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Family Holiday
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Family Holiday

The Calorimetries for my nieces were a last minute addition to the Christmas gift pool. Perhaps it was a quickie stashbusting solution or perhaps it was Auntie Lolly’s subversive way of countering all of the rampant consumerism and making a simple hand knit piece… or a little of both. Either way, the little headbands were a success!

Calorimetry x2

Calorimetry x2
M and K’s Calorimetry Headbands

Pattern: Calorimetry, Knitty Winter 2006
Yarn: K’s is Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky (ivory) held together with a leftover Opal self-striping sock yarn scrap /M’s is Dale of Norway Free Style (eggplant) held together with a mohair glitter novelty thread leftover
Needles: Size US 6 needles

I modified the headbands to fit their smaller heads by following the notes from NuttyIrishmanKnits. I cast on only 80 stitches instead of the 120 called for, and only completed half of the short row repeats – I think I only did 7. I sewed small mother-of-pearl buttons on the back, and they fit both girls very comfortably. M even wore hers all day! (K is sometimes a little too rambunctious… can you tell by that silly smile?) K’s front tooth was barely hanging on… we thought we may be able to get her to sing “All I Want For Christmas is My Two Front Teeth”, but it held on throughout the day.

It was a wonderful holiday with both of our families ~ with my family, it was the first time for all of us to celebrate together in many years – with the addition of my brother-in-law who is recently back from his year-long military deployment. It was the first Christmas to spend with him, and it was so special because of it.

My Family ~ All Together for Christmas~


~I do hope that your holiday was meaningful as well~


PS – Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband/life partner/best friend/photographer/”sounding board”, Kristopher~

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24 Responses

  1. Kara

    Oh it looks like you had a wonderful holiday. And I think those calimentories are a hit! So cute.

  2. Carole

    Your nieces look adorable in their new handbands. You have a beautiful family, Lolly.

  3. stacey

    awwww – what a wonderful day!!!!!!!!

  4. Miss Scarlett

    I was looking at that crooked little tooth! Their headbands look great on them – they are so cute.

    Beautiful family protrait. Glad you had such a nice day to share with your whole family.

  5. Karma

    Look at those little cuties! Adorable. Their new headbands make them look like little snow bunnies. Your family photo is beautiful… happy birthday to Kris and happy new year to all of you!

  6. mai

    that’s so great that you were able to be together for the holidays. and happy birthday to kris!

  7. Dee

    What a beautiful family picture!

    Happy birthday, Kris!

  8. Kent

    Photos filled with smiles and love!

    Thanks for sharing them :)

    Happy Holidays!


  9. tina

    What a nice looking family portrait! Sounds like your holidays were really lovely! And my sig.oth. also has a Christmas birthday!

    LOVE the headbands—- the anti-consumerism something from the heart and hands, absolutely!!!!

    Thanks for sharing part of your day!

  10. Anne

    Great gifts – maybe that’ll be my project for the 2 nieces for next year’s holiday gifting. Not that I’m opposed to giving books, but a little headband bling is awful nice too at that age. :)

    Merry Xmas to you and yours – how wonderful to have your BIL home.

  11. margaux

    what two beautiful girls!! and i love the fam portrait, too! Good lookin’ fam ;-) Merry Christmas Lolly, it’s been such a wonderful and inspiring pleasure to know you!!

    Happy Birthday, Kristopher, too!!!!!!

  12. Rosie

    What a great gift idea for the youngsters! I might have to steal that one from ya next year. ;)

  13. Sue

    Your nieces are both so beautiful. I love their headbands too. Perhaps I will try and make one for my daughter too. I love the family portrait too, how lovely you all look together.

  14. Elemmaciltur

    Happy Holidays to you and your family and a special Happy Birthday to Kris!

  15. Heather

    Those Caliometries are fantastic! Glad your whole crew was together for the holiday.

  16. Macoco

    It sounds/look like you had a really great holiday. Happy birthday to Kris!

  17. Kessa

    Your nieces look great in their Calorimetries! That is a great family photo; glad you had a nice holiday! Oh, and Happy Birthday to Kris!

  18. Nonnahs

    your nieces are far too adorable! I’m glad you had such a wonderful Christmas with your family. And, happy b-day to Kris!

  19. Moni

    aww! Merry Christmas, Lolly! looks like you had a good one. And good for you for being subversive!

    Happy Birthday to Kris, too!

  20. Rebecca

    Merry Christmas, Lolly! I love your family pictures!

  21. Leslie

    beautiful photos…..off to knit myself a calorimetry!!!

  22. tiennie

    Happy birthday Kris! Cute cute girls and great family pic!

  23. Julie

    I still have one last niece gift to knit and calorimetry is exactly what I needed reminding of as it will be perfect. I’ll make note of your modifications and probably do something inbetween that and the full size as my niece is 11ish and probably has a bit bigger head. Nice photos! I was pretty under the weather xmas day so mine were taken by hubby and they are pretty wobbly but definitely better than no pictures at all. :) Hope you had a lovely holiday!

  24. Lisa C.

    What a lovely family you have!

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