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More Sock Talk

Pattern: "Gentleman's Plain Winter Socks" from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush Yarn: GGH Marathon (discontinued) Source: Received in a trade with Debi Needles: Size 2 DPNs, Clover Takumi (bamboo) Click to enlarge The pattern was easy, and great to [...]

Colorful Prospects

Is there any chance of a winter on the East Coast this year? The temperatures outside don't suggest that a snowstorm or cold spell is anywhere near… I am still holding out for a massive blizzard snow storm in February, [...]

Someday Projects

My first knitting class was a two-week session at a local chain craft store. It was November 2003, and I was working as a manager at a bookstore. It was hectic, fast-paced, and required long hours with very little compensation. [...]

Ode to Socks: They Always Fit

***  The beauty of socks: they always fit.  While your tummy and thighs may fluctuate in size, Your feet remain the same.  *** Yeah, there are a few exceptions, but usually, socks fit.  You make them, and as long as you [...]

Living Happily

The first time we talked was on a school bus. We had first seen each other earlier in the day in U.S. History class. My first day at my new high school after moving to Maryland – the school counselor [...]