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Beau Regards
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  1. Christy

    Lovely! My husband looked at it and said “I want one too!”

  2. amanda

    Awesome! It looks fantastic and that colour is just wonderful. Lucky guy! My mister is still waiting for a handknit sweater (he’s been waiting a while!) ;)

  3. Amy Artisan

    What a great sweater Lolly – I’m sure it will be well worn for many, many years. It looks like you had fun with the photo shoot! :)

  4. Tana

    Very nice. I wish my husband liked sweaters like that. I made Galway Guy for him from IK but he says he prefers plain stockinette (aka boring) sweaters and whenever I show him something “interesting”, he points to the non-stockinette parts and says he likes it except for them. Oh my!

    On the seaming, did you do stockinette edge sts? Would that have helped? I have a reverse stockinette sweater right now that I need to seam and when I try the mattress stitch thing, it just looks like something went horribly wrong (vs. invisible like it is with stockinette). So I’ve been doing the crochet seam, which looks like a seam but is a very nice, neat seam. The problem is that it a firm seam and doesn’t have much give, which is why I took it out and will be starting over (probably using the same method – just bigger crochet loops so it gives more).

  5. Leslie

    just so very cute indeed…he looks like a boy….ahhhhhhh…and great knitting too, as always.

  6. Carol

    Beautiful work! and he looks so happy!:D

  7. Jenny

    I’ve had my eye on that one for a while too. (The sweater, not Kris) ;) Very nice job! It looks great, and I love the color.

  8. courtney

    very nice work lolly!!! it’s an instant classic, i’m sure he’ll love it and wear it often. :)

  9. Mimi

    Looks great. Love the chocolate brown. Kris is so cute!

  10. Peacock Chic

    wow that came out soooo nice. I love the color choice and how the basketweave transitions into long strips on the body. Excellent Work!

  11. AMy

    He looks smashing! Great job on the sweater.

  12. gleek

    wow, congrats! i love this design. it’s unique and not too flashy, you know? he looks like he really loves it too. a win all around!

  13. Cara

    You guys are too cute! Whenever I try to get G to take pictures for me it usually ends in me yelling at him that he’s DOING IT WRONG! I know. But it’s hard for me to give up the camera.

    The sweater is fantastic – great color! Congratulations on another spectacular knit!

  14. caro

    Looks fantastic! Nicely done. A clear winner.

  15. margene

    FABULOUS! Love the way it fits, the color and how cute your guy is, too;-)

  16. Claudia

    Fabulously looking sweater!! Great job, Lolly!

    I have never knitted anything with classic wool that was not going to be felted – what do you think of the yarn, in terms of wear? I tell you, right now, that sweater is gorgeous, great fit!

    I particularly like the “raised eyebrow” husband photo! :-D

  17. Wanett

    It looks great! The seams like fantastic too, so your time was well spent.

    I agree that he is in model mode in these photos. =)

  18. melissa

    the photos are super cute. looks like he loves his sweater. he should, it’s damn nice!
    great job!

  19. Rosi G.

    That’s gorgeous!! GREAT JOB!

  20. Lara

    What a cheeseball! The sweater looks great! So glad he likes it.

    Yarn is drying for my husband’s next sweater. I told him I was knitting it for him even though he said he didn’t want it. He looked at the pattern and said, “Why wouldn’t I want that? It looks great.” He also could be seen smiling in spite of himself.

    Looking forward to seeing your next project.

  21. Anne

    Nice! It looks great on him.

    I love that collection of patterns. There are several in there I want to make as well.

  22. caroline

    I love that checkered pattern near the top. I wish I was good enough knit a sweater for someone else!

  23. ann

    Looks great! That last pic is precious – he looks like he totally has a secret and he’s NOT TELLING.

  24. melissa

    it’s a beautiful sweater! you should be very proud. :)

  25. Cirilia

    HA, your title!! He’s so dapper!

  26. stacey

    it came out great!!! he does indeed look like he’s enjoying it!!

  27. Kristyn

    Beautiful job. I will have to show that pattern to my hubby. It maybe a sweater pattern he will actually wear.

  28. Jennifer

    Great job! It looks like Kris enjoys the sweater…and the photo shoot! ;)

  29. Susie H

    Lolly, the sweater is GREAT! What a cute model you’ve got there – I love it that he looks like he’s having a good time.
    I could see this sweater on my hubby, but I’d have to modify to a crewneck as he’s not got a long neck…

  30. karen

    That sweater is gorgeous…the color amazing. Your hubby looks proud to be wearing it.

  31. May

    This looks great. I’m planning on following you and knit one for G using Patons as well. I’m glad yours turned out well. Gives me more confidence to work on mine.
    However, as I tell G I want to make him a sweater, he tells me he’d rather I finish the one I was already working on for him. He doesn’t seem to understand multi tasking and having a number of projects on the go :)

  32. Amanda

    Looking at him smiling like that would make anyone happy. He’s such a handsome and happy looking husband. The sweater is fabulous.

  33. Erin

    Wow, it turned out fantastic!

  34. Jennifer

    Fantastic sweater! It looks great on him.

  35. Brenda

    Fantastic, Lolly! The sweater turned out beautifully. Great color for Kris too.

  36. lucy

    It’s such a SUPERB pullover and you’ve got a super guy who looks great in it. Wonderful work you did!

  37. Kristin

    That’s a great sweater! I think my husband would wear it, too. I haven’t tackled a sweater for him mostly because he wants “plain” and I don’t want to be bored :)

  38. Sarah

    That is a great sweater for January 15th! Lucky Kris

  39. Dee

    Kris has the greatest smile. I think he likes his new pullover.

  40. Carole

    It’s awesome, Lolly. Chris looks pretty happy about modeling. Dale always enjoys the photo shoots, too.

  41. nova

    It looks great, Lolly! And look how happy he looks with it! Good work!

  42. Kelly

    you DID finish on a special day, MY anniversary :)
    It looks great, he suits that colour!

  43. Jody

    Great job! He definitely seems to love it!

  44. Miss Scarlett

    The sweater and being able to make your husband so happy doing something you love.

  45. Jenna

    Very nice! I hope Kris likes it as much as I do! Congrats on finishing your first sweater of aught eight.

  46. margaux

    that’s gorgeous lolly!! kris looks good! i love his modeling shots ;-) beautifully done. bravo!!

  47. Risa

    Looks lovely, Lolly! What a fun group of pictures :) Great work

  48. Shevon

    That looks great!

    I too have a husband who keeps the pajama pants on. In fact, in the Husband’s Ugly Brown Sweater post on my blog and in Ravelry, you can see his Superman Pj’s.

  49. Heather

    Fantastic! Such a great post, Kris has such boyish charm:)

  50. Nonnahs

    Gorgeous sweater! I love your sweater-a-year tradition- too coo- and this one is as lovely as the others. Kris is a lucky guy!

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