they sewn together?

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