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Man Sweater Annual
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Man Sweater Annual

From the time I started knitting in November 2004, I have knit Kris one sweater per year.

Kris's Sweaters Chronologically

1. Bernat Sweater, 2. Raglan Zipper Cardigan, 3. Lopi V-Neck

The first sweater I made for him was a free pattern on the ball band of Bernat’s Denim Style yarn. I liked the simplicity, and it was easy for me in those early knitting days. The next men’s sweater foray came about when I discovered the great zipper cardigan in Last-Minute Knitted Gifts. Kris liked it too, and I knit it while on a road trip down south to visit my family in Alabama. The third sweater, the Lopi V-Neck was a great simple pattern from the very handy Knitting to Go Deck. I knit it under the influence of pain killers after I had my wisdom teeth removed… so it had to be very simple :) I completed it just in time for our fifth wedding anniversary in 2007.

Of the three I have knit, he wears the third most often. Perhaps because it is the most simple of all?

I had hoped to finish the Beau pullover in time for our sixth anniversary last weekend, but it just didn’t happen… but I am very close now – working through the second sleeve – and it will be done soon.


This pile of woolly pieces will become (hopefully) a handsome pullover.

…and I may break from tradition in 2008 and knit a second pullover for Kris…

I am thinking about the River Forest Gansey from Handknit Holidays.


Thank you for your early response to the next version of Project Spectrum. This theme and the color grouping have me truly excited and inspired! I will post more details very soon!




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33 Responses

  1. Carole

    The third sweater is my favorite, too.

  2. karen

    I love the color of the sweater you are working on…it is so rich looking.

  3. Nell

    You’re so lucky to have a man who will wear your hand knits! Mine says he’d be too hot. (temp not cuteness!)

    I meant to tell you I like the new idea for Project Spectrum too. It would be cool to tie the pattern you are using to the element of the month. You know, like a water inspired shawl during those months. Very creative idea! I’m excited to try it out.

  4. Alice

    Can’t wait to see this sweater! Your husband is very lucky!

  5. Sarah

    What great sweaters….. Kris wears them well!

  6. VeloCC

    I made a sweater ONCE for a boy-friend and then he broke up with me. Then I swore, never again.
    I will be married for five years in April (to another guy)…and I love him very much. Maybe it is time. He would wear it too:)

  7. lucy

    Lolly, you are so dedicated to knit special sweaters for Kris. Years from now, the sweaters will tell a story….. a great one! Am sure the new sweater will be a great addition to the story.

    Can’t wait to start PS 2008!

  8. Kirsten

    Beautiful work Lolly!
    I have admired the River Forest Gansey ever since that book came out. I don’t recall ever seeing anyone make one. I’m looking forward to seeing yours.

  9. Jenna Pink Monkey

    The sweaters seem to show your progression as a knitter – the fit definitely improves with each passing year. Perhaps that’s why the last one gets the most wear.

    I’m anxious to see Beau. It’s a great pattern and I think Kris will look great in it. I need to cast on for my man sweater soon!

  10. sulafaye

    Please do, the River Forest Gansey will be beautiful, and I am sure you will do it justice. I’m equally excited about Beau. If it is going to fit into the progression above, it will be a sight to behold!

    PS I recognized the first sweater immediately–I have to admit that I have a secret crush on Bernat Denim Style, so much so that I’ve been stashing a skein at a time for a sweater. Has it worn well?

  11. Petunia

    Before you start your gansey for Kris, read “Knitting in the Old Way:Designs and Techniques from Ethnic Sweaters” by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts, available thru Amazon. It has completely changed the way I look at sweater design/directions – the concept is that, for hundreds of years, beautiful knitwear was made by knitters, back in the “old country” who could neither read nor write (uh, no directions!!) using a bit of planning and intuitive sense. Our reliance on written patterns has caused us to lose this ability. This book is challenging me to make MY sweaters, not copy someone else’s. You in??

  12. Dana

    How lucky your husband is!I have yet to knit my husband a sweater but I think2008 will be the year. Unfortunately, he is allergic to wool & animal fibers so I will have to do osme research on some alternative fibers that will be warm and wear well.

  13. Mrs.Hipp

    Oooh, I’m happy to see that Chris likes the Lopi sweater. I’m making a Cobblestone for my husband out of the same yarn now. It feels like it might be a bit itchy — do you know if Chris has found it to be so? Did you do anything to soften it before he started wearing it?

