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Yesterday : Today : Tomorrow
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Yesterday : Today : Tomorrow

This is truly a lovely weekend. Both for the pure aesthetics of the wintry landscape as well as the events that we are celebrating over the three days.

: Yesterday :

My sister accepted the proposal for marriage from her long-time boyfriend. It was an elaborate plan that he executed seamlessly! He took her to Florida under the guise of a family trip (his parents accompanied him to seal the deal) and he took her swimming with dolphins. He planned (with the staff) to have one dolphin “deliver” the message. When she finally saw the message, she squealed and readily accepted. He had arranged for the staff to set up a little gazebo where he could officially propose on bended knee.

…supposedly there was a videographer there, so I am hoping to see the actual scene myself!  [updated 1/7: Sarah sent some of the still photos - you can see them here!]

My whole family knew the plans, and according to Sarah, she was 100% surprised. I am elated. I love Andrew, and he will be a great “official” addition to the family (he has been in the family for quite some time already). They are thinking about an autumn wedding… I am pulling for October.

: Today :

It was six years ago today that Kris and I became husband and wife. It was the best decision I have ever made, and I am eternally grateful to call him my partner in life, my love, and my best friend. We learn valuable lessons from each other every day. We grow together. We encourage each other. We complement each other. I knew these when I married him then, and I am even more sure of it now.

Six Years

The path ahead – we will traverse it together.


Our photographs were integrated into our Weekend Walk, one of our New Year’s Resolutions. We plan to take quiet, meditative walks through the forest each weekend with each other. It is a good time to think about the present, plan for the future, and reminisce about our past. I will speak more about the weekend walks over the upcoming year.

: Tomorrow :

My best friend of many years will be saying “I do” tomorrow. Bec and I have shared so much since we met in that college classroom in 2000. Together we traveled across the world …spent weeks in a kibbutz and digging around in the dirt… conjugated ancient Greek and Hebrew verbs… shared secrets and future ambitions… stood on the altar together when I married Kris… talked many hours across long distances… shared holiday meals and family get-togethers… knit… played tourist in our own city… attended festivals… and tomorrow, I will be able to see her marry her loved one. I am happy to see her so happy. I am honored to be a part of the ceremony.


…Wishing you a love-filled weekend…

Please share in my joy and tell someone that you love them today.


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77 Responses

  1. theresa

    What a lovely post and beautiful photos! You sure have many wonderful people in your life!

  2. southerngirlmusings

    That is beautiful. Congratulations to you & Kris and many wishes to both of you for many more years of love, laughter & joy!

  3. sixoneseven

    sending all of you wishes for many more happy years shared with your respective loved ones (or “teammates,” as h & i like to call each other) :) happy anniversary!

  4. KeanaLee

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Congrats to your sister!

  5. Kara

    Oh Happy Happy Aniversary. I love your pics. So sweet! And congrats to your sister and friend!

  6. lucy

    How delightful that you’re celebrating your anniversary! Many best wishes for you, your sister and friend!

  7. Alice

    Gorgeous pictures! It is so evident how happy you two are together. Happy Anniversary!

  8. Miss Scarlett

    Happy Anniversary! I love both of the pictures – but the one of your clasped hands is especially beautiful.

    Congratulations to your sister and you dear friend!

  9. Jennifer

    Wowza – that was such a lovely post. Congratulations to you and Kris. Such a lovely sentiment of appreciation of each other. Sigh. Hugs.

  10. VeloCC

    Thanks for sharing. So much love is a present of God!
    What a wonderful weekend and what a good start to carry me trough the week…

  11. Rosie

    Aw, congratulations! :)

  12. Lara

    awww :) Happy Anniversary, Lolly!!! And Congrats to your sister and her finace!

  13. Janet Lucas

    Lauren thanks for sharing these SPECIAL weekend photos and stories with me. AWESOME!!!!!!!

  14. VeloCC

    Thanks for stopping by Lolly.
    Now I am really feeling better……:)

  15. Hillary

    Happy Anniversary. What a wonderful weekend. The pictures are perfect.

  16. tiennie

    Happy anniversary! Lovely lovely pics. Best wishes to your sister and friend too!

  17. Trina

    Congratulations to all. Thank you for sharing such a lovely weekend!

  18. Nonnahs

    What a beautiful post, Lolly! Congrats to your sis and Happy Anniversary! Love those pictures, and the idea of your weekend walks. Enjoy it all!

  19. Tressa in NC

    Oh, what a lovely post with pictures. First, Congratulations to you and Kris on your 6th wedding anniversary — many many more happy years to you! Second, congratulations to Sarah and Andrew. Gosh, she REALLY did look surprised and he REALLY did look relieved! What a wonderful way to propose – and if the proposal is this exciting, can’t wait to read about the wedding! Happy New Year 2008 to all! Tressa

  20. Moni

    omg. That is the most romantic proposal I have ever heard. I saw the pictures and I got a little choked up. how sweet!

    Congratulations, Lolly, on your anniversary! What a fantastic weekend.

  21. stacey

    awwww. how beautiful! the walks are such a wonderful idea. in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, you really do need quiet time to re-connect with each other!

  22. Stacey

    Such a wonderful post. I love reading your blog :)

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  24. Nicole


  25. Valerie

    Your blogs are a joy to read. You write so well!

    Congratulations to all those saying I Do!

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