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Project Spectrum: ATC Swap
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  1. Kirsten

    I love this idea Lolly! I’m going to take a few days to decide if I truly have the time. But I would love to participate if I can.

  2. Shannon

    Oh goodness, I am so excited about this. I am going to go sign up tonight, and I already have some ideas about my ATCs. Thank you so much for setting this up.

  3. Sue

    Great idea Lolly!

  4. heather

    That sounds great! Glad you have a technological solution for matching swappers. As always – nice work.

  5. Melissa

    I LOVE this idea!
    (Being an artist and all.) ;)

  6. Dorothy

    What a novel idea!

  7. Kristin

    This sounds great, Lolly! We love ATC’s! I’m going to get my daughter involved too. We’ve done many ATC swaps and can’t wait to see what all the crafty people here come up with!

  8. Sarah

    Ooh sounds very exciting – going to have a think about the time involved before I sign up but it is a lovely idea.

  9. Zarah

    Project Spectrum is going to be so great this year! Thanks for coming up with all these creative ways for us to participate.

  10. margaux

    how very interesting! hmm off to think of some atc ideas ;-)

  11. Sarah

    Lolly! What a great, fun idea. Now I have to go back and read it over again….

  12. Sheri

    This is a terrific idea. I am so glad you decided on it.

  13. Caryn

    Brilliant! I’m going over to join right now!

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  15. Jan

    Brilliant idea! I Love ATCs – see my blog for my last swap with another group http://jantsart.blogspot.com/2007/12/knitting-and-atcing.html

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  22. spin

    Will there be another round for this project spectrum? I would love to sign up…

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