  14. Zarah

    Yep, I’m on the one-sweater-a-year track with Matt, too. Although he always claims that I “owe him one” because the first attempt turned out terribly. I guess I need to do a second sweater this year, too!

  15. SarahJanet

    Ha! I made that first sweater for my husband too, but I didn’t use the denim yarn. It was the first sweater I ever knit and it was his wedding present. (I wouldn’t knit him a sweater previously because I firmly believed in the sweater curse, so it was very symbolic etc. that I knit him a sweater.) He wears it every year on Christmas. I think he’s due for a new one – it’s definitely a first sweater!

    Yours are gorgeous – I might use that last pattern!

  16. Christine

    I would love to see that sweater made! My husband only wants plain sweaters :( BUT, he did like Cobblestone and it was a fun knit. I made his from O-Wool Balance in Malachite and he loved it (in case you need future options). By the way, this is heidelblogknits from Ravelry :)

  17. jody

    i really love forest river gansey too. i’m a little sad it didn’t get more attention on the blogs. i just checked on ravelry and someone made it out one of your favorite yarns — sisik!

    ps – good luck finishing beau. i can’t wait to see this one done, and after seeing the progression of kris knits up above, i think this was a perfect choice :)

  18. stacey

    looking good!!! the Forest River will be a big departure from previous man knits – something complicated! :) I do love it though…

  19. Lara

    I love that Kris wears his sweaters. They look great on him!

    I knitted my husband one sweater, and he wears it often, but insists he wouldn’t need more. I think I may knit him another anyway, because he said he didn’t need this one. I chose it because it could sub for a hoodie in a higher-class way. A gateway sweater, if you will. He does mistreat it, though, so I would have to keep that in mind.

  20. Amy

    What a gorgeous and visceral reminder of years you’ve spent together! Very nice.

  21. Beatriz

    What a nice tradition…they all are very nice.

  22. Brenda

    What wonderful sweaters and tradition. I really like the color for Beau, and I’m looking forward to seeing the completed sweater. The River Forest Gansey is a great looking sweater too, and it looks like it would be fun to knit.

  23. Dorothy

    All very simple classic pieces that won’t go out of style anytime soon. I love the colour of his fourth sweater. Gorgeous!

  24. Kristin

    Oh that River Forest Gansey is one of my all time favorites. I haven’t made it yet, but I really want to make it for my son. He’s 13 and hasn’t started his growth spurt, so I’m afraid to make it until he’s done with that!

  25. katie m.

    Such great sweaters — and a nice way to share your talents.

  26. Rebecca

    Good for you, Lolly! I need to start that tradition for my DH, too. However, he is a very tall and large man so I am a bit hesitant.

    The last photo is very nice. Did you take that in your lightbox? I’m getting ready to make one of those using the directions you posted on your blog.

  27. Mintyfresh

    I’d say that as you’ve matured as a knitter, the pieces have become more fitted and thus more wearable. All are great, of course! And though we can’t see Kris in the last shot, it’s clear he’s grown up a bit in the last 3 years, too.

  28. Valerie

    You have proven that the sweater curse is a bunch of hodge podge. Those sweaters are very handsome. I can’t wait to see the finished 6th year sweater. Happy Anniversary!

  29. amisha

    i love the river forest gansey. but if anyone in our house will be wearing it, it will be me :) e is so firm about his plain sweaters! even a ribbed cuff gets a raised eyebrow. i am weaving in ends on another sweater for him… a redux of the EZ seamless hybrid… i definitely recommend that pattern for man-sweaters. #1 truly fits him better than anything else i’ve knit him.
    can’t wait to see beau also… that color is beautiful!

  30. robin

    I made my husband a sweater last January and am trying to find just the right yarn and pattern for this year’s sweater. He is picky about sweater patterns and yarns and he will reject designs based on criteria I would never think of (the cables look like they’re choking the model, was one rejection note.) The sweaters you picked are really nice!

  31. Harpa J

    What a great tradition!

  32. Julierose

    I am new to your site and must tell you that I LOVE the Street Smart Hoodie–and the color is spectacular on you. I have looked everywhere for the Patons “Street Smart” booklet and here, in SE CT it is nowhere to be found. Have you any suggestions? Come visit me…

  33. Merle

    I am about to embark on my first sweater after 2 years of scarves and kitchen dishcloths … and there it is – the free Bernat pattern for Denim Style yarn! I am so glad to see someone had made it and it turned out great. You inspired :-)

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