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It’s Elemental: Project Spectrum THREE
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It’s Elemental: Project Spectrum THREE

...Project Spectrum Elements...

The classical elements. The forms and states of matter.

The elements provide endless amounts of inspiration and creativity from the natural world.


These elements provided a philosophy and an understanding for early civilizations, combined with the final element, one to describe non-matter and what was beyond this world: the IDEA.

The ancient model of the four physical elements with the spark of a creative idea was my own inspiration for the third year of Project Spectrum. Much like the previous Project Spectrum incarnations [year one and year two], PS Elements has a list of associated colors and month.

FEBRUARY / MARCH – FIRE- orange, red, pink

APRIL / MAY – EARTH – green, brown, metallics

JUNE / JULY – AIR – gray, white, yellow

AUGUST / SEPTEMBER – WATER – blue, black, purple

Something so unique that there is not anything exactly like it in the world… not even one. Creating with your own hands – using your precious time to make something beautiful, something thought-provoking, or something simply spontaneous…

Creating memories. Creating stitches. Creating something that only existed on paper or in your mind before it came into your capable hands. Creating something completely new and beautiful from an item that someone else discarded and considered useless.

What can be more rewarding than that?

Colors inspire. Colors elicit deep emotions and memories. Colors symbolize life events and the changing of the seasons. We surround ourselves with color – in our homes, in our gardens, and even on our dinner plate.The idea of Project Spectrum is simply a celebration of the colors around us, and taking the time to notice them. Participants can dye, crochet, weave, decoupage, spin, build, stitch, knit, paint, scrapbook, construct, sew, quilt, cook, grow, collage, photograph, bake, or bead items in that color group (of course all arts and crafts that I missed are totally welcome as well!)

You can choose to make one thing out of the designated color(s) in the two-month span – or twenty things! This is a no-pressure project. You can simply make a photo essay – you carry around your camera with you and post pictures of the color objects you see throughout your daily travels.

Projects can be big or small – it is not a race, it is just about sharing your creative work to inspire others and express your spirit!

Taking that final element – the IDEA – and letting your mind and spirit explore. Expressing yourself creatively – making something beautiful, and creating something unique. Thinking outside of the box – perhaps taking up a new hobby or a long neglected one, or finally dabbling in design.

It is about texture and depth, making an item that is tangible and real. With the elemental theme, texture plays a large part in the process: flowing waters, crisp flames, grainy earth, and smooth breezes…

Please remember that Project Spectrum is not a knit-along. It is an opportunity to join a community of crafters, artisans, and generally creative people who explore the meaning of colors and their impact. Some of the participants in the Project Spectrum Flickr group have suggested working with mediums related to the elements, like working with clay and pottery, or cooking for the FIRE element, or planning an herb garden for EARTH. These ideas excite me, and I hope they excite you too.

There are many ideas and several projects in the works – including a card swap, book discussions, and some contests to encourage participation and true exploration of these elements. I will update with more information in the coming days. In the meantime, you can join the communities at Flickr and Ravelry to start discussing your own plans for this third year. Maybe you will be inspired by someone else – and you can inspire others as well.

The third time will truly be a charm ~ won’t you join me?

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183 Responses

  1. Elle

    Wow, I tuned in just on the perfect day! I’ve been looking for something to distract me from my grey sweater! Yippee!

  2. alyssa

    I just found this and love it. I’m in!

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  4. Donna

    I’m in…this will be my first year. I’m very excited.

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  6. laura (knittinkitties)

    i joined the ravelry group and am quite excited!!!

  7. Christiane

    Count me in. I am curious where the “elements” will lead us to:)

  8. andrea

    I’m totally in for this round of project spectrum! so excited by this ‘elements’ theme.

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  10. Jana

    The idea is great and it´s a wonderful inspiration! I´m in :-) .

    Greetings to everyone from Germany

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  12. Christine

    I’m in. This will be my first Project Spectrum! I photographed all my “fire” yarn today. At first I thought I wouldn’t have much in the way of Fire related yarn since those colors aren’t my favorites (I will totally rock during the Earth months). I was surprised by how much yarn I had that fit into the Fire category.

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  15. Eirene

    I’m in too, for the first time. :) Bet this will be fun!

  16. Kat

    Oh, count me in too! You had me with the elementals as well! WooT!

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  18. Joanne

    I just found out about PS. I hope it isn’t too late to join in. As luck would have it my most recent sewing project was red . . .

  19. nj2

    I hope I am not too late to join. I just got details last nite at a knit group. As luck will have it, I am just now finishing a bright red pair of socks for my sister. Perfect for Fire. Earth is next? How appropriate for spring. I already have a project in mind for water. Can’t wait.

  20. Jamie

    is it too late to join? i love this idea and just finished a orange/multi hat…

  21. Christian

    I know it’s late but can I join too? I’m not a huge fire colours fan but I am knitting something pink just now for a friend’s baby and I’m surprised to say I do quite like it. It’s pinkness is quite sweet and the knitting is quite a challenge due to the fringes.

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  24. georgina

    Hi, I just found your web, and love this project! I dont know if I’m in time to participate or is too late. Just let me know if you can. And if it’s ok let me know if I can add you on my blog links. Thank you so much, hugs from Argentina!!

  25. Julie

    What a great idea! I would love to participate too. I’ve just begun blogging and love the whole craft blog community. It might be too late for me to do “fire” but I am excited about giving my crafting a little direction. Cheers!

  26. Kate

    I’d like to play along too. I just finished some cute red birds so I’ve got fire down. Better late then never right?

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