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A 2007 Retrospective
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  1. lucy

    WOW! Lolly, am quite impressed how much beautiful, wearable and stylish knitting you have done this year. I can visualize your knitting to be even more remarkable next year! You are such an inspiration!

    Thanks for the mention, it’s such an honour. I hope you’ll have a prosperous 2008!

  2. Mouse

    I hope you had a wonderful holiday & I’m wishing you & your hubby a great 2008! I can’t believe you read 400 blogs.. lol. I thought MY blogroll was monsterious! I’m hoping to try 2 stranded colorwork this year because both my hubby and son want the “We call them pirates” hat… *sigh*

  3. Leslie

    Great retrospective! Thanks for another year of entertaining reading. I always get a little thrill of excitement when I see a new entry on your blog. Your knitting has directly inspired some of mine. If 2008 brings you back to San Francisco, I’d love to see you again! :)

  4. tiennie

    Happy happy holidays to you!

  5. pamela wynne

    I loved reading this look back at the year, Lolly — and seeing in the photo collections just how much your knitting progressed over 12 short months!

    And, of course, I’m super honored & flattered that you included me with all those fabulously talented knitters. :) Happy New Year! xo

  6. terhi

    Lovely knitting, Lolly! I especially like your sweaters – you did great! Happy New Year to you and Kris!

    And thanks for mentioning me, I feel honored. :-)

  7. jessie

    I’m loving your sweater accomplishments this year – especially those last two! I actually wanted to thank you for the links to your favorite FOs and various other knitting blogs – I just expanded my blog reader by about 10!

  8. Elinor

    Those sweaters are so fabulous! They’re lovely. And such great colors. I love the yoke on the Aftur pullover.

  9. Mome-rath

    You are such an inspiration! 2007 has definitely been a productive knitting year for me, but seven sweaters! Wow! I’ve been kind of afraid to tackle sweaters, but your fearlessness is giving me hope! Maybe I’ll shoot for 2008 to be a sweater year—thanks so much for being a trailblazin’ knitter!

  10. ann

    Lolly – what a year! You had an awesome 2007 — so many great knits and great adventures. You continue to inspire me – bring on 2008, I say!

  11. tina

    I am just incredibly impressed—— and inspired, did I say that? Thanks for sharing your compilation of knittery, you must have sat back and thought that you were quite the Thang when you saw that lovely parade of projects!

    WILD APPLAUSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8 in ’08 eh? I am sure that you will do it!!

  12. margene

    You had a very full year!! Huzzah to you!!

  13. Moni

    I love your retrspective mosaic! I think I will do that, too, for my blog. What a neat way to see all off the things you’ve done over the year.

    Thanks for keeping up your wonderful blog, Lolly! I’ll keep reading ya in 2008 :)

  14. Carolyn

    Lolly, I am too impressed at how you’ve covered your year with knitting projects and all. Very nice and look at all the gorgeous objects you’ve created.

  15. Karen

    Lolly, I have a question…for either of your two stranded colorwork projects did you use steeks? I just completed my first stranded colorwork project (one mitten…not a pair, mind you) and am anxious to try something like your pullover, but I don’t think I’m ready for steeks. Any thoughts?

  16. jody

    Great retrospective! You’ve had a beautiful year (SEVEN sweaters? my how a year flies by), and your post has given me some food for thought for my own 2008 plans.

    ps – thanks for the lovely mention, and right back atcha — thank *you* for some lovely inspiration as well!

  17. Kirsten

    Wow! What a lot of great knitting! I’m impressed by all of those sweaters, and those Silk Garden socks are still calling to me. I’ve got to make a pair!
    Thanks for the mention, I’m very honored, especially coming from one with such fabulous knitting and photography skills!!

  18. Sarah

    What a productive year you have had! Contragulations……..Can’t wait to see what 08 brings….

  19. cici

    What a great and awesome year of FO’s… on to 2008. happy new year

  20. Jackie

    I love your easy street pullover. It’s not a sweater I’ve seen a lot of while surfing the net, but it looks really good on you. The fit and the color are fantastic.

  21. Lyn

    You’ve had a prolific & beautifully successful knitting year!

  22. Dana

    Dear Lolly–I answered your prompts–what a fun and revealing meme. I hpe you have a wonderful 2008. I am still checking in but commenting very infrequently. Hope your other “journey” is still going well, and if you visit Seattle please do get in touch… Much affection, Dana

  23. Heather

    What an interesting meme! I also discovered Silky Wool this year and am so pleased I did.

  24. gleek

    you accomplished a lot this year! and with project spectrum and all the socks and traveling, wow, 2007 was awesome! here’s to another great year in 2008! happy new year!

  25. amisha

    what a beautiful and inspiring retrospective, lolly! you should be very proud of your lovely creations. i love this about knitting… continued growth in the medium, engagement with beauty, always something new to learn… and something gorgeous to wear at the end of the road :) thank you for your friendship and inspiration this year. hope you have a fantastic new year! xo

  26. Dorothy

    So much beautiful knitting. Like you, I also gave stranded knitting a try for the first time this year. It’s not as hard as it sounds although working the yarn with my right hand is still a bit awkward for me.

    Your sweaters are all so pretty, but my simple tastes have me liking the grey one for Kris the best. By the by, Happy Belated to the Mr.!

  27. vanessa

    Great post Lolly! Happy new year and I will look forward to more of your wonderful FO’s:)

  28. claudine

    Yep, great post, Lolly! I love just about everything you made. And 7 sweaters, wow! I didn’t get to do as much knitting as I’d like this year, but I’m hoping to make more sweaters next year. Hope you have a wonderful 2008, I’m looking forward to see more of your adventures next year! :)

  29. Claudia

    A very productive year!! My favourite, hand down, is that gorgeous Aftur pullover! I am yet to venture in colour work! Well done! :-)

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  31. Sasha

    Goodness gracious Lolly!! Seeing it all in one montage like that is very impressive! You inspire me to get cracking and knit even MORE! Red traffic light? Well, that’s enough time for a row surely!! :) Wishing you knitterly contentment, many belly laughs and general sparkle in your days of 2008 :)

  32. Mintyfresh

    Thanks sweetie! I would have a hard time answering this meme–I think this year I knit quite a few of my all-time best items. I can’t believe you knit 7 sweaters, girl! I made one tank top. Sigh. You’re an inspiration!

  33. Diane

    You always amaze me at your talents! What a great year in knitting and life you’ve had. Have a wonder and productive 2008!!

  34. Erin

    You have accomplished quite a bit this year–beautiful knits. Happy new year to you!

  35. Sarah

    So lovely to see all your great knits for 2007 together; a wonderful year of knitting it has been.

    Glad to hear you had a great Christmas and wishing you a fantastic 2008.

  36. heather

    nice retrospective! A great bevy of knitting & musings this year.

    Happy New Year!

  37. kristin

    I love 7 sweaters in ’07! They all look great. I especially love the hoodie. I am hoping to try a sweater sometime soon. Maybe it’ll happen in ’08. Maybe!

  38. Jodie

    A great wrap up! Seven sweaters! I really need to do a wrap up on my own, check knitting goals and see what I did this year.

    Can’t wait to see what’s happenin’ in ’08.

  39. stacey

    beautiful round up of the year. I love all the projects……..there is so much inspiration out there!

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