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Beau Regards
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  1. ragan

    Lauren-another beautiful sweater! You are amazing.

  2. Baby Sarah

    Okay, honestly, could Kris look any more precious then he does in these pictures? The sweater looks just amazing, Lauren. Amazing Job. You are so talented! Hope you are having a fabulous week. Tell Kris to try to keep the adorable-ness to a minimum. Seriously. xoxo

  3. Leslie

    Fabulous!!! What a lucky guy. :)

  4. erin

    It’s a handsome sweater – especially in this lovely shade of chocolate. Kris looks very happy with it – the first photo is the best one!

  5. Karen

    Fabulous Sweater Lolly! It looks really great on Kris. He is so photogenic and cute!

  6. Sarah

    Smashing Lolly – just smashing! And Kris looks like he is having a great time.

  7. Stacey

    Beautiful work! Amen on the seaming thing. I just spent all afternoon seaming reverse stockinette to stockinette, and it’s a thankless chore. At least mine was only a baby sweater, not a man’s sweater! Again, fantastic work and he looks very pleased with it.

  8. elizabooth

    What a great sweater! It’s so hard to find men’s knits that are interesting but not too much, but that one’s perfect. And may I say, my handsome husband would *never* let me photograph him for my blog. Which is why I never make him sweaters.

  9. Mintyfresh

    Congrats on such an amazing knit! Kris is such a great guy–he deserves the best!

  10. Kim

    I’ve always really liked Beau, and am touched by your annual Man Sweater project. I’ve knit smaller things for my husband, but your sweaters have really inspired me. I’m thinking of taking it on, though probably with Jared Flood’s Cobblestone pullover. How’d you like the Paton’s merino? I’ve been working on Must Have, and must say, the yarn is a joy, and a reasonably priced one, at that!

  11. Erin

    I love that pattern and think it looks perfect on your hubby. Yet another beautiful knit Lolly.

  12. Sue

    Your husband does look great in that beautiful sweater. I love the color too, it reminds me of chocolate. I must definately put that pattern in my queue so I can knit it for my partner one day.

  13. Mrs.Hipp

    Ha, the pajama pants and interrupted video-gaming…that is so husband-ish I can hardly stand it! Great job on the sweater — it looks great!

  14. Guro

    Awsome sweater! To avoid seaming the reverse stockinette I wonder if it would be just as easy to convert to knitting it in the round. Wich again makes me wonder if I could pull off knitting something like this for my guy just by looking at your (gorgeous) pictures. Hmmm… You’re an inspiration.

  15. molly!

    Lolly, it looks great! Your model looks like he is having a great time too. Can’t wait to see what gorgeous sweater you whip out next!

  16. Mom

    Well, it turned out so…uh handsome. Kris’ contemplative look is a stitch. The sweater looks great on him, even with the pj bottoms. “You done good” and the color on Kris is right as well. XXOO

  17. Ruth

    Lookin’ good!

  18. ck

    Very nice. He looks great in it!

  19. drpj

    What a great sweater! I wish I had a husband to wear sweaters I knit. Alas, I have a husband who hates sweaters. How ironic. Luckily, my daughter appreciates an occasional sweater.

  20. Lin

    That is fab Lolly, Great pictures too!

  21. Tan

    What a great sweater! Looks like a perfect fit, too.

  22. Ruth

    Fantastic! Beautifully knit, and a great fit too!

  23. Miriam

    I didn’t read the comments, so someone might have already said this, but working one edge stitch in garter stitch makes seaming really easy, even with reverse stockinette. Because the fabric naturally wants to fold at the transition between garter and reverse stockinette, it lays flatter once seamed.

  24. Suzie Sews

    Wow, that a beautiful sweater, so hard to get a nice one for a young man!!!
    Suzie Sews

  25. Thalia

    The sweater is wonderful, I love that rich chocolate-y color, and Kris looks very comfortable and almost rakish in it. :)

  26. Dorothy

    It looks great on him! Excellent work, I just wish I could offer some help with the seaming issues.

  27. Kara

    I imagine your photo shoots are so fun! The sweater looks so great and Kris looks very handsome in it!

  28. Jodie

    Looks great! What a handsome guy in a handsome sweater!

  29. Heidi

    How lovely! But still so manly at the same time! :)

    You have been nominated for the You Make My Day -award on my blog.


  30. Vanessa

    I love how the sweater has turned out – looks fantastic! Beau was on my list of things to knit for my dad for his birthday. Great job!

  31. TheAmpuT

    Great job :-) (both on the sweater and with the modeling!)

  32. Stacey

    Wow…I love it. And I know Randy would love it too! I even have Patons in that same color! Now if only we hadn’t moved to somewhere that never gets cold enough for him to wear a sweater….Damn.

    Yours looks gorgeous though.

  33. Nik

    What THEY said :D

    It is one beautiful sweater. The color of that yarn is so deep and rich. Your seaming job looks perfect from here. And hubby looks good in it.

  34. Knitxcore

    looks great! i love the color choice, too! maybe it’s time to go re-order my queue?

  35. Erica

    Wow, the sweater is wonderful! It’s beautiful and handsome all at the same time. My next project is a husband sweater too. He told me today that he feels so proud every time he wears the vest I made him last year. I’m sure Kris feels the same way about all of the sweaters you’ve made.

  36. tiennie

    This is so perfect on him! Wonderful job. What a great smile Kris has!

  37. kae

    It really is a lovely sweater! I’ve been trying to get my SO to like it so I can knit it for him, but to no avail! I really want to knit Beau for someone!! :)

  38. leslie

    lolly. it really is just the perfect sweater. love the mosaic you made. and the smiles.
    just perfect!

  39. Macoco

    That color is great on Kris. The sweater is just beautiful.

  40. yaiAnn

    Great sweater! I looks like he really loves it!

  41. Cindy

    Man, what a good looking sweater and model too. Love the color.

  42. Nora

    This is so beautiful Lolly – it looks great on him. [Btw, Happy Anniversary for the 5th.]

  43. amisha

    lolly, it looks fantastic! what a beautiful color and great fit. he looks so happy :) xo

  44. amanda

    Lolly, I love it. He looks great in it, and is lucky to have such a great wife!!

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